merle pitbulls for sale

November 3, 2020  •  

So, as a result, they can have two blue eyes, one blue eye, or even random colored eyes. But in order to be more informed, let’s enumerate common health risks that come with a merle Pitbull. But, are there any more differences if they’re put in comparison to purebred Pitbulls and other breeds?eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bubblypet_com-leader-2','ezslot_9',112,'0','0'])); They’re not any different in size, lifespan, or temperament compared to normal Pitbulls. I've been working with many breeds of dogs exclusively for over 17 years and I've learned a lot during the process. But you shouldn’t expect the same coloring when you have a merle Pitbull.

They take Pitbulls from shelters, rehabilitate, and rehome them to foster or adoptive families. You'r guarantee for your purchase

They are average-sized dogs with great muscle build. Please stay tuned for information from us on this. If both parents have the merle gene and pass it off to their offspring, blindness will most likely occur. It is with the way a dog is raised and trained which determines how they will interact with small children and other animals. True merle beasts, and we expect them to be nothing less than massive as adults.

Pit Crew Sacramento is a small group of experienced and committed Pitbull owners based in Sacramento who are driven to banish the negative stereotypes that are associated with Pitbull breeds. If you do not see any American bully puppies available on this page, please visit our breedings page to place a deposit on a breeding of your interest. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bubblypet_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_1',113,'0','0'])); They’re consistently successful in becoming service dogs, therapy dogs, and family pets. If you’re wondering if this number is good enough, the stats also revealed that America’s most loved Golden Retrievers had a close 85.6% pass rate. In other cases, some have recorded their dogs living past their average lifespan. They will have blue eyes or eyes that are very pale. We also went on to dominate the Merle Movement and have produced the biggest, widest merle tri color XL Pitbull in the World. But always remember that any interaction of dogs with small children should be supervised. They even have a 100% satisfaction rating from customers, including movie star Shia Labeouf.

And hopefully, more people realize that like any other dog breed, the love that these wonderful pitties have to offer is just the same.

Please contact us and we can get you set up on a breeding of your choice.

We raise our pit bull puppies with extra care to make them strong athletic with gentle family temperament and extremely loving PITBULL puppies. Getting Pitbulls as puppies ensures that they are adequately trained by loving and caring owners.

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