oracle oci interview questions

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Standby databases must also run on the same operating system as the primary database. The smaller datafiles are, the more quickly they can be individually restored during a backup.

26. 9. The only important thing here is that the Oracle executable has the correct authorizations, as described in Note 583861. Looks like it was just a screening round. Please visit using a browser with javascript enabled. How can we store pictures in the database? Coding Question: Implement lexicographic order dictionary search using Trie data structure. Common aggregate functions are –. If you do not convert the system time on WINDOWS both on the database server and on the domain controller, the KERBEROS authentication with SQLPLUS or SVRMGRL can fail because the time variance is too large, and the problems described in Notes 614036 and 620540 occur. You can use the OERR tool on UNIX to obtain more exact information about a - error code. You can find information about Oracle bugs and frequent errors under the components BC-DB-ORA*, BW-SYS-DB-ORA and (in the event of performance problems) SV-BO-DB in the SAP Note Administration. No "reset password" flow. Can you find it? Amity, Infosys, Rysigo, Unilogic Software, Wipro, can we use a having cluase in groupby clause. You can use "opatch lsinventory" to display the bug fixes that are currently implemented on the operating system. The set of OCI (Oracle Call Interface) interview questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer to the interview questions posed to you. However, you should bear in mind that license agreements often do not cover using the R/3 database in this way. Differences within an operating system are generally allowed: ITANIUM vs. non-ITANIUM; with the exception: On HP-UX, standby databases and system copies with online backups are not allowed between ITANIUM and non-ITANIUM. 13. Top 50 WebLogic Interview Questions & Answers, Top 25 Microsoft PowerPoint Interview Questions & Answers, Two dashes(–) before beginning of the line – Single statement, /*—— */ is used to represent it as comments for block of statement, Date Data Type – Different formats of Dates, TimeStamp Data Type – Different formats of Time Stamp, Interval Data Type – Interval between dates and time, NULL – It is to indicate that particular column can contain NULL values, NOT NULL – It is to indicate that particular column cannot contain NULL values, CHECK – Validate that values in the given column to meet the specific criteria, DEFAULT – It is to indicate the value is assigned to default value, Tables – set of elements organized in vertical and horizontal, Views  – Virtual table derived from one or more tables, Indexes – Performance tuning method for processing the records, Sequences – Multiple users generate unique numbers, Tablespaces – Logical storage unit in Oracle. But the table can have only on Long Raw data type. We discussed that in detail. I was up for a front end role but my interview with bartender had questions completely involving computer networking. Basically, there was a fix in converting the input string to the integer value. Grants can be provided by the owner or creator of an object. All SAP kernels up to and including 4.6D (including _EXT and _COM kernels) use OCI_7, while OCI_8 is used as of 6.20. They care about data structures and efficient algorithms, the interview lasted around 1hr in English.”. How can I access the Oracle database of the R/3 system from an external system? What is the difference between $ORACLE_BASE and $ORACLE_HOME? Check out some of the positive highlights that others have written about their Oracle interview experience on Glassdoor: And here are some of the negative experiences interviewees have reported to Glassdoor: Check out for more advice, guides, and practice questions. Oracle only logs critical errors in the Alert Log. The DUAL table is a one-column table present in oracle database. Almost in each interview, you will be asked about your project.
It lets us avoid storing passwords that hackers could access and use to try to log into our users' email or bank accounts. c) Parameters must not be defined twice. for null entries. Consider the following points in relation to this: Backup and restore runtimes can increase by a significant amount, which - in serious cases - can lead to an unnecessarily long downtime. You can find the init.ora parameter file underUNIX: $ORACLE_HOME/dbsWINDOWS: database.

SAP Support is not responsible for setting up these connections. 17. You do not have the option to copy this logic at Oracle level. How can I access the Oracle metalink? Internally, Oracle works with System Change Numbers (SCN) and not with real time stamps. No password to forget. Where can I find an overview of the tasks of the background processes?

Why? This problem cannot occur if the number of archiver processes is limited to one by LOG_ARCHIVE_MAX_PROCESSES and if you have taken into account Note 445226. Caution: Misuse can lead to data loss. can you write the script instead of verbal english. As of Oracle 10g, an empty data file can also be dropped with the following command:ALTER TABLESPACE DROP DATAFILE ' '; If there are still extents in the data file, this command fails with ORA-03262. Where can I find the Oracle parameter file (init.ora or spfile.ora)? Varchar will occupy space for NULL values and Varchar2 will not occupy any space. Notes 938986 (9.2),  and 871096 (10.2) contain information about important bug fixes. What must I do if I cannot use SE16 to make recommended changes in configuration tables? You must not use CDs obtained directly from Oracle. 28. Required fields are marked *. This shouldn’t be too hard. 50. Contact Us. For example, you can order the RDBMS CDs by opening a message on component XX-SER-SWFL-SHIP. Difference between varchar and varchar2 data types? keep reading », There's a tricky bug in this JavaScript. Can I use directory structures that differ from the SAP standard? Programming interview questions by company: Google interview questions; Facebook interview questions; Amazon interview questions; Uber interview questions; Microsoft interview questions; Apple interview questions; Netflix interview questions; Dropbox interview questions; eBay interview questions; LinkedIn interview questions Such as, A appears 2 times within file_a.txt, appears 10 times within file_b.txt, appears 100 times within file_c.txt, then we count the total appearing times of A as 2 + 10 + 100 = 112 times.

