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November 3, 2020  •  

Queen’s Archivist Greg Brooks invites QOL in for a conversation about his role working on the forthcoming Bohemian Rhapsody movie. He also discusses a few projects that are bubbling away in the background in the world of Queen. Queens of Adventure, PO Box 22951, SEATTLE, WA 98122, United States queensofadventure@gmail.com

Crime Queens is a bi-monthly podcast all about true crime. This episode takes us back to November 2013 when the Queen Extravaganza hit the UK. Have you ev, Ok...was anyone else duped?

Steve Coles is life long Queen fan, contributor to QueenOnline and avid collector of the band's musical output. Recorded backstage in Vancouver, we catch up with Queen's touring bassist Neil Fairclough. Other topics covered are the forthcoming ’The Miracle’ boxset and the ‘I Want It All’ merchandise book. In this episode QueenOnline sits down with Andrew Daw from Universal Music and discusses his role at the label, how he got in the music industry and, of course, what it is like to work with Queen and their legendary body of work. Now's your chance to represent the newest all-female wrestling podcast around! Queen drummer and founder member Roger discusses his new solo album Fun On Earth and his recording career outside of Queen. In the second part of our interview with Greg and Simon we discuss the recent projects that they have been involved in for Queen, including the Never Boring boxset, Queen + Bejart’s Ballet For Life and the Queen+ Adam Lambert ’The Show Must Go On’ Documentary. Inspiring stuff. The ‘Golden Days’ chat continues in Part 2 with Brian and Kerry touching on topics including the track ‘Amazing Grace’, selecting material for the album, the difference between their ‘Anthems’ album and working acoustically, Brian singing on the album, other musicians, favourite album tracks and the artwork. Sign up to our newsletter and we'll keep you up to date with the latest arrivals and offers Boasting at least 20 copies of each album they ever released, the Official Queen Podcast attempts to get inside the mind of a fan who operates at this level. In this first part of our interview with journalist Rosie Horide the focus is very much on 'Early Queen'. Victoria Woodhull, the first wo, Georgiana Cavendish, The Duchess of Devonshire (part 2), Georgiana Cavendish, The Duchess of Devonshire (part 1).

Each second and fourth Friday of the month, our hosts Britt + Hozza will bring you a fresh new take on murders, serial killers, mysterious disappearances and more. . In the second part of this exclusive interview with Roger, we discuss The Cross, working with Paul Rodgers, the Queen Extravaganza and few other Queen topics. This final part sees Brian cover his solo material, working with Kerry Ellis, Diableries, fame and further Queen topics. The conversation, which took place overlooking Lake Geneva, covers Gareth’s unique story in getting to play the party and how the band tackled playing the 'Sheer Heart Attack' album in full. How about marry someone you see as an equal? Thunderbolts and Lightening - Fan Feature by John Wing, Masters of Transitions - Fan Feature by Fabio Mirabasso, Majestic Music Hall - Fan Feature by Nathan Hodges, Fire Fight Australia – Concert for National Bushfire Relief - Fan Feature by Jane Remedio, Becoming Mr. Bad Guy - Fan Feature by Patrick Lemieux, “A Picnic by The Serpentine” – The Legacy of Queen’s 1976 Concert at Hyde Park - Fan Feature by Nathan Hodges, The Story of “Love of My Life” – Now Credited as One of Queen’s Finest and Most Popular Songs - Fan Feature by Nathan Hodges, A Blog About Queen Related Places: QueenLocations.com – Fan Feature by Judit Castellà, A Smile Wrapped in Plastic: The Story of My American Mystery - Fan Feature by Devyn Grassia, The Story of “The March Of The Black Queen” - Fan Feature by Nathan Hodges, It's A Hard Life - Fan Feature by John McGowan, A Fan's View From Across The Pond - Fan Feature by Brad Marcus, The Crazy Tour of 1979: The Craziest Tour Queen Ever Played - Fan Feature by Nathan Hodges, Queen in the Welsh Marches - Fan Feature by Nathan Hodges, Those Were The Days Of My Life - Fan Feature by Carl Potter, Queen and the King of Pop: The Parallel Evolution and Lasting Friendship of Michael Jackson and Queen - Fan Feature by Sam “Jesta” Geden, Queen On The Widescreen - Fan Feature By Jane Remedio, Doin’ Alright - Fan Feature by Patrick Lemieux, The Story of 'The Drums of Roger Meadows Taylor' Book - Fan Feature by Dario Di Nardo, “I’ll Always Walk Around Like a Persian Poppinjay” - Fan Feature by Milan Vandermeulen, A Winter’s Tale - Fan Feature by Richard Beenham, One Year of Love: Live Aid to The Magic Tour - Fan Feature by Jane Remedio, The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert: 25 Years On by Jim Jenkins, The Year 1973 - Fan Feature by Patrick Lemieux, Queen Remixed – Mike Spencer: Fan Feature by Adam Unger, "All We Hear is Radio Ga Ga…" by Gary Taylor, A Night At The Odeon: Now I'm Here... by Rosie Horide, A Night At The Odeon: I'll Have A Blue Christmas by Jim Jenkins, Bohemian Rhapsody at 40: A Little Silhouetto Of Bohemian Rhapsody - Fan Feature By Patrick Lemieux, QueenOnline on Tour: Notes From The Road South America - The Platinum Collection. “Centering conversations around blame is not the most useful thing for us to be doing.” Sarah tells Mike about the woman who broke up with O.J. Mike and Sarah are journalists obsessed with the past. Episode 18 concentrates on ‘Queen On Air’. Anyone else living in total existential dread? Topics include his role within the band, the work he has undertaken with We Will Rock You, playing Queen material, the bond that the band have and even ABBA get a mention. In what turned out to be quite an emotional session, meet Maureen Barclay one of the original volunteers for the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

None of the above, Copyright © 2020 | MH Corporate basic by MH Themes, Welcome back to Queens Podcast!

In this episode, the second part of this three-part podcast, Brian discusses his new YouTube Channel and a number of political subjects. Social Media We’re here to wrap up the fabulous, scandalous and kinda sad life of Georgiana Cavendish, the Duchess of Devonshire. Episode 26 was recorded backstage at the Freddie Mercury Birthday Party in Montreux where we finally got to speak to Freddie's former personal assistant Peter 'Phoebe' Freestone. Hello queens! This expanded version sees Roger cover further topics including David Bowie, George Michael, working with Adam Lambert, the new Queen tour and it’s production, future solo endeavours, soundtrack work, the Queen movie, News Of The World and how his son Rufus is getting on being in The Darkness.

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