how do mcdonald's identify training needs

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McDonald’s is the leading global foodservice retailer that has more than 32,000 local restaurants in more than 117 countries. All of these areas can be taken up as a different research as mentioned in recommendation for “Future Research” in section below. Some of the questions were asked to either change the topic of discussion or to ensure that interviewees do not deviate from research area and these questions were involved short and similar answers. However only 20% believe continuous learning to be an important factor with respect to organisational development. Because of all these factors the researcher used questionnaire. Mainly HRM (Human Resource Management) is all about managing people at work. Quantitative Analysis, as cited by Walliam (2005), is more similar to descriptive and secondary in nature. Companies are trying to adopt high level of training model to meet their skill needs and they are linking training to strategic initiatives. So, if any company has had the time and experience needed to formulate some pretty damn good practices for training, McDonalds is one such company. The competitive advantage of any firm comes from development of an organization’s human capital. In today fast food industry they need staff with multiple skills to deal with highly flexible nature of work so companies should focus on building a workforce that is competent, flexible, adoptable and highly professional. According to them Human Resource is a major management activity and Human resource development is a profession. That is why organization in discussion focusing a lot on training and development. So from this it is clear that most of the companies prefer learning as a team but they need to rely on individual as well to complete the learning process. The current cross-sectional research which was done in three restaurants Central London, UK. Researcher thinks that proper and up to date training as well as feed back from the customers and employees can help an organization to achieve their goals. The information will be in descriptive in nature and will be in words. The aim and objective of this project are as following: 1. The most important part of human resource management is Training and Development. document.write ("'><\/scr"+"ipt>"); They also suggested that planned and unplanned learning is very important to achieve the development process. Researcher himself feels that only two or three nationalities were dominant in all stores. Now this is a severe contrast to sex education classes that involve a theoretical rather than a practical application of learning. There are many sub topics like recruitment, selection, induction, employee retention, and training and development. Similarly according to Kevin (1999) believes that secondary data provide the researcher with a source that they can use to answer or at least begin to answer the research question. In survey the researcher only asked that weather they are aware of T&D process or not. Researcher is using both qualitative and quantitative techniques to analyse the data that was collected by means of survey, questionnaire, and semi structured interviews. It is because most of the employees want their own nationality people to be recruited. The responsibility of motivating staff at the restaurant level is given to the restaurant manager and the assistant manager who use promotion as a tool to achieve this. In hospitality and fast-food industry, the attrition rate is high and, despite this, the organization to ensure that it motivates its staff and also to keep on motivating them to put in a better performance. Everyone in a McDonalds has the opportunity to grow their career, and the basic experience-driven teaching that Knowledge management tools To write the finding and analysis in current research triangulation is used. Interviewees also suggested that appraisal gives them a chance to tell manager that what they are expecting from the organizations. What we want to look at is what we can learn from McDonalds employees training, and like them or love them, they’re quite good at training their staff! From the survey and interviews it was observed that cross-cultural training should be promoted. The researcher looked at the issue that human resource development organization design, learning, work place learning, job design, training and development and researcher is using training and development and using training to understand the influence of training and development in McDonald’s restaurant. What HRM practices are usually implemented in McDonald’s Charing Cross? View Full Essay. A manager should have an accurate idea about the amount and type of training that he wants his employees to be trained with. Education is regarded as surrounding knowledge, skills and attitudes (Bloom et al, 1956). And when they were asked about the fairness of the process the responses were very similar to the above question. The company uses different approaches at different levels in the organization. The current research will be the combination of these two strategies on the basis of the information which we collected from the education sources as mentioned in the next paragraph. Feed backs are very important for the quality of organisation as well it also tell that how customers think about the current organisation’s products. To find the findings of the research the researcher need to know about what has been written in same area. This should be noticed that in interview all the interviewees suggested that company believes in continuous improvement. The researcher select a sample based on the researchers continence and knowledge about people involved. When they were asked that they consider HRD to be important most of them said that HRD is very important in gaining competitive advantages of the organization. Organizations are becoming learning organizations and they are keeping them away from training individual employee. In general training and development helps to increase productivity of the employees, team spirit, organizational culture,  quality and health and safety. The Most important reason for choosing McDonald’s is that I myself am the Employee of McDonald’s. at the same time when in survey the same question was asked that if the organisation believe in cross cultural training or not so 50% of them suggested that organization does not believe in it and 20% of them said they are not sure on the other hand 30% disagreed. This will not be wrong if we say that it became an organizational need that employees should be well trained and so that they can handle the different situations. Oh yes, we’ve made no bones about the fact that we’re big fans of hands on learning as one of the most effective and practical ways to train someone in just about any job. As one of the world’s largest restaurant companies, we have the responsibility and opportunity to drive meaningful progress, and to do so by collaborating with millions of customers, employees, franchisees, suppliers and other partners. According to Peter Beresford (McDonald’s 2006) people in the organization are very important, and so is their continuous development. When the respondents were asked about the commitment of the organization towards being a learning organization, 80% said that McDonald’s is committed to learning and 20% said that McDonald’s is lacking in commitment in terms of being a learning organizations. They also said that in change process training is necessary. Other Career Development 6. As for as statement of purpose is concerned the topic which writer have chosen is of very much interest for me. (Turabian, 1987). History of McDonalds 2. When asked about preferences between individual and team based learning mostly all of them suggested that learning should be in team rather than individually. In most of the organization the focus has moved from piecemeal training activities to more systematic human resource development. Development 4. Every company wants its employees to work effectively with efficacy so that the company can be lead to success. Above all the data collection is very cheap and affordable to the researcher so that he cannot invest money and time which is mostly the case when structured interviews are employed for data collection. It is clearly seen in the findings that just 14 people who opted out the research and all the people participated to whom survey was distributed. This research paper tried to find training needs of the current organization and weather the management is paying attention on areas where they need training or not. Interviewees also said that the main focus is always on gaining the competitive advantages for the organization while employees are being trained. Research also looked that weather staff is well trained to perform better and have highly productivity. Other important things which most of the interviewees told that the recruitment of new employees shouldn’t be biased and people should be selected from all different nationalities. Normally secondary data are of the following types. In this research the deduction approach is being used. This age group contained 84% of the research sample and the least was between age group of 33-40 with 2% while the age group of 26-32 made up for the rest 14%. It is counter-productive to offer training to individuals who do not need it or to offer the wrong kind of training. Now a days health and safety is like back bone for any organization so the current organization focus a lot on health and safety because good Health and safety insures in decrease in absentees because of sick and work related accident. Strategic HRD is helping organizations to respond challenges and opportunities. In today business environment HRD is not only supporting the business strategies of organizations but it is also very useful in shaping of business strategy. Human resource management plays an important role in the success of a company. This aspect should be looked by the organization and researcher also mentioned this in recommendations for future research. McDonald’s brand mission is to “be our customer, favourite place and way to eat”. Being a world wide organization McDonald’s should take some serious step about cross cultural training especially in UK it is too much multicultural society. 7. For primary data the current research is looking to employ triangulation as suggested by Bell (2005) and Alvesson and Deetz (2000). The only sure and permanent way to stay ahead of the competition is to employ the most capable people and to ensure they are given every best opportunity to do their very best work,” (Camper, 2001).

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