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I was the same way. You should wear protective eyewear and gloves if handling Drano and work in a well-ventilated area or even outdoors because there is the possibility that you could inhale toxic fumes.

Another tale that’s only valid for the first child a couple have…which depends on the relationship the couple have…I.e if In a relationship, the male is dominant the first child will be male and the possibility of the next one being a male is high.

Many things factor into the shape and size of the belly during pregnancy, though gender does not make the list as far as medical science is concerned. I feel both girl and boy. Also, I have no linea nigra line at all so that one doesn’t work for me. Most expectant mothers can’t wait to find out the gender of their baby even though most of them don’t mind any gender but you can start to look for these signs since there are several ways to determine the gender of your baby according to our old wives experience. If your urine is dull or clear, it might be a baby boy hiding in your uterus. I literally have everything stated on this list pointing towards a girl. It’s a way of predicting the sex of your unborn child. I’m a one woman mom and that it all. I was right every time, except once. *craving sweets (always been more of a salty snack kind of girl) I get judged yet because it’s always supposed constructive criticism from my family and I don’t know why my sisters feel that is their right because they have larger families to care for. I’m pregnant now and I’m still pretty early on in my pregnancy and I’m starting to get nauseous every time I eat or right when waking up.

☺☺☺, I am facing all symtoms for baby boy,, cold feet , dry and cracked hands no morning sickness.. Craving for salty food.. I haven’t vomit any during this pregnancy.. The day he was born he had a large cyst in is mouth only attached to a thread of skin so they were able to burn it off Nicely.. it went away to get tested to check it was non cancer skin thing.. lol thank god but they mentioned that this has happend because I had produced so much hormones for him male I’m guessing? Totally different from my daughter already. How Long After Your Period Can You Get Pregnant? 'Carrying high' means that the baby bump rests high in the abdominal area.

Female sperm live longer than male sperm, but they are slower. Again, accuracy is difficult to determine but doing the test can be amusing and interesting. going shopping blues now! (TMI) Also, my Linea Nigra is nonexistent so that one doesn’t work on me. Let’s find out whether pregnant belly reveals gender of the baby or not. You’ve probably already heard them all, especially if you’ve decided not to find out your baby’s sex before the birth. We lived in Florida during that pregnancy. Trying to select the perfect name for your little bundle?

Ring test my fam called it the pencil test u stick a needle in the bottom of a pencil, it will go in circles if it goes up and down its a girl side to side its a,boy Guessing your baby's gender in the beginning stages can help you feel closer to your developing little one. I have 2 boys so I will post one of my belly with my 2nd boy when you notice your hair turn into thin and little dull, you’re having a baby girl. Now 7 weeks pregnant and I can’t feel what I’m having. But because it’s all nonsense anyway, I wouldn’t worry about it. In case you were wondering what good could possibly come from all-the-time sickness (calling it ‘morning’ sickness is clearly an issue for Trading Standards), here it is. Melanin is a pigment that causes the skin to darken and during pregnancy causes the area around your nipples, your labia, and clitoris to darken in color.When does a Linea nigra appear, the reason why the Linea Alba begins to darken is unknown, but most women will notice it around the second trimester, although it can happen earlier. I had all girl symptoms and my intuition was telling me a girl. Its all about mothers instinct. Take Note on your natural sleeping position, that can tell about your baby’s gender. These potential baby boy vs. baby girl pregnancy belly pictures may help you make a guess. Having Sex Without a Condom and Not Getting Pregnant, Labor and Childbirth Facts and Preparation Tips, Pregnancy Calendars and Weekly Developments, 23 Creative Thanksgiving Family Traditions, 15 Purse Essentials That Make Life Easier. Lucky #7!!!!! If the ring starts to move in circles, you’re having a boy. An older woman with a short torso and previous pregnancies may appear to be carrying a girl when the baby is really a boy. I m 14 week pregnant.i have headache n sleepless nights which I used to had in 3rd trimester during my first pregnancy. If it’s bright you could be carrying a girl. It’s an old wives tale that many found accurate in the Asian cultures.

