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Her default skills aren't that useful besides Invitation, but hopefully your Trumpeter will be able to pass on some awesome skills, especially because they're the same build. This can really beef up Flynn or any one of your demons. Most importantly, ensure someone can repel/drain elec.

Because a Charged Mortal Jihad can deal over 1000 damage, I strongly recommend Life Surge or Enduring Soul on any demons who don't resist physical. Since he isn't a natural magic caster (only 80 Ma at level 87), Trisagion is best used for exploiting fire weaknesses, rather than inflicting huge damage by itself. Glacial Blast will usually hit two or three party members, and the damage will be so spread out, you can easily heal it off. Points (b) and (c) are the main mechanics for how demons are chosen. Missing carries a huge penalty in this fight, since you need every press turn you can get. In contrast, Babylon Goblet is essentially Megidola with a 25% chance to inflict panic. He takes the form of a wolf so big that when he opens his mouth, his jaws touch the earth and the sky. With Chitchat+ Trumpeter will only have 3 press turns to use, instead of 5, which is often the difference between surviving and not. This could involve fusing new demons, buying new equipment, grinding, or even spending your macca. Megidolaon is definitely the worst, since it can kill multiple demons. If you go down what I like to call the "RNG" route, and pray your party doesn't get hit with hama/mudo, you don't need as much HP. More events... News.

All rights reserved. A final point to make is that if you activate Estoma Sword, then save, it will remain active even if you load the file again. Like with White Rider, if you get an enemy ambush, you can safely walk to the spawn point and open up Burroughs before you get into a fight. Therefore, the full step-by-step method for fusing the Famed demons is: Corpse is a simpler issue.

Anyway, Senkawa is surrounded with poison zones, can only be reached by flying, and contains absolutely nothing. It can crit easily, and a critical Charge + Mortal Jihad will deal about 1000 damage!

However, fusion requires NG+ chaos route since Ishtar is one of the ingredients. They should then be able to survive without decoys once you put buffs and Doping in place. ArtFenixAsordis has created an excellent video guide for hunting the Fiends, which has been added below.

Because you will lose virtually all your macca, you should spend as much as you can before you fight him. However, he will use it very rarely, and almost never twice in the same turn. Start with the cheapest demons within that range and work your way up. Each Fiend also has the same, unique dialogue when you ask them to chitchat, fundraise, negotiate, and plead. That's right, chances are that for every 256 attempts, you'll only encounter the demon once. As always, use buffs and debuffs, but you don't need Doping. It boils down to a choice between death by hama/mudo, which will kill a few demons, or death by Great Logos which may kill everyone without buffs and Doping.

If you happen to take a trip down the River Styx after fighting a Fiend, luckily it's not the end of the world. Also, as stated in the introduction, this guide assumes you know how certain things in the game work, like skills. I'll take your donation as a sign that I should keep writing and updating my guides, though. If you manage to defeat one of those seven Fiends, congrats! ", "The death bestowed by the pallid knight! In my case, I used a party of Mara, Metatron and Rangda as a decoy, with Mara and Metatron having around 2000 HP.

Magic is useless, except Antichthon, and I wouldn't even use physical attacks because gun is so effective. He must survive the vortex world with the new powers vest upon him. However, quests which differ according to alignment choices, like The True Paradise, are included. ", "Now, fight me! Your ending is determined by the dialogue choices you make and some challenge quests. Corrections by matty397 added. Without buffs, he can do over 2000 damage per turn just with Great Logos. Generally, this guide is written with Normal difficulty in mind. If you choose to brave almighty spam, buffs and Doping are critical to survival. Fusing from the recommended fusions screen saves a lot of time in the long run. You won't hit as hard, but you can make up for this with extra turns. You also get the same +172 MP boost as with all the other Fiend accessories. ", "Take your blade in hand! Let's say you're fusing Taotie (Lv. Most of the information in this guide is taken from my own experiences and research. She will start the fight with Luster Candy, and usually attack you with Mamudoon, Maziodyne, and regular attacks.

He has an insane luck stat (148!) It's possible to have only one decoy, but it's more efficient to keep three demons alive and spend additional time buffing or attacking, rather than revive a decoy continuously. Any Famed demon can result if their base level up to 8 levels higher, or 6 levels lower, than the original demon. Once you get both Doping and debuffs set up, the fight becomes comparatively much easier. This is because if you miss, you'll have to brave a turn of almighty spam without buffs.

