Invalidates Caches / Restart? There is one piece of "magic" in the way modules resolve. For now I am unblocked. btw not sure if it's relevant, I've deleted the ~/go/pkg/sumdb directory like 2 weeks ago (was trying to replicate an error to my friend), and I think the directory is recreated by go again. Thanks Daniil. Do you have the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of GoLand and see if the problem persists? import "os" func CreateDirIfNotExist (dir string) {if _, err:= os. Pull requests let you tell others about changes you've pushed to a branch in a repository on GitHub Enterprise. Do you have the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of GoLand and see if the problem persists?

Did I understand you correctly that the same situation is observed with incorrect imports? Yeah I have been having a lot of issues resolving public repos and/or private repos. I also advise you to see if the path to the folder exists precisely: /Users/chris/go/pkg/mod/, the go-mod-core-contracts@v0.1.58 did exist in my machine, below is it and the go.mod content.

Please see screenshot. Inscrivez-vous sur GitHub My question is: How can I disable that warning? Goland autoformat not properly handling ... Share to Playground should copy the URL to clipboard, Add "Go fmt" option to Preferences for New Projects, Exception related to localized file type name in Go Template plugin, Custom "Default project directory" doesn't work in "New Project" window, Typo in 'Struct field has tag' inspection message, Move up/down doesn't work on function arguments, Change Signature does not apply correctly new parameters. If this has not changed anything, please send your project or its example (also attach the go.mod file) so that I can reproduce the situation. Hi, to update GoLand in your case, you need to open the Toolbox application, find the IDE there, and click "Update". If so, can you attach another screenshot with the External Libraries folder open (just below main.go in your case)? GitHub est une plateforme de développement inspirée par votre manière de travailler.

It was just my luck that the first repo I tried to clone contained such long file names. I suspect that this problem will affect .NET projects more than most because of the long names used in some of the files. MkdirAll (dir, 0755) if err!= nil {panic (err)}}} os.MkdirAll is similar to mkdir -p in shell command, which also creates parent directory if not exists. I am seeing a similar issue (have been for a while) and so I am going to start by adding to this ticket.I have tried with GOPROXY set to "direct", "artifactory-proxy-for-public-and-company-repos", "artifactory-proxy-for-public-and-company-repos,direct", "off', ""I am using go 1.14 but I also have go 1.13. Cannot resolve directory 'images' 3. Thanks for the screenshots. As an example one of my paths is:echo "\"Zwingend\n";That gives me 3 warnings:1.

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Avatar. Created May 25, 2020 18:06. save hide report. Cannot resolve directory 'images'3. Within a few days I may try to point it to our public facing proxy and see if it breaks. To do that, go to Preferences (Settings) > Go > Go Modules (vgo).

What options appear when you hover over an import and press Option (Alt) + Enter? In every file with images I have 10 or twenty plases with warnings...I tried (like described in other posts) to declare the 'images' directory as a 'resource root' in the settings but that does not work, the warnings still are here.Now I just want to disable this test so I don't have the whole page full of warnings.Thanks a lot or your help an have a nice day! Hi,I checked the forum and there is a similar situation with a user who uses the text! Can not resolve directory for external package when vendor directory used: Go Editing: Feature : GO-9694: Add ability to quickly filter references in comments from usages: Go Formatter: Bug: GO-9863: Goland autoformat not properly handling ... Go General: Feature: GO-9777: Share to Playground should copy the URL to clipboard: Feature: GO-9821: Add "Go fmt" option to Preferences … But at this time I have a default GOPROXY. Cannot resolve file 'red.gif\' Please also see the attached image. plugin.

so I just re-clone the repository and everything back normal again... for your last question, I'm pretty sure though there's no option to like sync dependencies or sort import (or at least it did not auto suggest these options). I tried tinkering with more env variables like GOSUMDB and GONOSUMDB. Edit on Github. Trying to Synchronize the project also says "Successful" but nothing changes on the symbol resolution. Can you tell me which version of GoLand you are using (GoLand > About GoLand)? IDEs Support (IntelliJ Platform) | JetBrains. NodeJS debugging: run to cursor just resumes execution without stopping, Support WeakRefs and FinalizationRegistry, putting parentheses inside jsx breaks syntax, Prettier "On code reformat" breaks live templates expanding, template with angular ng-options reports errors for valid syntax for (angular 1.6.X), Expression marked as "can be simplified" has its semantics changed by simplification, StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on analyzing Handlebars template, ESlint: Timeout on starting language service process, Sass attribute selectors give fatal code errors when combined with placeholders, SASS plugin doesn't recognize min(), max(), or clamp(), Multiline-style comment in a Vue Single File Component in the