minimum material thickness for countersunk holes

November 3, 2020  •  

Go to Solution. There will be some sheer stresses on the bolts/boxes as well.

The sprocket & chain will be housed within the 2x1. The problem I am having is when a drawing is created, and I use use the hole and thread tool, the clearance hole is called out as the nominal value, not the actual diameter of clearance hole, see below. Note *: Countersink angle 120° +/- 5° . Another important concept to understand before we get into specific examples is insert length.

Additionally, we only have 1 mechanical FRC student returning this year. That’d give a stronger connection anyway. Drill clearance is typically 1 full thread, Remove Tap Male Center (sizes 5/16 and smaller) reduces the drilling depth by ½ the nominal diameter of the thread.). WCD requires only 4 pieces of very rigid aluminum tubing for its frame – which is the key to its success. Hi, When I add a #6-32 countersunk clearance hole to my part using the clearance hole tool I have noticed that the clearance hole size varies depending on the material thickness. The two pieces of metal to be attached are 1x1x1/16" box tubing and 1x2x1/8" box tubing.

Figure 2 shows a ½-20 x .500 long insert installed to the maximum setdown depth of ½ pitch (thread) below the top surface without because designers being concerned with space and weight savings do not always allow adequate material thickness Sheet metal is only simpler if the mentors in charge are comfortable with it and have th resources for it. You might try a .125-187 Dia. Note: The minimum drilling depths allow for countersinking the drilled hole to have a good starting thread. other reasons. The minimum full thread tapping depth (H) for through and blind holes (without a countersink) is equal to the insert nominal length (LN). We do have a no-slop, ~0.01" precision manual mill now, so I’m stepping up the game somewhat with direct drive.

Another solution is to modify the drilling and tapping depths and insert setdown. The countersink will happen in the 1x2x1/8" box tubing. Hex axles will also allow us to use 4" AM performance wheels without an additional hub, which is a decent money saver when we’re talking about 6 wheels. Is there a table of bolt diameters and/or minimum thicknesses for angles of countersunk bolts? Hex broaches are pretty cheap too for what they do. With WCD, I would have to figure out gearbox configurations for the wheel size such that the gearbox doesn’t bottom out on the field when put into direct drive configuration. See below. Well this was exciting reading, wasn’t it? It’s fun figuring these things out with just a few clues.
(seen pretty well here). For limited material thickness, you can decrease the drilling and tapping depths and do one or more of following and still accommodate the full insert length and set it below the top surface:

Usually locking type inserts have a slightly higher G/O value due to the additional work hardening that nominal length (LN). The following is the default clearance countersink for a #6-32 flat head screw. or will there be a spacer in it? I’m not saying it’s a bad design without even looking at it, I just don’t see what potential advantage internal chain has aside from being “protected”. FMIN = LA+ Set Down + Tap Chamfer Length + Drill Clearance + Tap Male Center Length*, HMIN = LA + Set Down = .475 + 1.5(.050)= 0.550.

There are some other things that are ‘wanted’, like direct drive & a multi-level frame, yet we also have to live within our limitations. Is there any way to automate this process or are we stuck doing this manually? with Countersink. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. The 2x1 tubing will be in 4" segments, so the whole chain isn’t inside the tubing. 3.) Welder who can keep things square It’s not me you have to convince, heh. Except where otherwise noted, work provided on Autodesk Knowledge Network is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.Please see the Autodesk Creative Commons FAQ for more information. Made from 18-8 stainless steel, these screws are chemical resistant and may be mildly magnetic. The axles are live axles, which is why the 2x1 is needed. Why? The countersink will happen in the 1x2x1/8" box tubing. 2x1 would have been incredibly cramped for us, but 3x1 gave us some breathing room.

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