For more detailed information, see the Oracle documentation. There are no other realistic options. How does changing the system time affect Oracle (for example, when daylight saving time is switched to standard time, and vice versa)? I am writing Oracle Database RAC interview questions. Therefore, an evaluation of these sizes is not possible in the standard system. Data Manipulation Language (DML) is used to access and manipulate data in the existing objects. Switch from 32-bit to 64-bit and vice versa if you have identical source and target releases. Write a program to find the number of islands. What factors determine the space occupancy of an object at database level? This interview is basically you have to prove how you can best fit in their project requirement or the company. Your performance has been rated as %%RATING%%, Your email address will not be published. For example, a parallel processing level of tables or indexes, which is continuously increased within the framework of reorganizations or rebuilds, can have serious effects on database accesses and performance. 18274 ... Oracle Call Interface (OCI) (10) Oracle Architecture (90) Oracle Security (38) Oracle Forms Reports (509) Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) (120) Oracle ETL (15) Oracle RAC (93) You can also find information about bugs or technical problems at The USING clause is used to specify with the column to test for equality when two tables are joined. Why are some Oracle errors not logged in the Alert Log? SAP only allows you to use the directory structure and naming conventions described in Note 27428. Oracle has been developed using C Language. How can I determine at what times the database was upgraded? If INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE accesses appear, you can determine at which ABAP source code button these statements are triggered. You can expect that your interview at Oracle will be challenging and filled with a wide variety of questions. 5.

For the above reasons, it is a good idea to use a comprehensive archiving concept to limit database growth right from the start. Therefore, the first work process that loses the connection to the database writes a short dump. need answer very urgent please mail to 39. #3940 Sector 23,Gurgaon, Haryana (India)Pin :- 122015. – There are 3 big files, 1GB (file_a.txt), 10GB (file_b.txt) and 1TB (file_c.txt); – The format of these 3 files: each line with a random string in the file; – There is only 100MB memory could be used, disk usage is not limited; – Assumption: IF AND ONLY IF string A appears within all 3 files, we need to count the total appearing times of this A. 12. Here are some of the questions I can remember from the interview. Select the constraint used to validate that values in the given column meet the specific criteria. 19736 Which Oracle patches should generally be imported? So, do a quick walk-through about your project and prepare well. The logic, which is used to extract the data of the pool and cluster tables from the table pools or table clusters, is integrated in the R/3 kernel. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 20. Your email address will not be published. Returns TRUE if the fetch of cursor is executed successfully. 29. Rename is a permanent name given to a table or a column whereas Alias is a temporary name given to a table or column.

Homogeneous system copies may only be carried out between systems with the same operating system.

All work processes then go into reconnect mode until the database is available again. It is used to prevent changes to a view that would produce results that are not included in the sub query. The UNIX PS command displays the real user by default, not the actual user. please as soon as possible. 27.

IN, OUT and INOUT are the modes of parameters that can be passed to a procedure. Different releases (for example, AIX 4.3 versus AIX 5.2); with the exception: you cannot combine HP-UX 10.20 and HP-UX 11.0 or higher. There are other ways of investigating the causes (such as auditing or triggers), but in most cases these are not necessary. What is the difference between TRANSLATE and REPLACE? A sub query is added in the where clause of the main query.

52. How I can access R/3 pool and cluster tables at Oracle level? Oracle is a secured database that is widely used in multinational companies. Site Map | The tables upon which the view is based are called Base Tables and it doesn’t contain data. 31. As of Oracle Release 10g the V$SYSTEM_FIX_CONTROL is also available, and this view displays at least a few of the fixes that were implemented. On occasion, size restrictions may prevent the system from using data files that exceed a certain size (often 2GB). each interview every day for one hour. Differences between Single Instance Vs Read more… Riaz Ahmad Ansari is an Oracle Consultant & Corporate Trainer. 1. Switch to a newer patch set of the same release. This is why SAP only permits the use of the directory structure and naming conventions described in Note 27428. How do we represent comments in Oracle? What is the difference between rename and alias?
Therefore, each customer who licenses the Oracle database via SAP has an ASFU license. It makes it harder for one person to share a paid Interview Cake account with multiple people. Bug fixes always depend on the current patch set version. I have table that has student names in it.If I query on the

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