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I like how nobody mentions his lightning ball he throws that covers a larger area than you can avoid. He appears in legenads as a demon god who resided in the Suzuka Mountains along the border of Ise and Omi Provinces. Otakemaru is considered one of Japan's three greatest yokai, alongside Tamamo-no-Mae and Shuten Doji. This attack deals a lot of damage and is very quick. Amazing.

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Tamuramaro raised an army of 30,000 horsemen and entered the Suzuka Mountains. In questa fase, ora avrà armi volanti che userà per attaccarti.

His attacks depend on the type of sword he is using, so keep an eye on his sword to be ready for his attacks. At this point, he causes an explosion around him, inflicting very heavy damage. Its not listed here but ive read he does. Use the opportunity to strike back. Tra i tasti rapidi equipaggiate le medicine erboristiche (una sorta di elisir aggiuntivi), talismani “bradipo”, talismani contro i danni elementali o talismani che vi donino un qualunque buff. If this theory proves true, it may perhaps be possible to predict which of his attacks he will use next depending on the sword he holds in his hand. There has now been two DLCs, however with all the new soul cores added I … Nioh 2; Are Otakemaru or Yatsu-no-Kami still considered the strongest soul cores?

The best way to notice this attack is to walk behind Otakemaru's back.

For someone who has not played Nioh 1, they will find Nioh 2 difficult.

Otakemaru is the final boss of Nioh 2.

When the latter hits the ground, it may spawn another electric field. Fortunatamente, il colore della spada vi indicherà il tipo di elemento utilizzato, riuscendo a prevedere le mosse in arrivo.

After that, he hurls them at you with a very fast speed. But I can understand not wanting to fight a Yatsu-no-Kami at that high a level. And using Rejuvenation Talisman during this fight will also make this attack less dangerous.

The only move I don't like is his unblockable, insta-kill fireball that he can rotate to track you with.

Even if he receives powerful strikes, he will keep launching his attacks.

Even Daidara Bocchi was harder for me.

When he drops to 25% health he will summon 4 floating hands and his swords will hover around him.

1Inosasao + 2Saoirse...Kato clan ...2 weakness talismans ...anima bonus on all soul cores for amrita absorption ,damage taken ,etc. I found him much easier than Enenra, Tokichiro (either version), Lady Osakabe, Shibata Katsuie or his human version. Siamo finalmente arrivati alla resa dei conti: lo scontro contro Otakemaru, il final boss di Nioh 2. Otakemaru can also summon seven icicles of ice that appear above his head. You will face him during the “In the Eye of the Beholder” main mission. In the battle, he uses three types of Yokai - Feral, Brute, and Phantom. Then, all these swords fall from the sky. Ha anche un attacco con carica rossa in cui colpirà molto velocemente.

- You still wield me in battle? lostkiwi 2 weeks ago #1.

The awakening voices for this weapon are as follows: - All who lay eyes upon my blade...must die!

If you’ve made it this far, congrats, this is the final boss in Nioh 2.

In addition, he has 3 phases and activates them depending on the current level of HP.

Attune your Guardian Spirit to this soul core to gain access to the powers that lie within The Tokagemaru, like all swords, has a good balance between offense and defense, and is a good choice if you aren't sure what sort of Enemies you will be facing. Schivalo altrimenti ti farà un danno enorme. Il Bruto si baserà su attacchi lenti e devastanti con la clava, lo Spettro su attacchi dalla distanza e Furia su attacchi veloci e ravvicinati.

In ogni caso, ogni volta che lo vedrete inginocchiato al termine di una combo, avrete possibilità di sferrargli un paio di colpi. You mean to flee? All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Its not about how many times you die, his skill sets are complex and has many different phases to deal with, so its not easy to remember all this in a fight.

1) 50% ~ 100% Health: He can transform into all three of the player Yokai Shifts: Feral, Brute and Phantom. This fight is so much better than Hundred Eyes from the first game.

If it hits you, it will cause a lot of damage. Wield me, and bring ruin to those who defy you! You're safe behind his back - his attacks are slow, so they shouldn't reach you, and that's the best way to fight him. Swords also scale very well with the Heart stat, so if your Build has high Heart, consider using this Weapon type.. Tokagemaru Description. Bene, la boss fight in questione rappresenta il momento migliore per sfruttarli. All his attacks should can be easily avoided if you use a right-side dodge. The Sanmyoken is made up of Daitoren, Shotoren, and Kenmyoren, and three swords are considered treasures of the heavens themselves. Phantom: When he shifts into Phantom, run near him and attack him as much as you can.

Once all his HP is depleted, he will explode and your mission will be completed. Quando la sua salute scende al di sotto del 50%, Otakemaru si rafforzerà in una forma più pericolosa. User Info: lostkiwi. Very well. This sword switches elements - it can be fire sword, frost sword and lightning sword. Besides, at the very end of this attack he strikes with his sword one more time.

