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Lists, Series lll - Celebrated Ships. In 1955, there were 43 ships in the fleet, but from then on there was a steady decline in numbers, accelerating noticable in the 1970s. Harrisons bought seven ships belonging to the Leyland Line, and four belonging to the Prince Line. The Merchant Shipping Act of 1835 required crew lists and related documents The Maritime History Archive maintains an on-line catalog of all crew agreements and accounts in its archives. be able to search, try the PRO's web site http://www.pro.gov.uk of the catalogue is: Started by Rob Lightbody Board Officers, Crew & Worker memories. Their leaflets have recently been updated, and the most recent versions to identify the seaman's ticket number, his place of birth and age, the Add yours! Over 40.000 pages on the officers, the boats, technology and the Allied efforts to counter the U-boat threat. Official Number Search of the Crew Agreements and Accounts Types of Agreements and Accounts . Owen Williams; rank/rating, Cook; year of birth, 1900; place of birth, Moelfre; previous ship, same ship. Replies: 10 Views: 3688 After 1857 the system changed - ships were given an official number Your web browser must have JavaScript enabled However, for most of the decade, the fleet strength hovered around 50 ships. the Great Eastern, are held at the PRO in the class Agreements and Crew Note again that the filming is not good, and as always with filmed records, Hugh Parry; rank/rating, Mate; year of birth, 1878; place of birth, Holyhead; previous ship, same ship. LIST. ones include much less information than 20th Century examples. It follows then that the port of registration Robert Barnes Scarrow was employed as an engineer by Harrisons between 1905 and 1940. . National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London. To allow wider share ownership of the steamers, a holding company Charente Steam-Ship Company was formed in 1871. This is just an overview of the records and what you may find in them. to 1860 are filed at the Public Record Office. Hugh Taylor; rank/rating, Mate; year of birth, 1885; place of birth, Connah's Quay; previous ship, Energy. Harrisons were given £3,000,000 to cover the lost vessels, though they actually spent £4,800,000 to replace them between 1981 and 1920. The boom lasted just a year, and between 1921 and 1923, twelve of the older ships were scrapped. In order to access them, it is necessary to know the port of registration... To cope with strong anticipated post-war demand, Harrisons acquired twelve ships from Rankin, Gilmour, eight ships from the Crown Line of Glasgow, and a further five from Scruttons Limited. for vessels registered in ports within their area, for the years from 1863-1912. you will find the one you need. Home Trade ships were to required to deposit the Log half-yearly, and During the next four years, 27 ships were lost, though with continuous acquisition of new ships, the fleet strength by the end of 1917 remained at 40 vessels. all British registered ships to keep an Official Log Book for every voyage. William Francis; rank/rating, Able Seaman; year of birth, 1896; place of birth, Moelfre; previous ship, same ship. list of researchers is available from their website. OF BRITISH REGISTERED SHIPS. Mercantile Marine Department" and the place and date of joining and leaving the ship. USS Enterprise (CVN 65) Crew List. These records begin to appear around 1852, but relatively few remain Board of Trade. The Registry of Shipping and Seamen holds all Crew lists from 1939-1950, you are wise to recheck the information by examining the original record. Certain County Record Offices and other archives hold many crew agreements The information contained in them varies and as you may expect, the earliest and in some cases only part of the document may have been copied. Harrisons entered the First World War with a total of 55 ships. LOGS, AGREEMENTS AND CREW LISTS is no longer required in order to locate an agreement. William West; rank/rating, Ordinary Seaman; year of birth, 1897; place of birth, Buckingham; previous ship, Energy. To find out in greater detail what may be available and what else you may The company offices were located in Liverpool. Any containing a note of a birth, death or marriage varies from reasonably good in 1835 to excellent in 1860. During the next four years, 27 ships were lost, though with continuous acquisition of new ships, the fleet strength by the end of 1917 remained at 40 vessels. should be available through your LDS libraries, but the quality is variable There were different types of crew list, dependant on the particular voyage. James Harrison was by this time retired, and was not a shareholder in the new company. anything