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By contrast, Goodyear's shares have gone up 18 percent in the same period, closing yesterday at $23.56. There’s no big drop-off, and the tire maintains car balance throughout the run. The jingle was sung by Don Rondo. But Mr. Turner and other plaintiffs' lawyers took issue with Firestone's plan to replace Wilderness tires made in Decatur with similar tires from other plants. What does where the rubber meets the road expression mean? Jordan Guskey is an editorial intern. He earned another Silver Star on his second tour in Vietnam when he was an Advisor. Stopping Firestone: Getting Rubber to Meet the Road. I think it was for Firestone … ''And they'll probably gain share by default, anyway.''. The Ticket TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. Experts assessing the information available so far suspect that it is the combination of a burning sun, Ford Explorers, Firestone tires and drivers' failure to properly inflate them that can prove lethal. He also reflects on some of his other assignments and achievements. While in the Army, he served around the world in locations like Turkey, Japan, Italy, Hawaii, and Germany. Subscribe now and save 50% off the cover price of the Indianapolis Monthly magazine. Given that Firestone kept it running for nearly 20 years, a generation of Americans became well acquainted with the tune. ''It is inflammatory.''. Still, other companies certainly will not turn sales away. ''Underinflated tires deteriorate more rapidly than tires that are properly maintained and are at an increased risk of tread separation, blowout or other failure,'' Firestone said. C Company, 1st BN, 327th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division; 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division; European Task Force. This weekend is when the rubber meets the road because that is when he will test it on the water for the first time. For their part, engineers from at least a couple of the IndyCar teams that took to the track for the Grand Prix earlier this month lost little sleep over how the new tires were going to perform. By Roxanne Lawson, Tim Newman, December 7, 2006. And if they are full of 200-pound people with all their luggage, the tires will heat up tremendously.''. where the rubber meets the road phrase. Be the first to know! Likewise, from 1995 through 1997, many Ford Explorers used tires made by Goodyear Tire and Rubber without undue problems with tread separations, according to Chuck Sinclair, a Goodyear spokesman. Barney Rasor. Thank you!
My research shows there are at least 31 cases that are astoundingly similar to mine, and I should have access to their information. By the time the agency opened its investigation into the tires on May 2, it had 90 complaints of injuries related to ATX or Wilderness tires on Ford Explorers; as of yesterday morning, there were 270. Receive more stories like this in your inbox. When things become serious. In settling a number of suits over the last year, the company has insisted that the lawyers and their clients not talk about the cases. asked Tab Turner, a lawyer in Little Rock, Ark., who has 10 lawsuits filed against both companies. On July 31, just before stories in USA Today called national attention to the problems, Bridgestone shares traded in Tokyo for 2,515 yen, or $23.32; yesterday, they closed at 2,075, a drop of 17 percent. ''The oral history around here is that we were a lot too slow to cooperate back then,'' said Christine Karbowiak, a Firestone spokeswoman. ''These vehicles are used by a lot of different people, in lots of driving conditions, and a lot of the ways they use it can lead to tire failure,'' said Marvin Bozarth, executive director of the International Tire and Rubber Association. “The two people who influence our destiny the most are the engine manufacturer and the tire manufacturer,” says Ruzewski.

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Twenty years is a long time, but memories of how a huge government-mandated recall in the late 1970's nearly bankrupted Firestone Tire and Rubber -- the company's name before the Bridgestone Corporation of Japan bought it in 1988 -- clearly resonate. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Formula One U.S. Grand Prix saw seven teams, 14 cars, who used Michelin boycott the race because they didn’t want to risk running on unsafe tires after a crash during a practice run. Chip Ganassi Racing lead engineer Julian Robertson says he trusts that when Firestone brings a tire to a track, the tire is going to perform how Firestone tells him it will.

''That tire was made in Wilson, N.C., one of the plants that is supposed to provide those safe replacement tires.''. ''I can probably walk out and spot five Explorers in half an hour that are running on underinflated tires. The conflicting advice prefigures what are likely to be two critical chapters in the episode: first, the government's determination of why the tires are failing, and then the apportionment of blame and financial responsibility.

