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To not be a complete cynic though, this backs up your point. But Perfect Team is by far the most fun I’ve ever had with a mode like that. These cards are cheap but with the right strategy they can be some of the best cards in ootp 21 perfect team.These are the cards we use in our perfect team iron tournaments and OOTP 21 Perfect Team Tournaments. Ten of them, in fact! Perfect Team adds an additional play mode to OOTP: a collectible card game that allows you to build teams and play against thousands of other OOTP owners in online leagues, using the OOTP simulation engine..

I took a break from Perfect Team in OOTP 20 from December to OOTP 21's release as I wanted to invest time into my Tigers franchise, and then I checked it again.

Using OOTP 20, I decided to try to find out. The success of Eduardo Nunez made me wonder how many perfect players are needed to make a team successful no matter the quality of their supporting talent.
To begin, I edited all the ratings of Yankees players to be 0s across the board, then edited one player — Aaron Judge — to be perfect, just as in Matt’s articles. Operation Sports Forums

Perfect Team 21. Perfect Team Tournaments are standalone competitions that allow you to pit your Perfect Team against others.

122 wRC+ in 200+ PAs. I thought for sure someone would say Ian Happ.

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Training done in regular PT does not carry over to tournaments. Hey man, nice to have a fellow OOTP player! The successful teams are the ones that do this, whether or not those teams pay for PP. Hes been getting complete game gems for me all season and last season.

I would say try and cut back on the spending, focus on one team and continue to enjoy a great game. I had a guy win a who would rack up about 5 WAR thanks to his bat, but the AI and hired scouts routinely rated him around 45 overall. There needs to be a way to see two players full stats side by side.

That being said, I still like OOTP 21 PT a ton better than OOTP 20. The defense, moreover, was so atrocious that even a perfect pitcher posted an ERA of 22.45).

I then used the simulation module to set up a 1000-game series against the Boston Red Sox, to see how much one perfect player, playing shortstop, could offset the ineptitude of his teammates. I might idly maintain an OL team as well, and I've been thinking about rolling up one of the following ideas as well: I'm probably going to stick to just one team/account for OOTP 21, now that Tournaments are in place to scratch the occasional itch of building a different team. vR splits of 75 CON/93 GAP/84 AvoidK with a reasonable 51 EYE as well. I got to a point where I wanted the challenge and fun of building from scratch again and again and once I had multiple teams up and running I just don't have the kind of time to enjoy any of it.

Perfect Team 21 Perfect Team 21 - The online revolution!

The highest WAR with a decent sample size for bronze was Daniel Nava with 3.3 WAR /650 PA over 2,568 PA. For comparison, 2001 Ichiro was 2.7 WAR/650 PA over 3,205 PA, Paul Waner was 1.0 WAR/650 PA over 692 PA, and there were no Keven Seitzers in the league. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc. Apple, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. 66 OVR, RF Record Breaker Paul Waner -- Another monster against RHP. There are lots of other examples of this, and you can find any of them by going to League->Statistics->Sortable Stats and either looking for stats directly (e.g. These whale teams will not be in the lower level with those who are playing for free. « Shouldn't be that surprising when you think about it. The defense had improved well enough that the perfect players posted ERA figures under two, although they only combined for about 500 starts (I’d guess the AI struggled to determine whether to prioritize the perfect players in the lineup or in the rotation). I feel like there's a little more variation there than in iron where everyone runs the same guys and it essentially becomes a coinflip? overall i think. Definitely will drop down to a max of two teams (I have 5 now). Currently sitting in Rookie 79 league and i'm doing fairly well. Officially Licensed Product – MLB Players, Inc. Out of the Park Baseball is a registered trademark of Out of the Park Developments GmbH & Co. KG. Above average bat and glove. https://i.imgur.com/MGFsiTp.png vs Right. Yeah you have to remember a big part of baseball is the randomness/luck that isnt as relevant in other sports as much IMO. Using OOTP … One pitcher that has some how solidified my rotation is Jose Berrios who is a 68? Dominic Leone is insane!

