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November 3, 2020  •  

The Trails Collection (TC) can be added to ANY level of Thousand Trails membership (Zone Pass, Upgrade, New or Used) at any time for one year or part thereof. Some people like this and some don't. Because of all that headache, we created the complete guide to Thousand Trails and the summaries below of each membership in the hope to break it down for future full-timers and save you the headache that we went through. The initial term of your membership in the Program will begin on the date of purchase and continue until the next anniversary of the date of purchase of your Thousand Trails membership agreement (“your Anniversary Date”). The front-end expense can be quite daunting.

A: As a convenience, you may pay the annual fee of $599 in 12 consecutive monthly installments ($49.92, plus any applicable taxes), provided that you commit to a 2 year agreement and agree to have the monthly installments automatically charged to your credit card or withdrawn from your bank account. Build:109.2020-10-30 13:31:01:Env:production Thousand Trails. Are there any other differences from an elite?

Yes. For an upfront cost and yearly maintenance fee, we can stay free in their network of campgrounds. But you will be fine. We can travel from one Thousand Trails park to another with no time required out of the system. But there is nothing stopping you (with the membership upgrades beyond the Zone Pass) from moving directly from a TT park directly to a Trails Collection park to a TT park, with no time out of the system AS LONG AS you still have 7 days in between your Trails Collection stays. Does the Platinum and Full Elite not include whatever a campground is? By all means, take your request up with Thousand Trails and see what they come back with. Restrictions on use are explained in our frequently asked questions.

The campgrounds that you would be able to visit would depend on the specific contract but they would not be separated by ‘regions’ like the current zone passes. It offers access to all 81 Thousand Trails parks, allows up to a 21-night stay (except high-use), and allows you to go park to park. I am hoping to go full time here soon so I am doing my homework. What You Will Receive:✅Tips and tricks to save you money and time when purchasing an RV and while out on the road. We did not have the cash up front for our membership when we bought it. for example with TRA only can have 3 reservations at the time. The cost of camping is just under $1,000, which allows us to choose campgrounds with kid-friendly amenities (mostly KoAs and resorts with water attractions). This is a great budget pick for those looking for park to park access while still having the same 120 day booking window as the Elite Basic and VIP membership. One year, or part thereof. Just like the Elite Basic, you can camp for up to 21 nights at a time in a Thousand Trails campground, then move directly to another park, without any time out of the system. We also include a quick high level overview and benefits of each level of membership. At the end of the initial term, your Pass will automatically renew for additional one-year periods.
You will be charged $299 for the partial year that begins on the date of purchase and ends on your next Anniversary Date (i.e., the $299 will not be prorated for this initial partial year). Colleen and Mike.

It’s more often than not extremely difficult to work the reservation system and book the days we need.

They also said they bought 2 cards for their children to use it, I thought it came with cards for 8 people to use for the year. Membership in The Trails Collection is only valid for one year and is subject to renewal, and possible cost increases, annually.
Many people ask us how affordable this lifestyle is as far as campgrounds, RV resorts, and boondocking. Thousand Trails campgrounds and resorts are typically large with many resort-style amenities. Yes, you can add or drop your membership in the Program each billing year as long as the Program is available and you make your request in a timely manner. Looking for a community on the road?

You absolutely can if there are 2-3 parks in the area.

Most Thousand Trails parks have full hook ups with 50 & 30 amp electric, water, and sewer. So what will a Thousand Trails membership cost you? Great skiing and swimming at Lake Tahoe, the awe-inspiring grandeur of Yosemite National Park, and fun of Las Vegas are just a few of the things you can do at some of the best campsite and RV resort areas located in this region. helps us have extra money so we never have to say no to ICE CREAM!

With my Elite membership I have not hit a limit yet and have had 10+ back to back. The login page will open in a new tab. This is also the membership we recommend to folks who want to dip their toe in the water and see if they like TT campgrounds and the membership benefit, before making a bigger commitment to one of the (more expensive) upgrade options. Campground fees, along with gas prices, are likely to be your two biggest expenses of RV life.

But if it all checks out that would be great.

* Plus applicable taxes. Twice a year, you can extend your stay by one week for just $29, for a 28 day stay. {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}.

The Mid-West Zone has 8 parks. You can also make your reservations 180 days in advance. You have a one time fee and then a smaller annual fee. about Surprisingly Unique Things to do in Fort Bragg, Resale Thousand Trails Membership Options.

