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That's something we're continuing to discuss. 1d: Bursting Affix Nerfed in Shadowlands Pre-Patch - Scaling Damage Capped at Mythic +15 . Of course, Blizz thought they’d be smart and remove the original thread, but the OP opened another one. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a decent game to play, if I wouldn’t be of this opinion I’d be out of here already, but some decision making by the management has been quite frankly, questionable. Mr. Hozzikostas is a yes-man with enough ideas about the game the higher ups deemed it worthy to set him up as game director. I know that the expansion will not be 3/4 of the way done. He’s the boss, he calls the shots.

I have no faith in his ability to fix this horrific class balance. If you're still working Emerald Nightmare, don't worry about it.

And so while both sides are seeing success, there's no question there's more high end ratings of success on the Horde side. The following information was released for BlizzCon 2014, when Ion was Lead Encounter Designer.

Or, pruning which is just a front name for homogenization? Newman: You said it was mixed. The option is there to get a group of your own together. The problem first appeared in the wake of the scrapping of Titan, with what appears to have been a bad direction, before Ion took over. What really got me was when he was answering the question about having a full raid in warfronts. [6] In 2015 he rose from Lead Encounter Designer to Assistant Game Director, under Tom Chilton, and in late 2016 was promoted to Game Director when Chilton left the team for another Blizzard project. And so it's more about encouraging and then rewarding that exploration with unfettered flight. Measuring that sort of thing, incentivizing that sort of thing when it comes to dungeon participation makes things much trickier. Hazzikostas: Not off the top of my head.

I am absolutely confident that if all players were polled, we’d see at least 75% solidly in favour of flying from the start.

In one of his interviews, Ion said that the roots of what I would call the destuction of classes, the approach of a neutered class with a different topping each expansion, go back even further, to Wrath, when they decided to remove talent trees, but do it in two steps over two expansions. And while the terrain and looks got quite improved, the new Mythic+ dungeon stuff is still quite rough.

And we see people picking the solution that best suits them.
Plenty of people just like playing against AI.

But the level requirements will not continue to increase, so you'll have access to all of them. I say this is clever, because when I first discovered it, I thought it was wonderful.

Players have had a love-hate relationship with Battle for Azeroth since it launched last summer, and recently have cheered the new Battle of Dazar'alor large-group raid instance at the same time they've criticized the game's gear systems and other issues of reward and pacing.

That’s the origin of many team members, recruited from this forum/guild. Dungeons now take a lot longer, especially Karazhan, in TBC a raid, is a lot of walking.

Will he stand up for the players instead of taking sides with out of touch executives and the gaming media complex obsessed with social justice? I really wonder that Chilton doesn’t retire.

I played on a PvP server myself for a long time. I think once you've done outdoor world content to a point, I think it's fine if there are aspects of it that feel trivialized. Or you can use the AoEs, aggro trash, and have more mobs to fight, again, taking a significantly longer time to kill your mobs. Ion Hazzikostas, alias "Watcher", is the Game Director of World of Warcraft at Blizzard Entertainment.

Newman: In terms of difficulty, Trial of Valor had two bosses that were not horrendously more difficult than the previous raid tier.

That is all.

Or Suramar. But the populations are what they are, and representation definitely can send a message to players who are looking to figure out which side they should be on, or to get into the system, that can be discouraging. As soon as we have something that we feel good about we will share that and act on it. Newman: Looking ahead to patch 8.2, when will players will be able to fly again? They also need to send a clear message that tawdry tricks to turn trivialities into time-sinks is not what Blizzard is about. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Ion will brook no dissatisfied grumbling from the hoi-polloi. Compare the exploration of Arathi Highlands, for instance, to trying to navigate Argus.


But there is ample critical mass to support healthy communities on the Alliance side. Why don’t more players quit? Because it had the intended effect of narrowing the gap, and there's no need for it anymore. Many WoW fans will remember his flippant answers and smug smirks during his many BlizzCon appearances. I like that they added the weekly chest as an additional reward, I like Warmode and I'm enjoying Arena along with PvP Islands to switch things up when I need a change of pace from Arena. Warfronts?

These cookies do not store any personal information. Ion Hazzikostas, game director for 'World of Warcraft.'. There could be fun things to do there. We're incredibly happy with the world, storytelling, our raid and dungeon contents, PvP content like War Mode. That same type of thinking often compels people to stay in bad marriages; they’ve invested too much time in it to just walk away. Imagine if you didn't get to your class hall and into the campaign for a month.

But also we've recognized the harm that flying can cause to world PvP, if you can trivially escape from somebody, or alternately trivially hunt people who have no way of fighting back or evading you. It might be true of the forum barflies (though I’m not even sure of that) but the forums are not anywhere near representative of ordinary players.

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