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He also subtly was starting to show off his body a bit more to me or size me up with him. He told me that honestly it was hard for him not to see me as his little brother now that I was practically down by his stomach and how little I was honestly becoming to him. I was an average guy, everyone's best friends. As far back as i can remember i was always facinated with strong and tall girls. After about age 14, the boy athletes grew much bigger and stronger. I was sort of scared, curious, and excited all in one ball of emotions. you should see peoples faces when we tell them im the older brother lol. @y, but it was like his confidence level was growing as well. You appear to be ready for these kind of changes too.

i know it's best to keep him happy haha. I’m 24 and my sister is 18. At first he was upset but maybe he knew that the condition can't be changed, so now he accepted that I am the "big bro" and enjoy my 'service' as his lifter LOL.

I am in awe of him.

You can sign in to vote the answer. he likes being in charge of that too. Two days after he got back, my parents told me they were going on a cruise for a week and that I had the option of either staying with my grandma or staying with Jim at home, but he would be in charge of me and be my babysitter. Well I really love to do those things (lift and carry my lil-older-bro). My mom nodded her head yes, and my dad who was super tall to begin with said that Jim was a great deal taller now and still had a lot more to go. he will pick me up and cradle me, carrying me around the house. ive been calling him big brother since he was 10 haha.

Glad I found this posting as I felt I was possibly the only one on the planet with this big of an extreme and role reversal with their younger brother. He wrote me a couple times asking me how tall I was and had I grown any and that when he got back home I would be in for some surprises and I would have to look even further up to reach his eye contact. I was not that far away from being eye level with his belly button!

I nodded my head and then asked the question of how much younger do you think of me as the "younger brother?" I freaked out trying to figure out just how powerful he was now. As the week went on we got along fine and I pretty much agreed to take my bath on time and go to bed on time. He then surprised me totally by asking me did I see myself to him as the younger brother and him the older brother? I went to the back of the house and saw him in the pool swimming laps in our huge pool. I won't lie either, standing that far down to his incredible body is something that I actually now like and I am not upset, nor bitter about any of it. After I sulked for hours I agreed to stay with him. He picked me up like it was nothing and hugged me even though he was complete wet.

I looked up at him and then softly told him I know and that's why I was doing it and I thought it would help you even more with the girls.

Pastebin’s SMART filters have detected potentially offensive or questionable content ahead. he just got his learners permit so i am always asking if he will drive me around. Warning - Potentially offensive content ahead! My adult height is exactly 5'11" which I attained around your year in college. Copyright © 2020 Pollbob Inc. All Rights Reserved.
He asked me was I going to be able to handle him being this much taller to me now? He told me to not get offended, but he was being honest. I just stood there with my mouth open in awe. He honestly told me that I weighed nothing to him at all and was like tossing a feather. Posted by NameOrHandle on 2012-01-13 13:39:16. anyway, me and my sister always got along good, probably better than most brothers and sisters. We had a lot of fun together and he bought me with the money some good snack food, candy and even a cool pair of boy's size board shorts for the pool. They were so frikin long, but muscular and powerful looking.

It started when he came back from a summer camp that he was gone 3 1/2 months for up in the mountains. i dont why but i was and still am. I was already in the pool when he came out after his work out with his shirt off and only wearing his tight fitting board shorts. He told me he didn't want to sound cold or heartless, but he only wanted to get even bigger from here on out. But when I climbed onto his shoulders, I kind of knew already I was beaten. The biggest push or test was when we went to the mall to see a movie and he wanted to buy some more clothes as he complained how tight everything is getting, I called him big brother in front of a couple of girls that were flirting with him and some of the jocks from the cross town private school. he has never had to work out.

He openly admitted to me that once we officially swapped roles and titles that he wishes he will grow some more to the point in which I could walk freely between his legs or meaning that I'd be about mid thigh to him! He was like a giant at that point to me. he is huge lol. I go to Penn State and I've been dating Samantha for 5 years now. Still have questions? He told me he was using the butterfly workout machine and doing a lot of bench pressing to build his pecs even more. I insisted I was still strong too and like a fool suggested we see how long we could carry each other on our shoulders down the beach. I asked her would Jim be my babysitter for now on every time they went out or away? The top of my head is below his belly button! so i know its weird but hey, what can i do. hey all, my name is trey and im 18. my 15yo younger brother tyler is wayy bigger than me. he also loves giving me piggy back rides, i'll hop on his back and he'll carry me all around haha. I know he is going to push it a lot more sooner, but I am so far ok with all the changes. At one point he put me over his shoulder and carried me back to the sand. On the way back home he told me how he wanted for the longest time to be my big brother as he always felt it and how he totally dug it that I called him my big brother and big bro. He is very mean towards his brother, he often forces his older brother to exchange the older younger brother role and orders him around when I'm at their place. Do you think it’s cute to give my half-sister half a cake and half a birthday card for her birthday. How do you think about the answers? In my case, I am the bigger-younger-brother. Jim was my brother, and I knew he always would be taller and bigger than me...and he had been a grade ahead of me in school and then in middle school jumped another two grades ahead of me!

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