junior moves in the field choctaws

November 3, 2020  •  

Because the rhythm of repeated choctaws is so important, Karen uses another exercise whose purpose is simply to keep moving and keep the rhythm going.
Some of the information in this video is independent of the moves pattern and is applicable to every skater learning choctaws. Notice that Karen has her free leg pulled behind her standing leg as she demonstrates the exercise. After skaters have mastered the pivot exercise, Karen has them do another exercise  that involves the transition from the backward outside edge to the forward inside edge. Forward and backward inside rockers • 3. Typically skaters won’t twist their upper body all the way outside the circle. Moves in the field and skating skills expert Karen Olson continues her presentation on choctaws and in particular, the Junior USFS Moves in the Field Choctaw Sequence. Copyright © 2020. The final exercise Karen shows helps with the cross in front transition in the moves in the field pattern. Proper alignment is critical to all skating turns and steps so it’s really the most important initial aspect of doing choctaws. The first exercise Karen demonstrates is a backward pivot starting from a backward outside edge. Forward and backward outside rockers • 2. In Part 1 of this series, Karen introduced the topic and discussed some helpful initial choctaw exercises. One of the most common errors skaters make is losing proper alignment by allowing the hips to drift back. She explains that this leg position allows the skater to step onto a forward inside edge from the backward outside edge. The cross the ice Choctaw ..the Choctaw of junior moves the field ... Choctaws, Rockers, Brackets, Twizzles - Ice … Karen stresses the importance of keeping the feet wide on the transition. Copyright © 2020. Karen Olson shares a number of helpful exercises for teaching choctaws required for the USFS Junior Moves in the Field test. Karen notes that the leg action is different but the edge and shoulder movements are similar. Karen likes to use rockers as choctaw training aids if a skater has good forward inside or back outside rockers. Compare this presentation to that of Amy Brolsma teaching choctaws. This exercise is “push under, push back, forward choctaw” and repeat.
In Part 2 she shared a bunch of additional exercises to develop mastery of specific aspects of choctaws. [Karen does not demonstrate it, but the other version of this drill is a forward choctaw followed by a backward outside rocker.]. Power pulls • 4.

Choctaw sequence • 5. It is a forward inside edge, backward outside edge and a cross in front to switch sides. Another hint for improving the USFS moves pattern is to strongly open the shoulders prior to the first choctaw coming off the end of the rink and allow that backward outside edge to come around, making it easier to step onto an inside edge.

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