Note that debuffing him to -2 is more important because if a demon dies, they'll lose the Doping effect, whereas debuffs are permanent. For more info, see. Enduring Soul is great for demons who don't resist sick, in case they die from a Death's Door combo. You shall be lost within the mystic threnody as well...". The same applies to physical resistance, since he only has single-target physical attacks. He'll never remove buffs, unless you trigger Silent Prayer, and you shouldn't be reviving much. It depends heavily on how much David uses Blight and Mamudo, and how much Mamudo hits. 20), Vermin Mothman (Lv. On top of this, it grants a further increase in agility and luck by 9 points. Here’s the official game’s overview via Atlus. With every turn that goes by, the fight will become easier. It is a good idea to have demons with at least 700 HP though, in case you're hit with a few criticals. Don't worry though, as they are all very easy to obtain.

© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Even though you can only use it twice before Red Rider starts to become "bored", this is still incredibly useful for those first crucial turns.

Red Rider is a very strong contender for the hardest fight in the game - in my opinion, the hardest. Try to get force resistance too. However, you should have at least one Deadly Wind user to get extra press turns and smirks. Some players give up after days, others are still trying after months/years. However, if he does use Pandemic Bomb early in his turn, and follows with Death's Door, he can wreak havoc. There's no concrete evidence to back this up, though. But preparing for this will take much longer than fusing a few high-HP demons with Life Surge and Enduring Soul. Start with the cheapest demons within that range and work your way up. There are a total of ten Fiends in this game.

Attacking only costs half a press turn after all, since you'll always be exploiting his gun weakness, so you can probably spare the extra turns. 73% Sudama + Flamies: Urizen: 36? This means he can't kill anyone with Pandemic Bomb + Death's Door. Have at least two decoys with Enduring Soul, so when the first one dies, you can swap in the second with a new Enduring Soul. If you're on Master, anything less than +2 buffs for you, -2 debuffs for Trumpeter, and Doping won't be enough to survive. As a step-by-step method, you'd do the following: There is a widely believed theory (which was featured in this guide) that fusing Mara repeatedly is the best way to get Fameds. However, you shouldn't use Concentrate if you get a smirk, to make the most of the free attack boost smirk gives.

I still haven't been able to fuse Corpse. However, I am particularly looking for more info on how to beat the Fiends on Master, and strategies involving DLC skills and demons. Made significant changes to Part III, the Famed demons section.

As she nulls so many elements, she'll get a lot of smirks too. Whether you want to risk fusing a Famed outside the range I know is certain is up to you. As stated above, Tetrakarn, Makarakarn, the equivalent items, and Tetraja when fighting Trumpeter will also trigger it. If he uses Luster Candy or Debilitate, great - it basically amounts to wasted turns. You do not need to walk as far as the crossroads. However, it's still useful if you only need to restore a slight amount of MP during a fight, like if you're just short of the MP required to cast a certain skill. Reapply Doping, but don't bother with Luster Candy, unless you have nobody else who is at +2 (i.e. 88) Black Rider for example will still spawn 1 in every 256 times regardless of whether you have 1 or 1,000,000 macca. But because your stock spots are better used to prevent duplicates, I don't recommend doing this. So if you have 2.5 million Macca, and you're playing on Master, you'll end up paying a staggering 330,000 Macca (as I did). Hopefully, Trumpeter will spend multiple press turns trying to kill them twice. Mother Harlot has an incredible one hundred percent chance to spawn in the Senkawa region, which is to the north-east of Ikebukuro, on the edge of Tokyo.

If you don't have such demons, and you're truly betting on his hama/mudo attacks missing, you will need a hell of a lot of luck. Usually your demons will be decoys, although you could make Flynn one too. 8) Can be fought on NG+ after reaching Ginza. And even then, it may well kill you (although there is a way to get around this, thankfully). They could make the difference between life and death if you get hit with Blight twice. You can either bring a few decoys who don't resist light/dark, and pray that Trumpeter's insta-kill attacks don't hit you (unlikely), or just brave his almighty spam. Slime can result (albeit rarely) from any fusion accident. Having someone who nulls poison is highly recommended. Version 1.0 (08/25/2015) He will spend his first two or three debuffing you with Acid Breath and Fog Breath, and the rest generally using single-target attacks (Riot Gun and his regular attack). There are other possibilities too, but these mechanics seem the most logical. I had an Alilat, Lucifuge and Mot, all with Trisagion or Ragnarok, High Fire Pleroma and Concentrate, who toasted him in no time. Because he deals so little damage, I like to use magic-based demons for this fight, and spam fire attacks. As you might expect considering you paid $2.99 for him. But once you've got buffs, debuffs and Doping set up, you should survive 5 turns of almighty spam anyway. DanMachi Infinite Combate PC Version Delayed For 1-3 Weeks.

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