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Scroll down to see how! Designed to appear uplifting, but also deliver in performance too, Mono sure fits this description. Head into the weekend with a $50 stabilizer for your smartphone, a $40 Tribit Bluetooth speaker and more. Your email address will not be published. Every Monos suitcase sports color-coordinated YKK reverse coil zippers, chosen for their sleek look and unequalled reliability. The carryon or the plus? ), so it seems perfectly fitting to share a few things I’ve learned over the years to make the experience of air travel as comfortable and easy as possible. This electric, self-driving, smart ferry is the Tesla of public transport boats! One of the latest to enter the market is Monos, a Canadian lifestyle brand being hailed as the “Apple of Suitcases.” Below is a look at how the Monos Carry-On Plus stacks up against the Away Bigger Carry-On, each being their current best-sellers. Eyra. The sized pockets in their side flap keep your small items together and free to be laid on top of, or between your clothes. Away’s huge success in introducing premium quality luggage without the hefty price tag paved the way for more startups creating sensible and sturdy suitcases. It’s also lightweight enough to make hard-sided luggage actually lighter than same-size soft-sided suitcases. Features a tough polycarbonate shell. ●     Soft, anti-microbial fabric with subtle, laser-etched pattern detailing on the interiors. Monos claims that this model is significantly quieter when rolling the luggage. Alternatively, if I’m going somewhere that a pair of clunkier shoes like boots are needed, I’ll wear these on the plane so I don’t have to check them in or carry them on. We embrace the fact that nothing can stay the same forever. Instead of focusing on gimmicks like built-in power banks, the company’s three founders, wanted to focus on design that would last.

Either works equally well in securing the bottom compartment and cushioning the harder items intended for the top half. Thanks for signing up!

Other Hinomoto wheels are already quiet, but this is a grade above. Even the interiors come lined with a soft, waterproof, anti-microbial fabric lining to keep your clothes looking, smelling, and feeling fresh on the inside, while the minimal, polycarbonate body gives you a carrying case that grabs eyes with a smart, sophisticated design on the outside! I’m also so excited to feature these beautiful, minimal suitcases I recently acquired from Vancouver-based Monos, and give you a chance to win one of your own. The best part is that they also impressively have a lifetime guarantee of fixing or replacing a suitcase if it breaks! Try it out for 100 days. It’s important that travel shoes are first and foremost easy to walk in, but I also like to wear footwear that’s super easy to get on and off – meaning no complicated laces or zippers. We’ll cover shipping on all orders to the contiguous US and Canada. Planes are some of the driest environments, so I always make sure I stay super hydrated by drinking lots of water. They sport stylish YKK zippers with Italian vegetable tanned Vachetta leather trims on the ends and a lock too. What it can tell you is that Away luggage has been around for a while and they’re proven to hold up well over time.

Taking a look inside, it’s even more apparent how hard Monos strived for a beautiful suitcase. We studied the ripples in water when it rained. The German-made Makrolon polycarbonate in their luggage isn’t just harder and stronger than your average suitcase’s ABS plastic – it’s nearly impossible to break and it easily bounces back into its original shape.

SMART FACE-MASK AUTO-TRANSLATES LANGUAGES AS YOU SPEAK! Monos comes in three sizes. ●     A cleverly hidden release button keeps the handle’s appearance clean, while also making it more natural to use. The brand also moved the release button from the usual location at the top, hiding it underneath where it feels more ergonomic to press while also reducing design clutter. We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between exceptional quality and beautiful design – and that a truly premium suitcase doesn’t have to come with a premium price tag.”.

This 4-foot box fits an entire home-gym inside it and costs as much as a smartwatch, This gorilla-inspired trike adopts triangular geometry to be an edgy, futuristic one-man commuter. This BEIS Luggage Product Review Will Convince You These Trendy Bags Are Must-Haves. It not only saves a trip to the newsstand, but also helps to not create waste both on the plane and at the travel destination.

From Your email address will not be published. Monos suitcases As an Amazon Associate and affiliate Compare Before Buying earns from qualifying purchases. The Check-In Medium can also nest inside the Check-In Large. Architectural designs that focus on humans and nature alike: Part 4, This hydrophonic aquarium + planter takes care of itself.


Good luck with baby travel, we haven’t braved it yet!

6 Comments. And in all these moments, we found a common visual rhythm.

I much prefer a backpack or a small crossbody bag for my personal things when shlepping around luggage at the airport. All suitcases ship for free in 2-3 business days within the United States and Canada, with a 100-day trial and lifetime warranty. Levi’s jacket TSA-approved lock and whisper-quiet 360° wheels. Try any Away product for 100 days and if it’s not the right fit for you, you can return for a full refund or exchange (excluding personalized items). Instead of cheap cast zinc resulting in those flimsy, wobbly handles, Monos used only high-grade aluminum for their tubes.