You can ask your partner to notice this for you. My morning sickness was terrible.

On the other hand, if the female is dominant in the relationship (has the final day of things…doesn’t include husbands sneaking things his way only to get cornered later on) the first child will be a girl and the chance of the second child being a girl is low because generally a woman’s approach to her marriage gets affected after a child comes into the “family picture”.

While some of these may be true, I’m calling BS on that one. That’s why they say a wives tale.

Hello ladies my hair is dry and not glossy at all. I only have one and there is scrutiny because my son has no sibling. That can also be an Indicator of baby’s gender. I’m hoping for a girl cause I have 2 boys!!! And that’s why my acne was so serve so in some way I can see how this can be true but I guess I determines the type of acne..

do you no what your having because im in the same situation lol, Hey Cassie!!! I’m not. I had a girl first she gave me small face acne and mild chest ect pimple like normal but small ones. I have my line beyond the belly button, the necklace and ring test both gave me boy result. So, for a woman with a boy, the pregnancy belly will look different. Not had an ultrasound yet to confirm 1 or 2. Will no for sure in 5 weeks!

If pregnant with a girl you will have a high tummy. Belly Test to Determine the Gender of a Baby, Tests and Methods for Predicting Baby's Gender, Things to Do When You Are 9 Months Pregnant. I don’t know anymore. Just remember, good things come to those who wait.

If your left is larger, it could be a little girl in your uterus. Although it's not always accurate, the pregnant woman's belly test is a fun way to predict your baby's gender before your doctor orders an ultrasound to confirm it. But when you have a brood like my sisters they are admired even more than just a mother to one. 7 Amazing Ways To Predict Your Child’s Gender. Attach it with a strand of your hair. Very Moody and sensitive. If you’re drooling at the thought of crisps and pretzels, there might be a boy beneath that bump. What does a faint positive pregnancy test result mean? Similarly, your body hair is thought to provide a clue too.

I’m 14 weeks 2 days pregnant with my 3rd child and I’m hoping for a girl. It’s okay. 'Carrying low' means that the baby bump, the part of the belly that protrudes the most, is settled close to the hips. I have to say the ring actually worked for all 4 of my nieces and nephews as well as my cousin. But in scan doc said its a girl.. M confused now. Except that I was definitely more emotional with my second son. I only could have ate fruits. If your belly button is a frown It’s a girl. Wow!

Fiona Peacock is a writer, researcher and lover of all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood (apart from the lack of sleep). I’m praying for a son as well I have 2 girls. The old nursery rhyme reads if you see 1 there will be sorrow, 2 – joy, 3 – a girl, 4 – a boy. There are some really great people to choose from, and can be very helpful in situations like yours. Now 7 weeks pregnant and I can’t feel what I’m having. The Pendulum Trick For Your Belly. Thanks to technological advancements and lots of clever scientists, it’s not that difficult to find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl.

If your belly button is a frown It’s a girl. Before these high tech options were available, couples had to rely on old wives’ tales to try to guess what sex their baby was. He would love to be a big brother but it’s not going to happen. I craved mostly sweets like fruits. What do y’all think?

You get it done with your genetic blood work to check for down syndrome n other birth defects. Absolutely NOT! How do you already know what your having?.

I didn’t do 4 and 9 of them are right works for me go old wife’s tales!!! Well-known old wives tale is if pregnant with a boy, you will have a low tummy. Read More:  7 Ways to Tell Baby’s Gender from an Early Sonogram. I can support this one because my pee was way more yellow with my boys. To know if it's a boy in your belly, get your wedding ring. This is one old wives’ tale you won’t be able to get through pregnancy without hearing. 7 Ways to Tell Baby’s Gender from an Early Sonogram. Belly button gender prediction. Also the ring went around in circles for me and I’ve been told like everywhere else that means girl not boy. Well, fun if it’s you doing them, not so much if it’s every stranger you pass in the street. These cookies do not store any personal information.

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