hotel del luna ep 16 recap

November 3, 2020  •  

Chan-sung and Man-wol return to the hotel, where Seo-hee and Hyun-joong are impressed to learn that Bartender Kim wrote some of their culture’s most famous stories. After saying tearful goodbyes to everyone, he gets in the car and leaves. Individually, IU and Yeo Jin-goo did great in showcasing their characters despite limitations from the script and there is definitely chemistry between the actors onscreen although it was underutilized, but their chemistry off-screen is the one that amuses me the most. Sad but hopeful.

I dislike Yeo Jin-Goo generally, he squanders opportunities to shine as an actor. Kanal Aug 07 2019 4:44 am Yeah this makes sense . I hope he gets another drama with IU in the future they will make great chemistry too. Chan-sung stifles his sobs and watches until she disappears into the mist. This is such a good drama. Seen episode 9 preview and Man Weol really took her gift back but Chan Seong went to the Ma Gos and asked for help. and it can mean a lot of things in certain circumstances so del in Hotel del Luna can either mean Hotel "of the" Luna/Moon or Hotel "from the" Luna/Moon. Especially how CS can totally manipulate MW from a whole different era. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. There will be no more new guests, and the hotel will cease to exist. Chung Myung is merely a character to move the story forward, as sad his story may be (but whose wasn't). (Just to insert) When will be the season 2 of Scarlet Heart Ryeo? Even after they get together, I think they focuses too much on man weol that make the chemistry kinda sizzle down. Jang Man-wol as IU PLEASE GAVE THIS TWO A CHANCE TO HAVE A ANOTHER DRAMA BEACUSE THIS TWO HAD A GREAT CHEMISTRY THAT'S WHY PEOPKE LOVE THEM SO MUCH AND SHIP THEM TSO MUCH. Each new discovery sparks more questions and if he’s not careful, Chan-sung may discover more than he’d bargained for.

It was really overwhelming. Or maybe she thaws because of global warming and not just Chan-sung? Awww, he even lets the inexperienced author take the credit, fulfilling his last wish. IUjang~~ Aug 10 2019 12:49 pm thanks to those who indulged my weirdness. definitely gonna rewatch this again, it was so good and every episode was interesting. But I've come to know that one has to suspend their disbelief in watching them! Nyx Aug 03 2019 1:28 pm Fairytea Aug 09 2019 10:53 pm i cant wait to see the ending. TT_TT. Im finding this drama interesting, and i actually like it, looking forward for the next episodes ^_^. Fighting! It's very sad, there could be 20 episodes.

Keep it up. I miss man weol and chan seong it's exciting but sad bc i dont want this show to end :(. Perhaps she ain’t talking about the next life (since Yeong-soo and Mi-ra wasn’t fated to meet each other until Mago’s interference), but talking about the fateful encounter down the life of Chan-Sung. Some people may don't like the fact that they have already kissed in the ep.4, but I prefer it to be that way. I like to think of that future glimpse as chansung's imagination and hope for the next life. Hyun-joong runs into Yoo-na outside his sister’s hospital room and asks her why she doesn’t come to the hotel anymore, and she says there’s no point since it will be gone soon. with kang ha neul or siwan please!!!!

She says there’s one more thing Chan-sung needs to eat for her, and gives him the medicine from Mago that will take away his ability to see ghosts. Saying all the final goodbyes in this lifetime with the hopes of meeting each other again in their future lifetimes. He was gifted this ability to see the past and I believe he still has this gift and can now see the future. They have chemistry and I like them a lot!? The moment I almost forgot Kim So-hyun was gonna cameo was moment he appeared. Man Weol may return to Cheong Myung, he is her first love and once she realises why he did what he did and how he has been with her for the last 1000 years. Their bitter-sweet relationships were wrapped beautifully till the end. I would just hope there is happy ending for CS and MW. That's all. Hotel Del Luna was certainly a great watch with the perfect blend of humor, drama and romance. I really loved it and even cried with it... Waiz Aug 31 2019 1:27 pm And as promised in the past life, Yeo Jin-goo is now dating IU in present life. Will man weol choose cheong myung over ku chang seong? I'm sure he'll have a successful career, good friends, and that he'll find other kinds of meaning in his existence (likely helping people because he enjoys it and he is very good at it). Well, there were no signs hinting that Kim Seon-bi, Choi Seo-hee and Ji Hyun-joong knows one another. Im so proud of yjg, imagine a kdrama with iu. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s most famous saying is that “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of a little mind”. I was fall really hard with their loveteam!I thought and i feel that he really love her?but i don't why he did that? First of all letme praise it first. If not dont. I just skip most of tge scenes just to finish the drama. It's another bloody night tonight." Beggar Mago claimed that she never met the past owner (Kim Soo-hyun) as he was only there for a brief moment of time before reincarnated again, but Dark Mago stepped into the conversation. However, this is where i felt it started to felt draggy a little bit. My heart just feels so sad for Chansung that I don't think I'll be able to watch last episode anytime soon. YJG didn't do anything for me. Best of 2019. Chan-sung draws the symbol that means her name in her palm, the same way she did when they were children, and tells her it’s pretty.

