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Health systems will need to address the needs of the rising numbers of individuals with a range of disorders that largely cause disability but not mortality. 4 0 obj We also assessed musculoskeletal basic knowledge in students from a different medical school, receiving a classic lecturing programme. – The study demonstrated a 27.3 per cent cost saving from the normal orthopaedic route with 86.1 per cent of patients able to be managed by an extended scope physiotherapist (ESP) without requiring orthopaedic assessment. 5. radiology), consultant review and physiotherapy treatment. Background: W: Students found particularly beneficial the interactive tutorial approach, with 48 % finding this to be the single most effective teaching method. h�b```�5�\��@��(�����8H��f�7�)�La?�Xz`����ܚZ7؜'�:�r�����������1����ޠ;6����n�09�W�w��Ws#��:Y��Ň��̫���{�[j�ί�.%ptt4tp4tttp PrL� B14p4��@��t�ia ;S�A���e7s��o&���/�4�o7bhZ��P����!Z��#����� Ae���SHq�*. The ESP clinical diagnostic accuracy was 'substantial' and the high conversion rate to surgery suggests that appropriate patients were referred on for orthopaedic consultation. Physiotherapist‐Led Triage at a Rheumatology‐Based Musculoskeletal Assessment Clinic: an 18‐Month Se... Triage of knee pain by an Extended Scope Physiotherapist (ESP) in an orthopaedic clinic: A clinical... Orthopaedic Triage: cost effectiveness, diagnostic/surgical and Management rates, Musculoskeletal triage: The experiences of advanced practice physiotherapists in Ireland. The remaining 258 were assessed by the physiotherapist and six who did not have a spinal problem were referred to other departments. Quantification of the burden of non-fatal health outcomes will be crucial to understand how well health systems are responding to these challenges.

Themes emergent from qualitative analysis were importance of the relationship with consultant and team; lack of formal educational opportunity; and concerns regarding access for patients to further investigations (e.g. – Findings suggest that a significant number of spinal patients referred for an orthopaedic consultation may be managed independently by a CSP. The study is cross-sectional in design using a survey to retrieve archival outcome data from hospital case notes of patients referred by ESPs for consultant management. Appropriateness of onwards referrals was based on the opinions of consultants to whom patients were referred. The majority of patients who attended the MAC were independently managed by the physiotherapists, suggesting that physiotherapist‐led triage may be a useful and efficient means of managing a proportion of patients referred for a specialist rheumatological consultation. The primary objective was to quantify the proportion of patients independently managed by the clinical specialist physiotherapists (CSPs). This represents a conversion rate to consultant intervention of 40 per cent.
%%EOF Of the patients referred on for surgical opinion surgical intervention was appropriate in 89 per cent of cases. Findings Clinical Governance An International Journal.

The development of this National Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (AMP) Competency Framework (the National AMP Framework) has been funded by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) to provide a nationally relevant framework to improve consistency of AMP standards for the benefit of patients, health service providers and

h�bbd```b``���u`r�d{"Y��Io�0i In the pre-course assessment, only 20 % of students achieved an overall pass rate. }�W�3%WaT�j'�IIp�H�ر�0l^��2����X)�m���Q֬8fx�'(�8�Pe ���BYT�$ߖ �Ou���(W�d���䶘��v��f2˯/b����Xo=�ɓy�c~8�X3�e�y�T@)�G��K2�s���G1Ef"����~. Funding: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Conclusion

How difficult is it for you to shop for groceries or other things? Over a 4-month period, 140 fourth-year medical students rotated for 2 weeks through a new interactive musculoskeletal teaching module in an elective orthopaedic hospital. Medical records were reviewed retrospectively of patients referred onward for orthopaedic consultation, to investigate their outcomes. Musculoskeletal Care. had a good relationship with their consultant(s); while 48% (n = 12/25) were satisfied with the triage setup. For the past two decades, successive governments have funded a plethora of “waiting list initiatives” in order to reduce waiting times for both in and outpatients.

Findings – Of the patients, 79 per cent had their entire episode of care managed by ESPs. Originality/value – This paper reinforces published data on ESP management of the entire episode of care of the majority of referrals to orthopaedics, and on the highly appropriate nature of onwards referrals. %PDF-1.6 %���� Data were collected on outcome of the interface appointment and outcomes for those patients referred to orthopaedics from the appointment. A prospective audit was carried out in relation to patient demographics, baseline clinical characteristics and a KSC clinical care pathway. 2 0 obj CONCLUSIONS: Specific triage models, team interaction and educational opportunities vary, influencing therapist satisfaction. Respondents also expressed higher satisfaction if greater than 50% of their educational opportunities (formal and informal) were within the consultant-led team setting (OR 1.64, CI 95% 1.00–2.68). DOI: 10.1002/msc.1200, Physiotherapist-led triage of patients with thoracic spine pain in a musculoskeletal assessment clinic: A service evaluation of activity and outcomes, Advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapy: Barriers and enablers to multi‐site implementation, Manual therapy improves the outcomes of a patient with chronic cervicogenic headache resistant to surgical treatment. 2069 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<9EB198B9F40B5447B6D9E70FF89F02A2>]/Index[2048 62]/Info 2047 0 R/Length 107/Prev 472428/Root 2049 0 R/Size 2110/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream

2109 0 obj <>stream 2048 0 obj <> endobj How difficult is it for you to make a tight fist? Twenty-seven patients failed to attend. Prevalences of the most common causes of YLDs, such as mental and behavioural disorders and musculoskeletal disorders, have not decreased. Methods: All knee pain patients referred to the Knee Screening Clinic (KSC) from November 2010 to December 2011 were included in this audit. To reduce waiting times and costs, a specially trained physiotherapist reviewed patients with back or leg symptoms referred by general practitioners. A substantially higher proportion of patients with regional musculoskeletal pain and degenerative conditions were independently managed by the CSP compared with those who had rheumatological/inflammatory conditions.

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