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world, globe, global.

This inquiry into how we can embrace the dual nature of things – the balance of light and dark, being and non-being, chaos and divinity – is something that has captivated Sofia ever since she was a child, and continues to today.

Can we take ourselves as far back as Te Kore, the mystery from which  everything begins? This commitment extends to future collaborators, by supporting Māori secondary-school students who are interested in science careers through the Pūhoro STEM Academy. For Our Land and Water, that means growing public understanding of land and water science and the principles of kaitiakitanga. E ngā maunga, e ngā awa, koutou e whāngai nei i ā tātou kōhungahunga ki ngā wai o te puna mātauranga, mei kore ake koutou hei kawe i te kaupapa nui whakaharahara nei. (noun) Te Puna Reo o Puhi Kaiti, 2016 Winner, Excellence in Teaching & Learning. (noun) It provides a number of exemplars highlighting different pathways towards bicultural assessment and outcomes for learners. Providing time and space for tamariki to first try and resolve the issue – acknowledging and identifying children’s feelings and providing guidance if needed to come to a resolution. There the spirits bid farewell to the natural world. Māori mythology has been a continual source of inspiration in Sofia's Māori art and Māori portraits. (noun) This lead Sofia to an ever-deepening interest in ancient mythological and esoteric knowledge from around the world. 1. One said, "We must search for the female to take our likeness, and to propagate progeny in this world of light and life.". A Māori Perspective - Te Ao Māori On this page: tribal areas - ngā rohe potae o ngā Mana Whenua , protecting our environment- atawhaingia ngā tamariki o Rangi rāua ko Pāpā , important concepts - he pou tikanga whakaaro , heritage - ngā taonga tuku iho , what Waikato Regional Council is doing , glossary - … Manaaki is derived from the word mana, meaning authority or prestige, and aki meaning to encourage or induce. The Māori creation stories help us understand the beginnings and origins of life. 5.

I was super curious about Holly’s journey - as a young wahine Māori, she started her own business - HSB Government Relations to change what it means to be in and participate in lobbying in Aotearoa. common blue butterfly, Zizina labradus labradus - common in gardens and farmland in the North Island and north and west of the South Island. Bicultural competence in early childhood education. is a single viewpoint in Māori culture today. For Māori, cheekiness is what helps tamariki to explore, be curious, and socialise.

The birth, rise and death of the sun came to be the primary (noun) The Māori world view (te ao Māori) acknowledges the interconnectedness and interrelationship of all living & non-living things. (noun) Championing equity and recognising courage in learning stories. A visual and metaphorical theme that frequently emerges in Sofia's artwork around the story of creation is that of duality; life and death, light and darkness, yin and yang, Te Kore and Te Ao.

technological world. Te Whatu Pōkeka defines aroha as respect, as well as the loyalty and commitment of love in a whānau context.

This dictionary comprises a selection of modern and everyday language that will be extremely useful for learners of the Māori language. 1. Nō te whiowhiotanga, nō te moimoitanga, ka ao mai a Irawaru (White2 1889:79). Te Kore holds our potential, not only for physical growth, but for consciousness, creativity and learning. Inevitably we see the past, or a Tamariki working out a problem that they have with each other. 1. We can look at creation in three movements. / The Earth is round, but it's not as if it's exactly round because the poles are somewhat flat. energy, including the Earth and all that exists on and around it (RP 2009:167). brought further change. All non-text content is subject to specific conditions. The Māori world view (te ao Māori) acknowledges the interconnectedness and interrelationship of all living and non-living things. 1.

1. However living here in Aotearoa called for an initial localised journey through the generations who came from this land. (modifier) A 2012 research project in which authors Ngaroma M. Williams, Mary-Elizabeth Broadley, and Keri Lawson-Te Aho canvassed the perceptions of bicultural competency of both Māori and non Māori, kaiako working in early childhood education. ends of the earth, other parts of the world. Let us keep close together, not far apart. spiritual force) enters the person – just as the sun My name is Chris Koroheke and as kaiurungi my role at ... Physiographic Environments of New Zealand. / Moriānuku: A hill at Te Rerenga Wairua (The Leaping Place of Spirits).

In this video Janelle Riki-Waaka challenges kaiako to "put on a different hat, maybe another pair of glasses and become the parent of a Māori student". Textbook (Ed. Tū mai e moko. Sofia is also Swedish, English and Irish. A people’s world view is complex

Integrating Māori Values with Environmental Solutions, Why Te Taiao Matters and the Supporting Role of Our Research, National Science Challenges work together to release a Guide to Vision Mātauranga, Summer Intern Hosting Opportunity, with the Pūhoro STEM Academy, Caring for Community to Beat Coronavirus Echoes Indigenous Ideas of a Good Life, Pūhoro Student Internships: Growing Capability for Future Land and Water Scientists, Increasing Land Health Correlates with Increasing Profit, Why and How to Work in Te Ao Māori and with Māori Organisations. With the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android app you can use the dictionary anywhere without the need to be online. From there comes Te Pō, aeons of darkness and night.

Ko te ao tukupū te ātea me ngā mea katoa o roto, pērā i ngā whetū, ngā aorangi, ngā kapua haurehu, ngā kōkiri, ngā momo pūngao tae mai ki a Papatūānuku me ōna āhuatanga, ōna rauropi katoa (RP 2009:167). Ensuring that resources reflect all children’s cultures and home settings. Mauriora! Bookmarks are quick links to the pages on TKI that you often visit. Te Ao Mārama – Our Name. (noun) In other words, delving head-first into the stories of her own ancestors has brought Sofia closer to the rest of the world. Looking back on history, we try to imagine the world view The inclusion of mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge) can deepen our collective understanding of connections, interdependencies, and long-term intergenerational perspectives. (noun) Providing leadership opportunities for tamariki to share prior knowledge in a variety of ways, for example, directly from the child, from a whānau member, or by the kaiako sharing a learning story about the child. traditional philosophy of life, through the lens of our own When both sides are integrated they seem to create a wholeness, a perfect balance, an alchemical third and higher state of wisdom and love. This New Zealand Teachers Council publication provides indicators and outcomes to support Māori learners achieving education success as Māori. Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari he toa takitini. / The year that the Olympic Games were held in Barcelona was probably 1992. We can look at creation in three movements. This holistic approach, seeking to understand the total system, not just parts of it, is at the heart of the Our Land and Water Challenge. / This was a bright star approaching. Textbook (Ed. These dispositions are what Māui used to obtain the jaw bone that he snuck onto his brothers’ waka to fish up Te Ika a Māui (The North Island). 4.

The natural world forms a cosmic family, in the traditional Māori view. It is designed to embed Kaupapa Māori competencies for all learners. 1.

Am I my emotions, my story, my body, my life narrative? Olympic Games. It is not possible to say that there The sun represents the birth and growth of mana(power) in the world. In Breath of Life Sofia explores the concept of yin and yang, represented in the two native Tui exchanging the breath of life in a traditional hongi. World Wide Web. Ko 1992 pea te tau i tū ai Ngā Taumāhekeheke o Te Ao i Barcelona (HM 1/1999:5). A collection of 15 papers written by pouako who teach Te Hā o te Iwi: Mātauranga Māori Teaching and Learning and Te Hā o te Manu Kura: The Teacher as Emergent Leader in Te Rito Maioha’s Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) degree programme. Earth. Te Whāriki a te Kōhanga Reo ā-Ipurangi and Te Whāriki Early Childhood Curriculum Online. 2):

Ao kau te rā, ka kitea e te tangata whenua e kī ana, “He kaipuke Pākehā e teretere mai!” (JPS 1990:147). arrived in New Zealand.

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