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We call this sign-in method a Class Seat, since it’s prepared by the teacher in advance, just as you would a seat in an actual classroom.

If a student is provided with a class code and personal nickname from their teacher, they can click the green “Join your class” button on the Tinkercad homepage, enter their class code, and then enter their nickname. To offer as much flexibility as possible, we provide multiple ways for students to join a Tinkercad classroom. If you have any other Autodesk products, you may already have an account and click on “SIGN IN”. Here is a short video how to enter the RHIS 2020 TinkerCAD class. To get back to tutorials, click “LEARN” and you will see the page with all the tutorials. Help center Server StatusTerms of ServiceLegal & TrademarksPrivacy, How to Get Students Signed In With Tinkercad, For questions about using Tinkercad Classrooms, we have a. full of detailed answers to frequently asked questions. After clicking “DONE” you will be directed to the first tutorial activity. Finally, once your class has been created, click the “Class code” button beneath your class name. Click Log out. This way, students aren’t required to enter the 12-digit class code every time they use Tinkercad.This combination of class code and nickname was once the only way for students to use Tinkercad Classrooms. We’re the ideal introduction to Autodesk, the leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. More questions around the transition from Moderated Accounts to Tinkercad Classrooms are answered in our FAQ. The first step is to open Dashboard | Tinkercad and click highlight. You can read about the improvements to Tinkercad Classrooms in our more recent blog post.]. More by the author: This is a quick guide to setting up Tinkercad for the classroom of students under 13 years old. After that, the work they do while signed-in to their account will be associated to their classroom until a teacher removes them from moderation. a.

Instead it has been replaced with an invitation code, which does nearly the same thing, links a teacher to a student as their moderator. Once complete, there will be stars. 7. Deep Hole in a Small Box, a Different Take on the Infinity Mirror. If there’s a new feature that you’re particularly happy to see, we’d love for you to let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Alternatively, once signed-in with Google, a student can click on a class link you provide (via email or Google Classroom) and join your class. 3. In Tinkercad there is no longer a "classroom" code.

You're done.

To start creating your own design, click on “Create new design”. Make sure that your password is compliant. If you're an educator who's eager to get your students up and running with Tinkercad, we encourage you to take advantage of Tinkercad Classrooms.

You also have the option of pasting in a list of names and adding an entire class in one step. At any point in the tutorials or any other part of Tinkercad, you can click the Tinkercad icon in the top left corner to go to the homepage to create designs.

This compatibility between Tinkercad Classrooms and Google accounts (and by extension Google Classrooms) is one of the most exciting outcomes of this update.

The first tutorial is to learn to click and drag. Once entered, click the “Create class” button. It is essentially unchanged since the launch of Tinkercad Classrooms in August of 2019.

Whichever way they choose, the outcome is the same.


For questions about using Tinkercad Classrooms, we have a Knowledgebase support page full of detailed answers to frequently asked questions.

Using this nickname and the class code generated in the next step, a student can quickly sign-in to Tinkercad even if they’ve never created an account.

Once they sign in, the first screen for them will be the screen where they put in you code. A student will only need to connect their Google account to a Tinkercad class once. Because of the new, broader compatibility of Tinkercad Classrooms, any groups or students previously managed under a moderated account have now been consolidated into the Tinkercad Classrooms dashboard.

The workflow for adding new students may be different from what you're used to, but the moderation tools are essentially the same. Comment actions Permalink. 4. I have a join code and have shared it, but we can't figure out how they join my class.

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