Though the recall includes all 15-inch Radial ATX and Radial ATX II tires, the focus is on Wilderness AT tires made at one Illinois plant. ''I ask them for documents, they say, 'Sure, as long as you sign the usual protective order,' '' said Henry Wallace, a lawyer representing an injured client in Florida. The same tires have been used on sport utility vehicles made by General Motors, Toyota and other manufacturers without a particularly high incidence of failure. “The tire had plenty of grip.

It’s an interesting case study, since it is a phrase that entered general usage through advertising. The last thing an engineer like Robertson wants is some external factor other than race strategy and driver performance to determine who crosses the finish line first.
He ran track and played football and baseball in high school, and worked at a Firestone plant making bogey wheels for tanks. See the article in its original context from. Indeed, Ms. Karbowiak, the Firestone spokeswoman, said she got a note from her counterpart at one competitive company, offering sympathy and asking how she could help. The company also finds itself in less than total agreement with its customer of 100 years, the Ford Motor Company, millions of whose Explorer sport utility vehicles are equipped with the Firestone tires involved in the recall. One of the most notorious examples of how tires can affect a race—and how little attention many fans pay to them unless something goes wrong—occurred at the IMS in 2005. Those lawyers are sure to resist the company's efforts to define the problem narrowly. The engineers at Firestone didn’t need a worst-case debacle to appreciate the importance of bringing a dependable tire to the track, and although the changes Firestone has made to the Indy 500 tires ahead of this year’s running are relatively minor—some construction changes on the right and left rear tires—they are emblematic of an ongoing dialogue Firestone has with IndyCar, the teams, and their drivers. Back in the groove. ''They are isolating this so that, in the consumer's mind, this isn't a problem with Firestone tires, but a problem with 15-inch Wilderness tires made in a particular plant in Decatur,'' said Stephen Girsky, a tire industry analyst with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.

''Tire recalls happen all the time, and they know what goes around comes around, that if they go after Firestone brutally on this one, Firestone will go after them on the next,'' said Mr. Gwirsky of Morgan Stanley. “Where The Rubber Meets The Road”: A Sergeant’s Story, From Firestone To Vietnam . We appreciate your gererosity! At a news conference yesterday, Firestone and Ford offered contradictory advice about the optimum pressure for the tires. Practice and qualifying for the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500 began the week following the Grand Prix.

If the vehicle is carrying lots of people or an otherwise heavy load, the friction gets worse. Firestone Natural Rubber Company is facing increasing international scrutiny for exploiting the people and natural environment of Liberia. So far, tire companies are not using Firestone's woes as an opportunity to claim market share. He returned to Vietnam in 1967 with 3rd Brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division, the “Golden Brigade,” and served in 3rd Battalion of the 325th Infantry Regiment. Robertson says that means a tire that’s predictable—one that’s quicker when it’s brand-new and a little slower as it gets older, but still consistent and drivable throughout, say, a 30-lap stretch of the race. Teaching JROTC has allowed him to make a difference in the lives of many of his students.

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Finally, he explains what his service means to him. Only six of the 20 drivers slated to start the race actually competed. His third tour to Vietnam was from 1971 to 1972, and he was once again in the 101st Airborne Division. COPYRIGHT © 2014 WEST POINT CENTER FOR ORAL HISTORY. “The only thing we don’t control is the space between the car and the ground.” By the conclusion of the GP, Robertson wasn’t disappointed. When that happens, even the best drivers often lose control of their cars. So that’s what we put out.” '', Ms. Karbowiak, the Firestone spokeswoman, said it was common in business litigation to keep settlement agreements private. Firestone Natural Rubber Company is facing increasing international scrutiny for exploiting the people and natural environment of Liberia. “It’s a fairly fine line they’re trying to dance down the middle of, without dropping off either side,” Robertson says.

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