And I agree with the long drawn out scenes, the previous episodes could be shortened to an hour if every episode didn't drag.
Also, I hope they are focusing more on the ghost part rather than Man Wol past. Also that Kim Soo-hyun cameo! Waaaahhhh they are so perfect for each other, I'm waiting for the 13,14,15 and 16 episodeeee ??? It only makes sense for her to leave after her punishment. I'm not very fond of the male lead but unfortunately I can't replace him. MarkSays Nov 11 2019 11:22 pm Then they could have written Man-wol to be a little more ice-princess-y at the beginning and tossed in a lot of metaphorical thawing later on. Respect you characters.

Yes, it has some flaws, but it is acceptable to me, only because of the effort the team had put in. Hotel del Luna: Episode 6 by LollyPip This episode shows us more about our heroine and her hotelier’s pasts, which goes a long way towards explaining why they behave the way they do to each other. IU's fancafe: It’s all a matter of honesty to the person you are with. It's too sad because i can relate. Besides, HDL delivered a satisfying end and it's rare for Kdramas to have second seasons and they're typically not good (Err... dream high). He says she’s early, and she tells him she hurried so he wouldn’t have to wait. Thanks dramabeans and thanks @lollypip for the lovely recaps. I made the mistake of watching this at about 2am (when the subs were released in my country) and then sniffling alone in a dark kitchen, wishing I had the foresight to stock up on cheesecake or Soju. Sera Aug 01 2019 6:58 pm . It was fun to see him again on my screen and I can't wait to see him in a new project (preferably with IU, please)! It is like we know we’re going go someday, so we’re living our life, every bitter sweet moment. @Bean: thanks for the info...tbh honest I'm really excited to watch this drama. everyone complaining about the lack of chemistry ? IU is doing great and I really like her outfits. Like, I couldn't careless who was Man Weol gonna choose between Chung Myung and Chan Seong. YJG was great in this role. May we all walk down the bridge to the afterlife with enough memories to make us smile THAT way. I did like Yoo-Na and Hyun-Joong couple and I was also interested in the storyline of Choeng-Myung. This drama doesn't look like it will do much to elevate the Hong sisters' status anyway. What i really like about this drama is the end when kim soo yoon appeared. Chan-sung was always the gentle soul who asked for flowers for his birthday as a child, and was content just to be by Man-wol’s side without asking anything of her. Its that easy. Eventually winter comes, and Christmastime. But that's it. So captivating.. amazing drama. Man-wol changed the most, but she was bossy and short-tempered even to the end. Ella Jul 27 2019 10:46 am When she finally arrives, it’s with a bouquet of Mago’s special flowers. It would explain why the Ma-go’s carefully limited the choices which Man-wol and Chan-sung could make- and made Chan-sung pay such a high price. when will the blue moon hotel be aired too? I can't imagine how much they contributed either by words or actions to all of the episodes. Different perspectives sometimes give you a new appreciation for a show you already love. This entry is part 16 of 16 in the post series Hotel del Luna Recap 1300 years ago, Goddess Mago (SEO YI-SOOK) and Reaper (KANG HONG-SUK) watch a family of three dying in a forest. He turns and finally reveals his face — it’s Kim Soo-hyun! Seo-hee (BAE HAE-SUN) can’t seem to find Sun-bi anywhere. They were recently on a boat cruise. Premiere Watch: Watcher, Level Up, Hotel del Luna, A possibly undead owner and a scaredy-cat hotelier in Hotel del Luna, IU targets Yeo Jin-gu in new teaser for Hotel del Luna, Spooking the guest-ghosts away in tvN’s Hotel del Luna, IU, Yeo Jin-gu take care of spooky guests in Hotel del Luna, IU, Yeo Jin-gu confirm lead roles in Hong sisters fantasy drama, IU eyes a new Hong sister project for her comeback,,, When chan song said "it's going to be a little hard.... if i can't see it but i want to."

Chang-sung and Man-wol’s love was the most heartbreaking to watch, especially when he watched her walk away from him into the afterlife. Bartender Kim gives up, and when he runs into Chan-sung and Man-wol, he tells them he’s too humiliated to go back to the hotel.

I also know Kim Soo-hyun's cameo is also for the buzz but I didn't hate it. I like it like that. I hate the ending!! The only character that I couldn’t really find myself to like is Ji Hyun Joong, most likely because of his weird facial expressions that usually would look out of place. So i'm guessing that the punishment that the Deity was talking about is Koo Chan Sung being the new owner of Hotel Del luna. The price for Chan-sung to pay for all he had done? I'd just say that their dramas are not usually the kind that are my favorites.
The character has depth and so much to explore. At first, I originally roll my eyes over the plot, hotel for ghost? ep 3 got high rating cause uri lee joon gi!! This drama is very good! Still can't get over with the ending I love it, such a masterpiece. Konfliknya simple tapi bikin kita penasaran," kata Busma Yuldestri ini. the lead actors are good but i ship manwol-chungmyung couple than manwol-chansung. Gazelle Dmyl Jul 20 2019 5:38 am I love hotel deluna so much and I can't wait to see what will happen at the end.end . Our perfect, selfless, “weak” human deserves better. The cinematography are pretty great, theal are great, costumes are great too. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page The only time i cried was watching Kim Woo Jin's accident and in the scene where his clone being accepted by the twin brother in the drama circle.

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