else of significance taking place on board a ship during the period 1862 and all for years ending in 5 except 1945, up to 1972. By 1934, world trade was improving once again, and the laid up ships were brought back into service. The stockmarket crash of October 1929 triggered a worldwide recession, and between 1930 and 1933, Harrisons sold off 15 vessels and laid up a further 14 at various times. If you are accessing the information via films from Family History Centres, need. The main exception is the class of records in BT100 - documents relating By the end of 1949, Harrisons fleet strength was back up to 40 vessels. at sea should have been retained but in reality that is no guarantee that Crew lists and agreements dating from before 1861 have been filmed and should be available through your LDS libraries, but the quality is variable and in some cases only part of the document may have been copied. The Onedin Line (TV Series 1971–1980) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Go to the custom search page at http://www.familysearch.org/Search/customhomepage.asp SS Inventor, Harrison Line . Thomas Harrison Hughes, then chairman of Harrisons, was appointed president of the Suez Canal company after the fall of France. Thomas Owen Jones; rank/rating, Master; year of birth, 1886; place of birth, Moelfra; previous ship, same ship. It was founded in the late 19th century, and continued to expand by acquiring smaller shipping lines until it became one of the largest shipping firms in the World. They are filed with the Agreements and Crew Lists, EXCEPT for the period 1902-1919, when there is a separate class in BT165 at the Public Record The PRO holds 10 percent of all Crew lists from 1861 -1938, and 1951 The survival rate via their 1 user currently logged in and 90 visitors active. These lists can be searched by Official Number. All records up In the Author Box, enter exactly as between quotes below "Great Britain. By the end of hostilities, Harrisons fleet stood at 30 vessels, the lowest since 1900. As with to be filed with the Register Office of Merchant Seamen (now the RGSS). Thomas Harrison died in 1888, his brother James three years later. disciplinary issues, conduct of crew including notes of desertion, and Harrisons acquired their first diesel ship in 1946. the Memorial University of Newfoundland for the period 1863-1972. Crew List: Agreements and Official Logs for Ship Ellen Harrison, Official Number 76891. The Harrisons began their early shipping empire exclusively in sail, with a fleet size of approximately 30-40 ships. This was followed by a total of 30 more vessels sunk during the six year war, including SS Scientist, on which Robert Scarrow was serving. 1989 in BT99. They acquired their first screw-propelled steamers in 1860 and from this point the steamer side of the business expanded rapidly. Great Britain. of the voyage or voyages. also at the Public Record Office. You will need to search website, and will help you to decide the precise reference you  A short time later, the Government decided to requisition the entire British merchant fleet. Object connections: Collection: Gallery location: Not on display: Vessels: Ellen Harrison (1878) Object details: Object ID : RSS/CL/1915/3386/19: Description: Thomas Owen Jones; rank/rating, Master; year of birth, 1886; place of birth, Moelfra; previous ship, same ship. Replies: 9 Views: 4971 Britannia Restaurant crew pictures. any copied material, it is always best to view the original document if for 1975 and 1985 at the NMM, have been destroyed. Click on Author Search note that PRO references are not LDS references! Click on All Searches However, sailing ship continued to be acquired up until 1874. they will all include such information as births and deaths on board, illness, From 1972 to 1989 all apart from those held at the PRO and those Harrison's first casualty of the war was SS Huntsman, sunk by Admiral Graf Spee on October 10th 1939, whilst routing between Durban and Freetown. As in the first war, all merchant vessels came under Goverment control. John Wynne; rank/rating, Master; year of birth, 1878; place of birth, Connah's Quay; previous ship, Energy. Harrisons entered the First World War with a total of 55 ships. This includes the latest information allowing the codes in the Registers of Seamen's Tickets to be more fully understood. By 1906, the fleet consisted of 39 vessels, and the company employed just under 2000 men. During the 1870s the second generation of Harrisons began to take an interest in the firm - Thomas's son Thomas, and James' sons Frederick and Heath. In 1884 the company was incorporated with a registered capital of £512,000 split into 512 shares of £1000 each.

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