You will now have to fight a large Yokai wielding a one-handed sword. Durante il giorno dipendente presso una società finanziaria. This attack is not very accurate, but you have to watch out for it as it inflicts very heavy damage. If you successfully dodge, Otakemaru will be stunned for a small time.

There is no doubt that if ever a day would come when Otakemaru escaped his prison, he would not hesitate to kill every living soul in Japan.

Acting in the shadows, Kashin Koji's goal was to set his true self free. Can you get his weapon?

Ed eccoci qua, allo scontro finale della storia di Nioh 2.

You still wield me in battle? Il contrattacco a tutti questi attacchi è bloccarli e schivarli tempizzando perfettamente i tuoi salti. At first he fights with three types of Yokai.

Use your burst counter to stop his attack and strike back, Phantom Disc: While in the Phantom form, he can summon a disc that follows the player dealing damage, Run in circles to avoid the disc and attack as much as you can while staying close.

Wield me, and bring death to those who defy you. Nonostante questo, lo scontro con Otakemaru metterà a dura prova la vostra abilità e, soprattutto, la vostra pazienza.

Cresciuto a suon di Mortal Kombat, Metal Gear Solid e Resident Evil.

Otakemaru can make a quick cut over a short distance, causing lightning to strike the spot where he made the dash. When his health falls below 50%, Otakemaru will power up into a more dangerous form. L'uso di Talismano ringiovanente durante questo combattimento renderà anche questo attacco meno pericoloso. To dodge this attack, move away just as he is about to land from his jump. Tra l’altro, se riuscirete ad abbattere il Ki del mostro, potrete eseguire un’esecuzione. Run away from the pool to prevent the damage. You will face him during the “In the Eye of the Beholder” main mission.

Per questo motivo è preferibile non allontanarsi troppo e cercare di colpirlo alle spalle. I don't see how people consider him the hardest Boss in the game. They can literally kill you with one blow, so it's important not to get hit by them. Inutile dire che tutte e tre le mosse vi metteranno K.O. When you dodge an attack, he will take a few seconds to recover.

This attack deal Fire, Water and Lightning damage at the same time.

Lightning Strike: He will quickly move forward attacking with a lightning strike. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Koei Tecmo or Team Ninja. The best option is to use your guard. Questo è un attacco molto pericoloso che infliggerà enormi danni se ti colpisce.

During the last phase, he will continue using the old attacks as well as a couple of new ones. Otakemaru is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Instead of dodging, run until he finishes casting the frozen fields.

Fonte Delle Guide E Informazioni Sui Videogiochi Più Recenti.

When his health falls below 25%, it will begin phase 3. His yokai text translates to : WAIT...THOSE EYES...COULD YOU BE? Se schivi con successo, Otakemaru rimarrà sbalordito per un breve periodo.

Burst countering different speeds, dealing his different combos and many more aspects. Not even a bigger and badder version of our Yokai Shift.

Anche in Spettro riuscirete ad andare a segno più volte anche se il boss sarà molto più “fastidioso” a causa dei suoi attacchi da lontano.

You mean to fight? When he has about 60-50% HP, he starts the second phase, in which he gains his true form and his attacks change depending on the type of sword.

Try to get near him, so he attacks you. Pro-tip: attack him from the right side and from behind his back. Se ti colpisce, causerà molti danni. I got some fragments but not sure if he drops a Smithing text, Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, Smithing Text: The Exceptional One's Armour, Smithing Text: Big Dipper Blade & Heishishorin-ken, Smithing Text: Shoudakiri Mitsutada & Shinogito Shiro, Smithing Text: The Exeptional One's Armor, Smithing Text: Tsuruga Masamune & Hocho Toshiro, Smithing Text: The Exceptional One's Armor, Fire, Water, Lightning, Corruption, Confusion, Poison, Paralysis.

For Nioh 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Otakemaru is so hardcore LMAO! In questa forma il boss attaccherà piuttosto lentamente, permettendovi di schivare e attaccare senza grossi problemi.

Ice Sword Attack: He will perform a combo forward creating ice explosions around him. Be careful when he sticks his sword into the ground when he has a fire sword.

HOW I LONG TO MEET SUZUKA AGAIN. The seal containing Otakemaru was weakened due to the ongoing war, allowing a small amount of his Anima to escape and coalesce into the form of Kashin Koji.

Ricevi Tutti Gli Articoli Di Notizie Aggiornate, Guide Passo Dopo Passo E Video Tutorial Di Tutti Gli Ultimi Giochi Multigiocatore! Only then can you make Burst Counter, but it's very difficult. When you're in front of him, he can create a fireball that will explode right in front of him.

Ciò significa che per ogni elemento controllato, Otakemaru utilizzerà mosse diverse. The story goes that a certain man wielding this sword set out to defeat the yokai tormenting a village but got himself killed instead. In the final fight, there are multiple phases. There’s a new mission thats also a boss rush. Questi dunque i consigli e i suggerimenti per sconfiggere Otakemaru.

We have prepared a detailed description of attacks associated with various types of the sword. In questa guida, ti diremo come sconfiggere Otakemaru.

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