Sign up for our email newsletter with the latest content, news and updates. The Elite Basic is the first level of membership upgrade from the Zone Pass. You can make reservations for Trails Collection parks up to 60 days in advance. You must cancel your Zone Park Pass by sending a written notice of cancellation to MHC Thousand Trails Limited Partnership, 6500 Pinecrest Drive, Suite 300, Plano, Texas 75024, Attention: Contract Processing. If you don’t need those then you don’t need the more expensive memberships. Looking at all the options to get the best deal for the 1/2 year we will be living in the RV. If you purchase a Zone Park Pass through our website or call center and are not satisfied with your Zone Park Pass for any reason during the first 30 days after you sign the purchase agreement, or after you stay at a campground for not more than two consecutive nights, whichever comes first, you may cancel your purchase agreement and receive a refund of your annual fee and (if applicable) enrollment fee. Jason-What would you recommend for full time RV’r that travels the entire USA and does a mix of boondocking and military campgrounds but wants the options of staying 1-3 weeks say 6-10 times a year. I have a friend giving up RV travel and he has offered me his membership for free. There are a few downsides to the TT network: We have the freedom to pick and choose when we want to surf our membership, and there are times where we budget and bite the bullet and stay outside of the system. After spending an average of $900/month in campground fees our first summer, we realized what we really needed... A safe place with electricity, water, and sewer that would be a good landing spot for our family. Please call (800) 205-0606 or fill out the form below. Not sure if that is “allowed” but I know it has been done before.

You have the ability to re-sell your membership, with benefits intact, and recoup some of your purchase cost, if you no longer need your membership. There are several levels of membership to meet a traveler’s needs. Can payments for the platinum, elite or any other of the memberships be strecthed out over a period of time? I am 76, and I travel a lot with my adult son, who is 41. This virtually guarantees you will be able to secure all of your campground bookings up to 6 months in advance, for peace of mind.

Due to the complex nature of Thousand Trails Memberships, we highly recommend contacting us for more detailed information when looking to purchase. Or if you plan to camp in the South East which has 23 parks, you may choose to add the North East zone which has 13 parks, giving you 36 parks to camp at during the year. Adding an extra Zone expands the number of campgrounds available to you as you travel.

It all depends on where and when. Thanks so much for this post! But as long as you keep paying your annual dues, you’ll remain an active member, and be able to enjoy the benefits of your Thousand Trails membership. If you purchase a single Thousand Trails Camping Pass online by November 2, 2020, you will receive 20% off the regular $599 annual fee. Getting the Best Price on Your Thousand Trails Membership. Oregon/Washington have – understandably – been very diligent about being strict with their closures, to keep people safe and reduce the number of infections and deaths. However, we may, at our sole discretion, impose reasonable restrictions designed to prevent excessive use of properties in a close proximity to each other. Surprisingly Unique Things to do in Fort Bragg, Stay up to 21 nights and then go park to park with no time out of the system, Can make a reservation up to 120 days in advance / 90 to OW & MA, “High Use Restrictions” – can only stay 14 nights if the park has restrictions in effect (popular sites at popular times, example: Florida/California in the winter), Stay an additional 7 nights – 2 times a year following a 21-night stay for $29.00, 50% off cabin rentals when booked for 5 nights or more, Adult family benefits – up to 8 adult family benefit cards each year, Annual dues to Thousand Trails average $549 – $650, The Full Elite Memberships currently average @ $3750 resale/ that price includes all transfer fees, RPI Basic/RPI Preferred/RPI Preferred Gold reciprocal agreement for annual RPI dues, Includes 60 membership resorts – Thousand Trails, Naco, Leisure Time, Can make a reservation up to 120 days in advance, 50% off cabin rentals when booked for 7 nights or more, Annual dues to Thousand Trails average $549 – $650, The VIP Memberships currently average @ $2950 resale/ that price includes all transfer fees, RPI Basic/RPI Preferred reciprocal agreement for annual RPI dues, “High Use Restrictions” – can only stay 14 nights if the park has restrictions in effect (popular sites at popular times EX: Florida / California in the winter), The Platinum Plus Membership average @ $2650 resale/ That price includes all transfer fees, RPI Basic/RPI Preferred reciprocal agreement for annual RPI due, The Platinum Memberships currently average @$2500 resale / That price includes all transfer fees, RPI Basic reciprocal agreement for annual RPI dues, 81 campgrounds are divided among 5 camping zones: Northwest, Southwest, Midwest, Northeast and Southeast, Annual dues to Thousand Trails average $565 for a single-zone, Add additional zones for an average $49 each, Promotions may add additional zones for free, 50% off cabin rentals & (5) Free Weekly Cabin Rental Rebate Certificate.

PLEASE READ OUR DISCLOSURE NOTICE FOR MORE INFO. Does it still have high-use restrictions? Thanks! You have access to TT’s entire national network of 80 campgrounds. Here are the added benefits. They need to mail you a form to fill out. Do you want to camp in unique locations or with the locals?

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