yukiatsu and tsurumi

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She kept rubbing her eyes, but the tears would not stop. Tsuruko explained. Yukiatsu was awestruck. She also has a dark blue skirt, dark blue, mid-calf socks and brown shoes. It's very, very good. Just like celebrities in real life...', 'Sometimes I wonder if they even know what love means-', '-Crap, it's Tsurumi-san! 'Well, we're definitely going, right?'. There must have been something that she taught him as well. I kept coming back to you...'. They could feel the longing in each other's hearts, and smiled at each other warmly. Bring video games, books, movies, music, anything that you like! He kept screaming over and over again. To never take my eyes off you! His words rang with a sharp honesty. Yukiatsu grinned. Tsuruko said. Episode 4 - "The White Dress with a Ribbon", https://anohana.fandom.com/wiki/Chiriko_%22Tsuruko%22_Tsurumi?oldid=10830. As Tsuruko neared the group of boys gathered outside the classroom, they all laughed nervously, turned around and hurried along the corridor as quickly as they could. Menma is gone, and she can't receive it any more.

'Then I would've done something a long time ago, Yukiatsu!' 'Ah, Tsuruko!'
Yukiatsu is smart and charming; all the girls want him. Tsuruko looked like she was about to burst into tears. End note: Muahahaha I totally ship Tsuruko and Yukiatsu. 'Look, this is bullshit! 'I... yeah, I do like you.' She usually wears a school outfit consisting of a short-sleeved, white, collared shirt and a red tie, with a dark blue, button up, V-neck tank top, ornamented with an insignia, on top. Because you were the only girl who made me feel vulnerable, who was able to see me for who I truly was, and not who I pretended to be! Please write more! He lamented. 'So... it's finally over, huh?' 'Come, let's head back.'

You said you liked me... now I'm asking you out... Argh! ', 'I know, right? 'You think that I'll always be by your side, waiting to throw myself at you the moment I have the chance to?

'Ah well, when we go for Poppo's barbeque, I guess I could tell everyone that I'm no longer obsessed with Menma. Author's note: If you haven't watched AnoHana before, and you've stumbled on this because of one of my other fics, well, GO WATCH IT NOW. Two weeks, and it's already over...', 'Ahhh... damn that Matsuyuki-san! To be honest, I'm a little disappointed that AnoHana receives so little attention on this site, even though it was quite a popular anime when it came out. It could have worked too because Tsurumi understands him well. Even after they had come to terms with Menma's death, two things needed to happen before they could come to terms with themselves. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. She is considered the second smartest person in the group as she attends the same elite high school as Atsumu but she is inferior to him academically. angeleye02 chapter 1 . Isn't this what you wanted, Tsuruko?'. Yukiatsu pressed. Chiriko feels that he is irreplaceable to her, thus she aids the effort to have Meiko achieve nirvana. Yukiatsu protested frantically, and tightened his grip even further. Then he thought of something, and his eyes lit up in determination. Occasionally, she wears a pendant with a blue, oval gemstone. 'I'm going to create a new history. ', 'That must be what it's like to be a celebrity in this school, huh? He was not going to lie to her any more. Yo, what's up! Someone had sent both of them a text message. He finally said, and heaved a sigh of relief. As a kid, her hair is short with a small ahoge on the left side of her head. Yukiatsu felt guilt tearing away at his heart. He could never have imagined that everything would go so wrong.

He knew that she wanted to trust him. He'd be a lot more honest, for sure. 'Hey...' Tsuruko finally spoke, after they hugged for what seemed like an eternity. She had to pause to allow herself to calm down. 'Hey... Tsuruko...' He began. :). Yukiatsu screamed, before dropping his voice wearily. Menma did not come back from the dead for just Jintan.

Haven't met in a while, huh? Then, he screamed and kicked at the gate. 'By the way, I've always wanted to tell you something... and I suppose now's as good a time as ever.'

His 'coolness' is an act to hide his insecurity. He did not dare to look at her. She began to sniffle. I wish you had taken on the challenge of writing them in character and showing us Yukiatsu overcoming his "emotional prison" instead of "reimagining."

'I expected you to be happy about this!' i^o^i, 'Poppo's the same as always.' 'What if you are... but I've never been able to realise it until only after Menma came back?' Yukiatsu smiled. She said. However, he realised that her closer hand was already occupied with a book, and the other hand was busy turning the pages. We were all so caught up in Menma's return that we never really talked about ourselves, huh? 'I-' He pushed himself off the gate and made his way towards her, '-have something special to tell you.' If Yukiatsu seems a little weird towards the end of the story, it's because I found that I had to tweak his personality a little, by necessity. Yukiatsu declared proudly. He was not going to let go of her, no matter what.

He held Tsuruko by her shoulders, and forced himself to look into her eyes. Then, he brought it up to her chest, and held it with both of his hands. Tsuruko leaned in towards him, so close that they were staring right into each others' eyes. She just looked on at him stoically, expectantly. She dug through her belongings for a while, and produced a small hairpin with a pink flower attached to it.

Then, they checked their phones, and saw that they had each received a text message from Poppo. ', 'No thanks.' Tsuruko has an extremely serious and logical personality who can be critical of others, and in particular scolds Naruko "Anaru" Anjou for her habit of following others. Once off the phone Chiriko says that Atsumu has "no idea how hard it is to keep up with him," implying that she has to work especially hard just to keep her ranking while Atsumu excels easily. Let's relearn each other again, from the start! 'Don't... don't say that...', 'Stop acting like you're the one who deserves the pity!' That said, reviews never hurt!

'You can't just walk away without answering my question! As she spoke, her voice began to waver. Hence, I had to do a little reimagining: How would Yukiatsu behave if he were freed from his emotional prison? Everything he said to her had to come from the bottom of his heart. 'This is a prestigious school... we'll get in trouble if we're caught doing this.' Tsuruko said softly. This is shown when they are on the phone and he states that she is "truly the fourth in her class" when she refuses to meet with him due to having to study. She was the one who liked him. He forced himself to raise his head. Tsuruko spat. 'Maybe... the reason why I never asked you out all these years... was that I was fearful of losing my feelings for Menma.'.

Thank you 3, I love the fact you wrote about them...they're one of my favorite ships and they definitely deserved more from the show. 'I guess I always saw it as something symbolic.' 'And... and that's precisely why I couldn't ask you out! 'I- well- um...' He tried to look away, but he could still feel her icy, unblinking gaze on him. She leaned her head against Yukiatsu's chest, and allowed him to hold her in his arms a little longer. 'They can say what they want. She wanted to forgive him for the innumerable times he had hurt her, and to just smile and believe everything he said.

Always.' She seemed to have lost all patience with him. 'You can't just walk away without answering my question!'

Yukiatsu continued. Tsuruko is a young woman of average height and a slim build with mid-length, straight dark blue hair (usually down, but sometimes in a ponytail) and green eyes.

L-let's get going, guys.'. 'You're jealous.

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