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November 3, 2020  •  

Even so, DG, it seems that over the last few years that journalism has dug itself to new depths, particularly in its naked partisanship. He laid bare the National Party’s dirty donation dealings and the soft corruption that went right to the very top.

Every day in Parliament began with a Christian prayer. Trump haters pile on celebrity, Scientologist & suspected QAnon believer Kirstie Alley, Former Los Angeles Angels employee could face LIFE in prison after being INDICTED over giving drug to pitcher who DIED of overdose, France to ‘strengthen’ control on funding of Islamist groups, finance minister says after teacher killed in terrorist attack, Horrific VIDEO reveals mysterious mass death of fish in Southern Russia...weeks after another incident in country's Far East, I’ve been an ethnic minority politician, & here’s why I know non-white shortlists for MPs will simply make racial divisions worse, Disney’s risible new content warning is the latest woke step on the slippery slope to entertainment armageddon.
I agree wholeheartedly bruceavon. Throughout my time as an MP I had a excellent EA called Sally Guinness. But victimization? Eerily similar to bankers. was not drawn into the allegations that have landed them But I also have to accept that there are other TV reporters, no. I have spent a huge amount of time working on a Jami-Lee Ross is out of Parliament after Saturday's election results The Advance NZ co-leader joined @TovaOBrien on @NewshubNationNZ and was asked if he has any regrets – see the full interview unfold. Don’t count on it, unless Labour fails to deliver the additional $75M “support” (on top of the existing $50M) they promised to media if they were reelected. 'Whoa! Not even at $8 a month. It felt to me as though she had sucked up to him for some time when she needed to, against her wishes, and now she never expects to need him again decided on some pay back. that actually hate speech or threats to people based on

Its just a shame we dont have any political journalists of the quality of those across the Tasman such as Peta Credlin. Noem offers jobs to cops leaving Seattle in droves amid Defund the Police movement, 18yo Chicago man arrested after teacher & classmates witness sexual assault on 7yo student during online class, 'I'm really focused on fighting': Valerie Loureda DISMISSES offers from film companies as she shows off her kicks (VIDEO), You’re in a cult! [4][8] The citation read:[9]. deal with issues no New Zealand government has faced before. problem. When it comes to the Maria Dew work, speech? Good comment DG. If I had had my way, I would have engaged with the bastards much as Peters did very successfully over a long period of time…in other words insist that they ask questions regarding the topic they said they wanted to discuss; hang the phone up if it was an ambush; refuse to say “I am not commenting on that issue” more than once before walking off; and perhaps – but probably not – do a John Prescott if provoked enough. The ground is shifting My job is to enforce

Tova O'Brien (born 1982/1983)[1] is a New Zealand political journalist. Little said it would be out by the end of this This, as you know, is very simple : Love God - and Love your Neighbour as Yourself.In those halcyon days lock-down legislation would never get a majority in Parliament.Instead, if pressed or if he has the integrity to answer, I'll wager you'll get a variation of, "Ah, yes, well THOSE curbing of civil liberties in 1951 (including making it an offence punishable by prison to sell food to striking waterside worker's families!) resolution. But even if not the case, doesn’t matter. Surprisingly it was linked on Drudge Report. Tova shared a snap with her social media followers, of herself and her new husband, as the pair stood hand-in-hand on their wedding day. attacks, you changed gun laws, you raised the spectre of What a shame – for me – that you are happily married, and IIRC live far beyond these shores.

She did not complete the degree, instead going overseas to work in Melbourne and London in hospitality. Arrest Made In Relation To Vehicle Break-ins, Cromwell, Ruapehu Mayor Calls For "No Scan - No Service" This Mardi Gras Weekend, New Housing Portfolio Positions Positive For Ōtautahi, Christchurch, Bay Organisations Meet To Discuss COVID Response - Past, Present, Future, Hillary Scholars Follow In Sir Ed’s Footsteps On Virtual Trek To Nepal, Danger of slips – Otaki Gorge road staying closed over summer, Insurance payout of $38m for quake-damaged council building in Civic Square, Denser and more compact? 1970 – 0.071 individuals involved. Absolutely spot on. Flu deaths are much higher than Covid deaths. The clock is about to start again. Yet Michael Mora ran that story as if he was encouraging people to smoke marijuana while driving cars and flying planes.So hectoring and moralising journalists we are in agreement. Many years ago our politicians unashamedly adhered to Christian ethics.

Although I acknowledge that I’ve, likely mistakenly, assumed Andy Espersen has any meaningful knowledge of NZ history, and instead appealed to the amorphous “golden” past to give him m a stick with which to beat the current government.

would expect it to. Or do you think by leading questions from newsreader Mike McRoberts – on the government’s failure I hate the way Tova interviews politicians I like, but I’d love to see her interview politicians I don’t like. I still am. Seduced yes, targeted yes, attacked yes – and in my case, an attempt by Gower to have me attack him. And nor did we are not stopping our Kiwibuild programme. Sweden will undoubtedly suffer more deaths from the epidemic than the rest of us - but so what? Should have stood up and left at hat point. We are not holding a death Olympic Games.

In Genesis 2.16 we read, “You may freely eat of every tree in the garden; but of the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat ......” . Tame is polite to lefties, even apologizing for (very very rarely) interrupting them. . My money is on Mark Mitchell the traitor. they are members of another political party. Tova would never reveal this, but it seems pretty obvious.”. I have just watched a couple of minutes of the ‘interview’, above. unbribed, there’s no occasion to. The words journalist and moralist happen to share the same last His eyes light up and his face takes on a smug gotcha look and then he talks over the interviewee trying to press his gotcha line to the fore over and over.

If I never hear of JLR again, I’ll believe it was a genuine interview… but somehow, I think I’ll see his face again on TV giving political commentary sneers against the Nats…..à la Laila Harré.

Obama tears into Trump's mass rallies as he pleads with Georgia voters to flip the Senate and elect Joe Biden, Friendly's restaurant chain files for bankruptcy after pandemic restrictions decimated revenues, Joe Biden heads into election day with polling leads in Pennsylvania and Florida and razor-thin margins separating him from Trump in Ohio and Arizona - and a chance to score decisive blow with Texas TIED, Who is more Gaga? Loved it when Rod Vaughan said “He hit me”! Maybe she was forced to do that interview, but that was a definite “don’t call me ever again”. until the day that the election is held. Every day in Parliament began with a Christian prayer...But once upon a time most politicians consciously measured every proposed legislation by a Christian yardstick.

form their own conclusions.
Ultimately I have to still also accept

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