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As an infanta, she was not expected to be heiress to the throne of either Castile or Aragon, although through deaths she later inherited both. Owing to their diversity of settings Lindsey's work covers a number of romance subgenres, including medieval, Regency, western, Viking, and even science fiction.

Joanna began her journey to Flanders in the Low Countries, which consisted of parts of the present day Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Germany, on 22 August 1496. Ferdinand refused to accept this; he minted Castilian coins in the name of "Ferdinand and Joanna, King and Queen of Castile, León and Aragon," and, in early 1505, persuaded the Cortes that Joanna's "illness is such that the said Queen Doña Joanna our Lady cannot govern". The Castilian Cortes, meeting in Valladolid, spited Charles by addressing him only as Su Alteza ("Your Highness") and reserving Majestad ("Majesty") for Joanna. [8], In 1496, Joanna, at the age of sixteen, was betrothed to the eighteen year old Philip of Flanders, in the Low Countries. The kingdoms of Castile and Aragon (and Navarre) remained in personal union until their jurisdictional unification in the early 18th century by the Bourbons, while Charles eventually abdicated as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in favour of his brother Ferdinand, and the personal union with the Spanish kingdoms was dissolved. She had a fair complexion, blue eyes and her hair colour was between strawberry-blonde and auburn, like her mother and sister Catherine. She was educated and formally trained for a significant marriage that, as a royal family alliance, would extend the kingdom's power and security as well as its influence and peaceful relations with other ruling powers. She was named Princess of Asturias, the title traditionally given to the heir of Castile. A fortnight later, having come to no fresh agreement with Philip, and thus effectively retaining his right to interfere if he considered his daughter's rights to have been infringed upon, he abandoned Castile for Aragon, leaving Philip to govern in Joanna's stead.[14]:139. Joanna died on Good Friday, 12 April 1555, at the age of 75 in the Royal Palace at Tordesillas. Her remaining siblings were Maria (1482–1517) and Catherine (1485–1536), younger than Joanna by three and six years, respectively.

Philip and Ferdinand then signed a second treaty secretly, agreeing that Joanna's "infirmities and sufferings" made her incapable of ruling and promising to exclude her from government and deprive the Queen of crown and freedom. Some historians believe she may have suffered from melancholia, a depressive disorder, a psychosis, or a case of inherited schizophrenia. Joanna's father, Ferdinand II, lost his monarchical status in Castile although his wife's will permitted him to govern in Joanna's absence or, if Joanna was unwilling to rule herself, until Joanna's heir reached the age of 20.[13]. Joanna was married by arrangement to Philip the Handsome, Archduke of the House of Habsburg, on 20 October 1496. Joanna (6 November 1479 – 12 April 1555), known historically as Joanna the Mad (Spanish: Juana la Loca), was Queen of Castile from 1504, and of Aragon from 1516.

Philip apparently considered landing in Andalusia and summoning the nobles to take up arms against Ferdinand in Aragon.

He had Joanna confined in the Royal Palace in Tordesillas, near Valladolid in Castile, in February 1509 after having dismissed all of her faithful servants and having appointed a small retinue accountable to him alone. He was born about 1526 in Warmham, Sussex, England.

Modern Spain evolved from the union of these two kingdoms. Joanna had her youngest daughter, Catherine of Austria, with her during Ferdinand II's time as regent, 1507–1516. In October 1517, seventeen-year-old Charles I arrived in Asturias at the Bay of Biscay. Childen of Johanna Montacute and John Molines: Geni requires JavaScript! Letters, Despatches, and State Papers to the Negotiations between England and Spain.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. [12]:135 This arrangement only lasted for a few months. Johanna Konta (born 17 May 1991) is a British professional tennis player who represented Australia until 2012. By 1495, Joanna showed signs of religious scepticism and little devotion to worship and Catholic rites. In 1502, Philip, Joanna and a large part of the Burgundian court travelled to Toledo for Joanna to receive fealty from the Cortes of Castile as Princess of Asturias, heiress to the Castilian throne, a journey chronicled in great detail by Antoon I van Lalaing (French: Antoine de Lalaing). [4] She studied the Iberian Romance languages of Castilian, Leonese, Galician-Portuguese and Catalan, and became fluent in French and Latin. Joanna's royal education included court etiquette, dancing, drawing, equestrian skills, good manners, music, and the needle arts of embroidery, needlepoint and sewing. The marriage continued, the couple residing in Hawaii and producing three children; Alfred, Joseph and Garret, who already have made her a grandmother. By 20 December 1506, Joanna was in the village of Torquemada in Castile, attempting to exercise her rights to rule alone in her own name as Queen of Castile. Learn how and when to remove this template message,, "Johanna Lindsey, Best-Selling Romance Novelist, Dies at 67",,,,,, Articles needing additional references from December 2019, All articles needing additional references, Wikipedia articles with BIBSYS identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 May 2020, at 11:53. [6] Deviance by a child of the Catholic Monarchs would not be tolerated, much less heresy. She learned outdoor pursuits such as hawking and hunting. Age 51.

Her most popular books are a series of Regency sagas about the fictional Malory family (see Family Tree). John Mullins, born 1538 in Warmham, Sussex, England. [citation needed] Joanna was pregnant with their sixth child, a daughter named Catherine (1507–1578), who later became Queen of Portugal. Charles wrote to her caretakers: "It seems to me that the best and most suitable thing for you to do is to make sure that no person speaks with Her Majesty, for no good could come from it".[17]. 1, 1485-1509, (London, 1862), p.xlvii. However, only Charles, Isabella, and Ferdinand have descendants today. [12]:144 However, no one seriously considered rule by Joanna a realistic proposition.[14]:143–146. Fabio) with his chest exposed, towering above or otherwise dominating floridly dressed women.

When her mother, Queen Isabella I of Castile, died in 1504, Joanna became Queen of Castile, while her father, King Ferdinand II of Aragon, proclaimed himself Governor and Administrator of Castile. Joanna's husband, Philip the Handsome, was unwilling to accept any threat to his chances of ruling Castile and also minted coins in the name of "Philip and Joanna, King and Queen of Castile, Léon and Archdukes of Austria, etc. Penhurst, Sussex, England, (Present UK) 1355. In addition, that same year Charles was elected Holy Roman Emperor.

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