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To give your students a brief overview of the material in Mark 11–16, you might have a student read aloud the chapter summaries for Mark 11–16. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world, It is not known if the Romans legally allowed this or whether they simply looked the other way while a public dissenter was put down. (Do not have students relate the experiences they are thinking about.). Point out that Mark 11–16 records the fulfillment of those teachings. (The last week of His life.). After students have had sufficient time, ask them to report to the class what they learned. Vs 5: Keeping in mind it was Judas who was speaking, the statement that the money could have been given to the poor is ironic. In Mark 11–16 we read about the events of the last week of the Savior’s mortal ministry. However, the trial as a whole does not follow what is known.

Read this chapter in full. In context, Jesus has been shaking up much of the authority of the priests in his teachings. Mark 10.

30 Mar 2013. Matthew adds in between these events Judas asking if it was him, and Jesus confirming it. The Resurrection completed the Savior’s Atonement.

Jesus appeared to the disciples. 29 Mar 2013. Read this chapter in full.

There aren't many teachings of Jesus here, nor points on how Christians ought to act. ", 2 Apr 2013. 2 comments. Explain that this woman’s actions teach this truth: Small acts of love and devotion are often remembered for generations to come.

Mk2: Many gathered at the house. Strangely, Jewish tradition abhorred nakedness, so the fact that the man was not wearing anything beneath the robe on a cold night is interesting. After eating the Passover, Jesus gathers his disciples (except Judas, who had left earlier) and heads for the Mount of Olives. He said, "Go and preach the gospel. One of the disciples defends Jesus by cutting off a slave's ear. Another explanation could be that Matthew created this exchange to further emphasize who betrayed Judas. Vss: 51-52: The streaker in the garden of Gethsemane is highly debated. 28 Mar 2013.

As the treasurer of the disciples, he was probably not concerned with the poor, rather, he was sarcastically referring to their empty purse as the poor. Give students several minutes to study the scriptural account and the student manual commentary for Mark 12:41–44 and for Mark 14:3–9, looking for answers to the questions. Ask a student to read Mark 16:9–13. He appointed twelve apostles. Who else learned something about that phrase that helped you understand the Savior’s suffering? However, in context, the name for God to the Jews is "I am". ", 1 Apr 2013. The Savior’s victory over death and sin, which began in Gethsemane, was completed with His Resurrection from the tomb. Presumably he is referring to the disciples, but Luke does not explicitly state that the disciples are present.

This account would have been incomplete, however, without Mark’s concluding testimony, recorded in Mark 16, that Jesus had risen from the dead.

Mark 14. Chapters 14–16 record the fulfillment of prophecies Jesus made earlier (see Mark 8–10).

What small acts of love could you do for others that would bless their lives? The list might look like this: “My soul is exceeding sorrowful unto death” (verse 34), “All things are possible unto thee” (verse 36), “Nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt” (verse 36).

Mark 16. Jesus told them that he must be killed and rise again. To keep the angel from killing the household's first born, a lamb was slaughtered and its blood sprinkled over the doorframe. However, this is usually read as context to the crucifixion of Jesus.

Vss 32-41: The idea of the flesh as weakness is not the same as the Gnostic view of the flesh as evil. Vss 43-65: Jesus is arrested and stands before the chief priests. Vs 22: Jesus tells his disciples that the bread is his body. Vss 42-43: The crowd was sent by the chief priests. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16. (As you discuss this, you might refer students to Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s statement in the student manual commentary for Mark 15:39; you might also ask students to read 1 John 4:9–10 and 1 Nephi 19:9.). While anointing on special occasions, such as coronations, was not unusual, this was more likely in preparation for burial (Keener).

Why do you think signs “follow them that believe”?

31 Mar 2013.

Make sure students understand this doctrine: In the Atonement, Jesus Christ suffered for all mortal sins—past, present, and future—and for all our infirmities and sicknesses.

