granite spotted python

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It has an irregular, blotched color pattern throughout its life. [9][10] Found in most types of habitats, but prefers rocky hillsides and outcrops with crevices and caves. Australian Reptile Keeper Publications. Being the largest members of this genus, captive specimens will usually accept mice and other small rodents.

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The spotted python is oviparous, with females laying up to 15 eggs in a clutch. The type locality given is "Rockhampton, Port Mackay, Port Bowen [= Port Clinton]" [Queensland, Australia]. We acquired a pair of VPI lineage granites as well as an older granite … The skin has a beautiful irridescence combining into a very beautiful dwarf python. [11] The Papua specimen was found behind discarded corrugated tin sheets beside a disused airstrip in Eucalypt savanna-woodland habitat dotted with numerous termite mounds.

One of its favorite foods are the insectivorous bats that it catches at the entrance of their caves.

Campbell & T.Touré 1999. [1] Antaresia maculosa has also been recorded from the southern Trans-Fly region of Papua New Guinea, at Weam in Western Province[8] and there are concerns it may be being exploited for the pet trade across the border in Indonesian West New Guinea. Found in Australia from the extreme north of the Cape York Peninsula, south through eastern Queensland to northern New South Wales. Fyfe G, Green D. 2003. No subspecies are currently recognized.[2][3]. The spotted python, eastern small-blotched python, or eastern children's python (Antaresia maculosa) is a python species found in northern Australia and New Guinea.

L.A. Smith (1985) restricted the type locality to "Port Mackay" (Mackay, Queensland, in 21° 09'S, 149° 11'E) by lectotype designation. Also on many islands off the coast of Queensland. Wilhelm Peters described the spotted python in 1873. The blotches have ragged edges because the dark pigmentation occurs only on complete scales.[6][7]. The granite is a reduced patterned morph of the spotted python. [2] It is a popular pet among Australian reptile enthusiasts due to its small size and even temperament.

The body is a lighter color speckled with brown and black spots. Keeping Children's Pythons. [2] but this taxon is not considered valid by other herpetologists. [12], Spotted Pythons are often mistaken for the Children's python.

McDiarmid, R.W., J.A. A new subspecies, A. m. brentonoloughlini was described by Hoser (2003). Juvenile Spotted Pythons will usually feed on young lizards, mammals and the occasional amphibian. "Annotated checklist of the recent and extinct pythons (Serpentes, Pythonidae), with notes on nomenclature, taxonomy, and distribution", "Best Practices: In the 21st Century, Taxonomic Decisions in Herpetology are Acceptable Only When Supported by a Body of Evidence and Published via Peer-Review", "NOTES ON ANTARESIA MACULOSA (SPOTTED PYTHON)", "Spotted Python (Antaresia maculosa) | ReptileTalk NET", "Spotted Python Care Sheet - Antaresia Pythons",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [2][4][5] No subspecies of Antaresia maculosa are currently recognised. No subspecies are currently recognized. It is a popular pet among Australian reptile enthusiasts due to its small size and even temperament.

The spotted python, eastern small-blotched python, or eastern children's python (Antaresia maculosa) is a python species found in northern Australia and New Guinea. Adults average about 100–140 centimetres (39–55 in) in length.

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