Don't laugh but it's Mike Soroka (89) Gold. « It’s just really fun, and it relieves my days as a kid collecting baseball cards. Thread Tools: 06-29-2020, 05:06 PM #1: aaronhelman. Can you have more than one team in perfect team baseball if possible how do you do it...Thanks. The team lost every single game, scoring 273 runs while giving up 108,811; on average, they lost every game by over one hundred runs. Visit MLB.com and MiLB.com. All that plus OOTP’s sim engine.

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https://i.imgur.com/1kWE5hX.png Combined.

The team still did not win a game, scoring only 316 runs and giving up 94,131. Andrelton Simmons was my 3rd best player last season and on an amazing start this season. Especially if you can carry a lesser hitter in the role. 67 OVR, 1B All Star Kevin Seitzer -- This is an example of a bronze who legitimately outhits a huge number of silvers and golds. I rarely look at boxscores, check and adjust team strategy etc. That being said, I still like OOTP 21 PT a ton better than OOTP 20. Who's your best player? Set your strategy and tactics, then compete against players from around the world in leagues and tournaments to see who is truly the best!

Those who purchase a high end team will advance to the top tiers quicker but once they get there, the way these sims can run there is no guarantee. He can play 5 positions (LF, RF, 2B, SS, 3B), though none of them well (ranging from 16 in LF to 61 at 2B), he's a solid baserunner (53/67/62) and bunter (75/75), and he has the eye (56--meh) and avoid K's (78--better) abilities often looked for in bronze players. Assemble, customize, and manage your team by collecting baseball cards from the past, present and future of Major League Baseball. Not as good as 01, but hes usually 1/3 the price. We fill the Yankees with the world’s worst players, then slowly add perfect ones until they’re a competent team. I just can't cut this guy because I can't find Gold/Silver hitters who are clearly better than that. Login using the new account. 04 Ichiro is pretty great too. At this point, I continued adding one more player until the team finally had a winning record, and that turned out to be 7 players, filling out the entire rotation (with two extra pitchers in the bullpen, although the computer only put them into the game as a pitcher when they had a day off in the lineup), as well as every position on the diamond except first base (the DH was also an imperfect player). We like to go with the best pitchers in OOTP 21 Perfect Team at the Iron tournament level.Good luck on getting the OOTP 21 best cards! Seitzer has 126 wRC+ for me over 600+ PAs. Some examples from my team: 69 OVR, RF Rookie Sensation Ichiro Suzuki -- It's well known that this guy is a beast. At the end of my first season I pulled all player stats and merely am looking at WAR/650 PA (~1 season) and WAR/180 IP.

And oh my I had so many Perfect Points. Battle thousands of PT managers from all over the world and become a legend. Battle tens of thousands of PT managers from all over the world and become a legend. Perfect Team 2.0 - The online revolution continues!

I thought cards in tournaments only used their "base" statistics and disregarded any training done in PT...? I cant see where it's hidden away at. Perfect was added, Gary Sanchez. This lets you have fun in both universes without worrying about the impact of one on the other.

Great bat for a bronze, has ratings at 6 positions (not a great defender, but can play the positions). (Click to vote). COPYRIGHT © 2020 OUT OF THE PARK DEVELOPMENTS.

Battle tens of thousands of PT managers from all over the world and become a legend. There is no training, or crying, in tournaments. | His bat his super weak though. filter by contact rating) or by looking at sabermetrics like wRC+ and all that other good stuff we use when normally playing OOTP. Breyvic Valera isn't too bad. (Kinda) Ok, given what I said above, if I happen to find a hundred dollar bill on the street, or if an unknown Uncle leaves me $10,000.

I like to play without paying money, so I needed to know who the true hidden gems were of the league. Major League and Minor League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are used with permission of Major League Baseball. The top 5 batters were all 96+ (Ty Cobb, Jose Ramirez, Mike Trout, Francisco Lindor, Buster Posey) and the highest bronze was tied for 26th highest WAR in a small sample size. My OOTP 20 PT is now so much better than ever team I've ever managed or coached, and it's nice dominating people. Starting pitching seemed to be the only category where there wasn't an extremely wide gap with Larry Dierker constantly being one of the best SPs out there. Your Paul and my Paul are very different.

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