He said, "Whoever obeys God is my family. It will not be enough for them to have had a spiritual witness of the truth and to want good things later.

Encourage students to live in such a way that their actions may be worthy of remembrance and the Lord’s commendation.

It should help us carry all burdens, bear any sorrows, and also fully savor all joys and happiness that can be found in this life” (“The Supernal Gift of the Atonement,” Ensign, Nov. 1988, 14). Unlike the Gospels of Matthew and John, Mark does not indicate that Jesus signals Judas as the betrayer. Believing in Jesus Christ means believing in His Atonement. While the result is the same as the other Gospels, Luke adds a little emotion to the story. 3 comments. Read this chapter in full. He was mocked and crucified.

2 comments, Mk12: Jesus said, "A man's tenants killed his son." He healed Bartimaeus. Point out that the Gospel of Mark is 16 chapters long. After students have shared their responses, ask: What do both women have in common? As such, clubs would have been an unusual choice of weapon.

Examples of this are naming of the high priest as Caiaphas, enumeration of Judas's agreed fee for betraying Jesus as 30 pieces of silver, Jesus explicitly stating his blood is poured out for the forgiveness of sins during the last supper, Jesus reminding his disciples that he could call on legions of angels if he wanted to resist arrest, and a second reminder during his arrest that all that had transpired had been to fulfill prophesy and scripture. Vss 44-46: Though the guards probably would recognize Jesus as a public figure, it is likely that they needed Judas to identify who Jesus was in the complete darkness (Keener). 3 comments. Vs 4: Though the synoptic gospels say that the disciples in general complained about the waste of perfume, John 12:4 informs it is actually Judas who says this. President Henry B. Eyring taught: “The pure gospel of Jesus Christ must go down into the hearts of young people by the power of the Holy Ghost. 22 Mar 2013. The account of the Mount of Olives also differs slightly in Luke with respect to Mark.

After students have had time to study, call on students to respond to the questions and explain their answers. An alternate theory is that this is actually Mark writing about himself and showing the haste in which they left. After students have had an opportunity to respond, close by bearing your testimony of the Resurrection and the difference this testimony makes in your life.

Mark 5. We previously covered the Palm Sunday entry into the city of Jerusalem in 11:1-10, and the anointing of Jesus for burial in 14:3-11. Students’ study of the scriptures will become more powerful when they take time to understand key terms before considering the application of a doctrine or principle. Matthew records Jesus as saying simply, "Yes, it is as you say." Ask students to look for further answers to these questions as you read and discuss the statement by President Dallin H. Oaks in the student manual commentary for Mark 16:17–18. Vs 54: Peter's devotion to Jesus, despite his denials is subtly clued in here. Mark A. Copeland Sermons From The Gospel Of Mark 2 The Gospel Of Mark Table Of Contents Introduction To Mark 4 The Preaching Of John The Baptist (1:1-8) 7 The Baptism Of Jesus (1:9-11) 10 The Temptation Of Jesus (1:12-13) 12 The Preaching Ministry Of Jesus - I (1:14-15) 15 The Preaching Ministry Of Jesus - II (1:14-15) 18 The Call Of Four Fishermen (1:16-20) 21 A Teacher With Authority … 1871. Most recently, he has paraded into the capital city, accepting the masses' cheers for him as their Messiah.

Peter said, "You are the Christ." I summarised the Bible on Twitter between Aug 2010 and Nov 2013 - one tweet per chapter, one chapter per day. student manual commentary for Mark 16:17–18. 5 Apr 2013. 1 comment, Mk13: Jesus said, "In the end you will be hated by all. The cock would call that very morning (Keener). Read this chapter in full. 5 Apr 2013.

However, the more important person would usually dip first. Jesus Christ taught in Jerusalem.

Ironically, a few days from this point, Jesus would die by means of crucifixion, where he would symbolically be a lamb sacrificed (Jamieson).

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