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November 3, 2020  •  

This work has won numerous international design awards including The New York Festival AwardTokyo JIAA Advertising Award, Hong Kong Film Awards and The Golden Horse Awards. Tous les événements.

The result by acclaimed Victor Wong is so impressive that we literally feel into a Chinese ink painting. Xieyi is an expression of spirit within the lines of the image, rather than a direct recreation of reality. / Etats-Unis / Réalisateur : Ernest Schoedsack.

When the world pauses for reflection, this exhibition gives you a moment to escape, and to land on the moon with fascinating landscapes in the A.I.

: acteur (Egg Shen) Aventure - Aventures

He invented and created A.I. He says that ‘my challenge is to make A.I.

Artiste. Wong’s background studying physics and electrical engineering is core to his work, which also includes creating digital and special effects for feature films, many of which have won international design awards.

Wallpaper* is part of TI Media Limited. L'Officiel des spectacles de retour dans vos kiosques dès le mercredi 30 septembre • • • Victor Wong. RECONNECT: The Summer Exhibition 2020, is a special exhibition programme presented for the reopening of our 3812 London and Hong Kong galleries from 15th June.

Gathering exploration data will allow scientists to understand Earth’s Moon, so images of the lunar topography transmitted by Chang’e-4 is the first crucial step towards learning more about our place in the cosmos. Chaque mercredi, le meilleur des sorties culturelles à Paris ! Wong has treated it as a student, coaching it to master simple brush strokes and programming it to develop its own recognisable style rather than copying the work of ink masters.

Victor Wong’s London exhibition Far Side of the Moon showcases the possibilities of combining technology and art, using his A.I creation Gemini. In April 2019, 3812 Gallery London held his debut exhibition in Europe, Far Side of the Moon. 72 likes. Go directly to shout page. T…, Victor Wong Pin Kuan is a Malaysian Chinese singer who has made his name in the Taiwan music scene. Hong Kong multi-media artist Victor Wong and his robot, A.I. In 2019, renowned French brand Martell honoured him with the Martell Artist of the Year and Our Hong Kong Foundation presented him with an InnoStars Award for his emphasis on innovation and heritage preservation in his passionate artistic journey.

The artist’s subsequent Far Side of the Moon series is proving equally beguiling: a contemporary landscape painted in the sweeping, infused tradition of Xieyi creates calligraphic forms through the pressure and slope of the brush. was driven by his desire to explore the possibilities of combining technology and art. He was born on February 26, 1972. It's time to unleash our imagination and make moments of creativity. He invented and created A.I. All Rights Reserved. : acteur (le grand-père) Karaté - Arts martiaux His works are held by numerous important private collectors, including the Uli Sigg Collection in Switzerland. He was born on February 26, 1972.

The Fauvist Dreams of Gemini 03 Gemini的野獸派之夢 03, The Fauvist Dreams of Gemini 05 Gemini的野獸派之夢 05, The Fauvist Dreams of Gemini 01 Gemini的野獸派之夢 01, Chloe HO | Raymond FUNG | WANG Huangsheng | Victor WONG | YU Yang, Generations's Q&A with Calvin Hui, co-founder of 3812 Art Enterprise., Lane Crawford We visited Hong Kong artist, Victor Wong, at his studio where he creates his magical 3D brass works. : acteur (Chen Pao Shen) Drame - Fresque historique Gemini, the first-ever artificial intelligence ink artist in the world in 2018. Scrobbling is when tracks the music you listen to and automatically adds it to your music profile. Many of his productions won accolades from JIAA of Japan, New York Festival of the US, Hong Kong Film Awards and the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards. 1991 - Ninja kids

: acteur (grand-père Mori) Karaté - Arts martiaux Escapism experiments with Chinese brush and ink painting; establishing a space for traditional Eastern aesthetics in the modern world. 1998 - Les Ninjas se déchaînent

If you have missed the panel discussion on 9 June, here is the recording for you to watch online. Alongside videos showing Gemini in action, dipping its brush into the real ink and water before sweeping brush strokes across traditional Xuan rice paper, the new painting is also presented as a high-resolution digital art image on a Samsung Frame television. © TI Media Limited. 'Navigating the deep waters of the Asian art scene could be treacherous, without a guide such as Calvin Hui.' See also: Rare Works by Xue Song Among Fine Chinese Art From Woolley & Wallis, Calvin Hui, co-founder of 3812 Gallery says: ‘Victor Wong’s work with A.I. 1987 - Le Dernier Empereur We visited Hong Kong artist, Victor Wong, at his studio where he creates his magical 3D brass works. In May 2020, Wong was commissioned by SAMSUNG to create a new work, The Fauvist Dreams of Gemini 03. TECH-iNK has brought ink art to a whole new level, expanding the possibilities that technology can offer creativity whilst mindfully exploring the challenges of this relationship. Victor Wong (b.1966) is best known for his digital work and special effects. Traditional Chinese ink painting in this style takes skilled artists decades of training to master the same level of brush control that Gemini is capable of, but Gemini has taken Wong just three years to build and programme. We visited Hong Kong artist, Victor Wong, at his studio where he creates his magical 3D brass works. / Etats-Unis / Réalisateur : John Carpenter Wong was keen to make the most of the non-gallery setting to provide an insight into how the world’s first artificial intelligence ink artist creates the original ‘mindscapes’.

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