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November 3, 2020  •  

Another thoughtful addition is a double-handled grab bar for the passenger to swing off when the going gets rough. The TRACKER 800SX with its whisper-quiet 50hp engine, vibration-reducing frame, abundant storage and capability-enhancing accessories is a versatile, reliable power house for work and play. So tempted to pull the trigger on this. Oh BTW Kubota is worth watching - sleeper budget buy... a rather large atv/utv dealer where my cousin was dealing with, he wanted new Kawasaki side by side, also said they didn't take Kabota or john deere utvs on trade, just something to consider when buying, you may get a good deal but if something goes wrong, there are lemons in all/every make and model, getting it fixed, and then getting you money back out of it are to me the two biggest things to consider........ My EZ-GO golf cart made by Textron is fairly easy to work on (engine wise) and there is a lot of good helpful information available online for the do it yourselfer.

Sell your equipment on Yeah man set it up with a 3K winch good to go! ... Just bought the tracker 570 Woodsman. See dealer for details.

have had hunting buddies buy the off brands over the last few years, one was whatever brand tractor supply sold, and another was an Otis brand, the biggest issue besides resale, was finding someone to work on them. The transmission is a CVT system with high and low gears and switchable 2WD/4WD and locking differential. Number of years ago there was an outfit named Joiner, who sold various off road vehicles. Being an owner of a UTV without any form of mirror, I have become aware of the safety aspect of having to turn your head 180 degrees when road driving to check for following traffic. Thanks Brookwood. At that price point got to be Chinese parts, although assembled in the US.

It averaged between 52 and 44 mph. Well aware of the "made in the USA," BS rufesnow. Know someone who might be interested in this RV?

Legacy forums users: Sign in with your Auction-Side account credentials. You will no longer sign in with your forums username/password. Fill out this offer form and we'll get back with you as soon as possible. Robust 2000 lb towing capacity, 1000 lb tilting cargo box and 3-passenger bench seating gives you capacity to go where you want, do what you need and bring it all back home. Stock Number

The governor has been modified and I can do around 20mph.     The 570 has a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, single-overhead-cam, gas-powered engine. look at the used prices and you should get an idea of how they hold value.

Keep running your mouth like that and being locked out could become a reality...and this time I won't bring you back. (See Mikes least expensive name brand UTV's.)

Many other side by sides offer bench seats or half-back options that can become uncomfortable after a while.

Entry level (4X4) side by sides start at less than 8 grand. The first impression is one of a machine built to perform. The item you are attempting to add to compare is a different subtype to the items(s) in your list.

Textron made my EZ-Go gas powered golf cart.

This just sends them a link to it so they can take a look. Since you have a Wrangler doesn't seem like you'd need much more capability in a UTV.

I am looking for a 4x4 side by side. We take the new CF Moto Tracker 800 UTV for a spin and discover this Chinese-built machine is designed to perform as a serious contender in the side by side market.

I have a Polaris ranger 6X6. Side bars protrude from the roll cage, offering extra protection and restraint.

Welcome to the updated forums.

Plus tax, title and license.

Applicability: 2020 Tracker 800 SX and 800SX Crew So, you own the Tracker 800SX, a mighty off-road machine made to pound over any challenging terrain.

Other automotive-style additions include a parking brake lever and steering column adjustment lever.

Rates and amount financed are determined by credit history. I must admit I am nothing of a car nut or mechanical enthusiast. {priceLabel}: Get started with the purchase of an Inferno Cab Heater with a Defrost! If this is an example of what is going to come from China from now on farmers can rest assured we are entering a golden age where we are going to be spoilt for choice in the side by side market. Having said that, once I heard the exhaust pitch of the Tracker kick in under revs I felt the testosterone start to boil in my veins. Ken have you seen these. Ken, you could simply install a winch on the front end of the Tracker 400.

Tracker will not sell every model that Arctic Cat does, but will have a smart selection that most outdoorsmen would like.

Video. Presented by. Begin with this one! This price is only valid for 24 hours from.
This is the first UTV this writer has driven with side mirrors, and this small addition makes a huge difference. Is the Tracker 800SX Woodsman Edition the best hunting vehicle in its class?

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