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[18] In Jack's final death scene he sees visions of Vera, which Dawn returned to film. Though Jack was never fooled by Terry, he had to put up with him for Vera's sake whenever he showed his face and pick up the pieces left in his wake. Jack Duckworth's pigeons. Read more about Jack Duckworth:  Casting, In Other Media, Reception, “This is the ratThat ate the maltThat lay in the house that Jack built.”—Mother Goose (fl. As Vera swiped Jack with her handbag she shouted "No! Jack and Vera are devastated and a furious argument with Terry follows, resulting in Jack punching Terry and disowning him. It was a case of 'Pass the hand towel' [...] you know, filming those scenes was difficult. Jack soon goes on holiday with Connie to Spain and lies to Tyrone and Molly that he is returning to Blackpool. At Ivy's engagement party to George Wardle in The Rovers, Jack asks Andrea's father Harry Clayton (Johnny Leeze) if they are sure Terry is the father and Harry punches him. [33] Stuart Heritage of The Guardian stated that Jack had iconic accessories which are his "golden-era glasses" stuck together with Elastoplast and his vest. Well after a great insurance scam I'm fucking loaded and training mint pigeons now far away from weatherfeild!!! [17] Tarmey describes the first few decades in the following manner: "He would never knowingly hurt people and he loves Vera, although he doesn't always like her. [30] Jim Shelley called Jack's death scene with the ghostly appearance of Vera, "one the most moving scenes ever seen in soap". Jack however knew that Terry would never stand by his family, but felt duty bound to stand by his wife in their shunning of Lisa. Upon his return, he describes at Tyrone and Molly's wedding in January 2009 that Tyrone is the son he and Vera had always wanted. In the early 1990s, Terry made his then girlfriend, Lisa Horton, pregnant. [11] On 9 April 2010, it was announced that Bill Tarmey had quit his role of Jack in the show's fiftieth anniversary year. Read more about this topic:  Jack Duckworth, “I gave a speech in Omaha. His exit storyline was fairly documented in the media, receiving positive reactions and many state he is fondly remembered for his love of pigeons. "[3], On 8 November 2010 Tarmey made his final appearance, with Jack dying in his armchair at his old Coronation Street house, following a birthday party at the Rovers. Which character on the programme Coronation Street is a pigeon fancier? As Jack believed he was enjoying a romantic dance with Vera, he peacefully passed away in his armchair. The Duckworths celebrated their Golden wedding anniversary with a party at the Rovers in August 2007. The scenes made viewers happy to see Terry getting what hurt. Tyrone was devastated, but he and Jack resolved to make the most of his last few weeks. Later, after seeing Tyrone and Molly happy together with baby Jack, he decides to quietly slip out of his own party saying his final words to Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) and Carla Connor (Alison King) and then waving goodbye to Ken Barlow (William Roache), who raises a glass to him as he leaves. When Vera discovered this, she argued with the woman. 7 million viewers tuned into watch the show. Born in Haywood County on March 6, 1936, he was a son of the late Clarence and Mabel Williams Duckworth. Which member of the Royal family keeps pigeons? He then decided to slip away from the party, with Ken Barlow raising a glass to him as he left. Jack's storylines have focused on his long-standing marriage to his wife Vera (Liz Dawn) which has been complex and at times been described as "rocky". In the year 2000, when she believed she was about to die in an operation, she confessed to Jack through a goodbye letter that Terry may not have been his real son due to a fling early in their marriage. They agree to both pose nude for the artist, but on condition that they would be buried as normal. Jack then hides out at Tyrone's until Connie catches up with him and reveals it is only a misunderstanding about her sleepwalking, much to Jack's relief. Granada TV confirmed this morning that the prize-winning bird had been unable to escape when it landed in the middle of a harrowing plot involving Len Fairclough, two wombats, and a jar of pickled gherkins. Keele has the best of Jack Duckworth's, ... iv 2 off ian parsons bill duckworths both half bro and sis and there sire is liams brother 2 super pigeons that breed winners and breed good ones for stock loft there in n ireland and are respinsible for dozons off winners for t@c kilpatrick. Picture: Rex . Where do the famous Janssen Brothers live? Wouldn't it be outlawed as a health hazard in stead of a sport? But I will be ten minutes after I get you home!". Ring Corry quick...Jack Duckworth might DIE!!!!! Anyway, they are selling a pair of wind-up mechanical racing pigeons, called "Jack Duckworth's pride and joy", for £8.99. His exit storyline was fairly documented in the media, receiving positive reactions and many state he is fondly remembered for his love of pigeons. Jack's final scenes on the show were praised by fans and critics alike. 3. Why we loved Jack Duckworth. a) Mike Baldwin b) Jack Duckworth c) Kevin Webster 5. Jack Duckworth is on Facebook. The meeting took place in the Rovers, with Vera wearing a ginger wig. All those years of misery the wretched Terry caused his parents – oh, Jack's bitter resignation! He was next seen in 1981, becoming a semi-regular character from 18th May 1981and a regular character in 1983, when the Duckworths moved into the Street, much to the dismay of the neighbours. However, when Connie turns up at the house and cryptically demands why Jack hasn't told them the real reason for his stay, he is forced to reveal the truth. His last appearance was broadcast on 8 November 2010, with ITV also airing a tribute documentary for him. Vera died suddenly on 18th January 2008 in the armchair at her house, where she was discovered by a devastated Jack. 9 to Tyrone and his girlfriend Molly Compton (Vicky Binns); though they insist that he remain as a lodger. Decent people are few and far between in soaps. This reassures Jack that Paul is different from Terry. This resulted in Tarmey considering leaving, but producers decided against lowering his salary and convinced him to stay. Jack and Vera move into the street in 1983, much to the dismay of many of Weatherfield's residents. William Tarmey. He was played by actor Bill Tarmey. Despite his disgust, Jack offers Paul £10,000 that he has received from the house, on the condition that Paul faces prison. Terry causes trouble for Jack and Vera through his various relationships with women. Log In. This led to a classic confrontation; 'Carole Munroe' had been claiming to be a rich widow, which led Jack to say "You're no flamin' widow!" Jack's storylines have focused on his long-standing marriage to his wife Vera which has been complex and at times been described as "rocky". The Duckworths tried several times to win custody of Tommy from the Hortons, but to no avail. [3] Actor William Tarmey had previously been an extra in the serial, and in 1978 he played the small credited part of "Jack Rowe". They became surrogate parents for Tyrone Dobbs (whose mother, Jackie, had been in prison for violence). 7th November 1936 Following him moving in with Connie, Jack's appearances on the show became intermittent. Coronation Street legend Jack Duckworth was reported to be "heartbroken" last night after one of his pigeons died in a freak accident. [25] Channel Five's soap opera reporting website Holy Soap brands Jack's most memorable moments as being "his Vince St Clair alias" and "when Jack returned home to find Vera had died in her sleep. After the speech I went to a reception elsewhere in town. "[15] Another reporter of the newspaper, Mark Lawson, described Jack as "A pigeon-fancying, flat-cap-wearing, wise-cracking, philandering, Sinatra-loving Lancashire lad, Jack epitomised the vivid character comedy in which the serial specialises.

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