We’re an online magazine dedicated to covering the best in international product design. It’s important that travel shoes are first and foremost easy to walk in, but I also … ●     YKK reverse coil zippers for a sleek appearance and unrivaled reliability. Easy On/Off Shoes. I used to buy one of those big, 2L bottles from the newsstand after going through security, and making sure I drank at least all of it before landing. 3. Monos added two shoe bags and made its laundry bag anti-microbial, upping the ante over Away’s much-appreciated hidden laundry pouch. I also like having full use of both my arms and hands to be able to access things at a moment’s notice. All I … There’s a distinct line between ‘premium’ and ‘affordable’ that crowdfunding platforms are blurring. That being said, I don’t usually prefer this for comfort. Monos Luggage? Minimalist, modern classics in four sizes and ten stunning colours. RETRO FILM CAMERAS! It has the edge in design, durability and overall handling, and truly feels like a deluxe suitcase though it’s set at the nice mid-range price point where Away found its home. Eliza, Luggage, Suitcase and Carry-On Spinner Reviews, Luggage on Tour Dr. Todd Curtis, Baggage basics for checked and carry-on items , , August 26, 2014 Airline Checked … And then there are other brands that are marked up so extravagantly that only the elite can afford them.

The premium luggage brand is on a mission to disrupt the luggage industry and help consumers travel more mindfully by providing a high quality, fashion-forward minimalistic design at an honest price point.

All opinions are my own. 6. Whether it’s a fine timepiece (we’ve seen so many of them in the past two years), or titanium stationery designed to last a lifetime, or even luggage that’s designed from the ground up, made to look spectacular and provide a positive user experience, crowdfunding has shown that you don’t need expensive brands to own beautiful products. The complete collection of Monos luggage is available in three sizes: Carry-On (22" x 14" x 9"), Carry-On Plus (23" x 15" x 9.5"), and Check-In (30" x 21" x 11"). 4.

It’s comparable to Away but for me, I like the interior of Monos better (from pictures). With our eyes firmly focused on the future. The bag comes with sleek YKK zippers with Italian vegetable-tanned Vacchetta leather trims at the end and a TSA-approved lock, to give the bag a design that looks uplifting and a quality/performance to match. Even though I love getting away and am super grateful to be able explore new destinations, I usually dread the actual travelling part of it.

Where I found a significant difference was when I rolled the luggage on smooth surface like ceramic floor or marble floor. At 11.7 pounds for the Check-in Large, it’s not super lightweight by any means but it’s a good average weight and made of nice sturdy materials. Partial proceeds go to United Way India COVID-19 National Response Fund. Sign up today for your free Reader Account. Size-wise, both carry-ons have nearly identical dimensions and storage capacity, so they’re pleasantly roomy to hold enough clothes for around 3-7 days of travel. This sustainable eco-resort uses bamboo + rammed earth as concrete alternatives to reduce emissions! We just booked our first trip since Miles was born (we’re going to Hawaii! Away’s huge success in introducing premium quality luggage without the hefty price tag paved the way for more startups creating sensible and sturdy suitcases.

Zippers look better with their teeth hidden. It never feels good to hold up a security check line! A personalized submarine that makes easy ocean exploration a reality for millionaires! 1 comment. Designed in Canada and touted as the “Apple of Suitcases”, the collection features three sizes, a Carry-On, Carry-On Plus and a Check-In, outfitted in hard shells and sleek matte colours. Two are spacious cabin friendly versions that have enough space to pack for a 7 day getaway, as well as a check-in version that is also big enough to pack a week’s worth of clothes. The zipper should pop off, opening the suitcase. Total 30% off retail on all luggage – Code: FALL30, United Way India COVID-19 National Response Fund. We are reader supported. Managing Editor at Compare Before Buying. Dress in Layers In a day of travelling, I find myself going from freezing cold to swelteringly hot and back multiple times… and that’s not even considering the difference in climates between origin and destination. The most prominent difference is in the textured finish of their polycarbonate shells.

You may also like . You can simply choose the non-battery-included model so it’s not a big consideration if you don’t need it. Question. SMART REMOTE CONTROL + SET TOP BOX’S INTERFACE SPEAK WITH EACH OTHER! We distilled and refined this rhythm into the minimalist, asymmetric progression of lines that would become our luggage’s signature design,” Hubert Chan, designer of Monos told Yanko Design.

Lovingly designed in Canada with meticulous attention to detail, each Monos suitcase uses only the finest quality parts and materials sourced from around the world. Their interior lining and the included laundry and shoe bags all use a soft, waterproof, and anti-microbial fabric with subtle pattern detailing. All at a fair price.

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