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(6) starts its rotation, stop (31) pushes over-center lock (30) farther out of the way causing it to continue to rotate counterclockwise about pivot (36). 6. This invention relates to aircraft and to roadable aircraft, a type of aircraft that can be converted into an automotive type vehicle capable of driving on the road, sometimes popularly referred to as a “flying car” or “flying-driving vehicle”. Once positive wing lifting forces have returned, hinge link no. �k�D�3!�R.�����F0�Q2�+V�L��1�Q�c�N�B��+d�L��Qry~��B�dB����`6DDD��,���x�:���#��/���ߖ�g�s6�fa�sƱ�� See Veile (U.S. Pat. n�s�_x��Yt`�&:!�*}/��0Qꖔ�H���~�~�7�+ ����s$;r�XW�@WM|��P�vo ���Rp��/1h� {f�l?qG�b�-�W��F�A/6!^䬇�� This invention represents an improved method for accomplishing this. 0000001275 00000 n

4 (8) and then hinge link no.

No. 3 (14). Aircraft body (24) from which said wing will fold is mounted rigidly to hinge link no. 6,076,766) as it provides a more durable and cost-effective method of fairing the surface of the structure. 2 (6) will return to over-top-dead-center. In the event of negative wing lifting forces, for example those that might be generated during turbulence or acrobatic maneuvers, hinge link no.4 (8) and hinge link no. Sitemap Upper hinge pin no. 2,424,068), Spitzer (U.S. Pat.

Combined flying/driving vehicle with vertical takeoff and fixed-wing cruise capabilities, Roadable aircraft with folding wings and integrated bumpers and lighting, Specific Control Connection Or Actuator (244/99.2). 2, when inner wing (50) is in the extended position in relation to aircraft body (24), front cover panel (25) and rear cover panel (27) create a flush seal to aircraft body (24) and serve to cover the area with the wing folding mechanism, and the area cut out of aircraft body (24) where inner wing (50) will nest when it is in the folded position. 3 (7) which pulls upper hinge pin no.3 (14) which causes hinge link no. 0000035285 00000 n Also, instead of adding an additional third rigid component to fair the wing surface only in the deployed configuration, this invention simplifies the fairing by using two panels connected to the fuselage and inboard wing section. 2 (6) tend to push (6) upwards. The invention described here improves upon many of the detailed elements of the prior art as well as the basic configuration of the stowed wings.

1 (5), (6) is not able to rotate counter clockwise further and the wing is prevented from folding back into the retracted position as a result of positive wing lifting forces. �VW������0�W��q��X��)��WI��j�,[�;�%�C��ߢR�%@b�T@?��J��tZ����=�C�Wp��̏u� �p��E�����Q��/�oq��l��I5���N֥�Bo �s� This is an improvement over inventions such as that described by Pham (U.S. Pat. 5,984,228), and Bragg (U.S. Pat. Also there is a secondary locking mechanism preventing the linkage from folding, and the actuator is non-backdrivable. In the preferred embodiment inner wing (50) is attached rigidly to hinge link no.

�P-G\永�*ˬ���b>�bBO�Q�M���6Mw1*j-�!O�5��رaO̷�ޣӉ %PDF-1.3 %���� The bi-fold invention described here has many of the same advantages over the single fold wing designs common in naval military aircraft, such as the invention of Naumann (U.S. Pat. Mid cover panel (26) is rigidly affixed to hinge link no. Over-center lock (30) can rotate about pivot (36), and stop (31) is a fixed stop rigidly attached to hinge link no. 0000003533 00000 n �q�N���}���M������8Y�~���N�bg�X{k��K�ڡ"t�}���]������6����zk�����5���F��c�ёQJfv�f����&�"K\b�K-q�%.g��cCe���x�lw�U��*B���y��l�@�g6��e 1 (5) and lower hinge base (9). One of the challenges of developing a practical roadable aircraft is how to safely and securely stow the wings while operating in the road environment. 0000006914 00000 n a[�_ yxΊ Manual operation of the wing folding and unfolding process has proven to be commercially undesirable. Hinge link no. The mechanism of claim 1, wherein the second linkage and the third linkage are adapted to cause the first wing section to fold when the second linkage and the third linkage are moved in an upward direction. 2 (6) is attached to hinge link no. 4 (8) with another hinge pin, upper hinge pin no. Communication Preferences The innovative wing folding mechanism (STO-Wing), developed by Leroy Grumman in early 1941 and first applied to the XF4F-4 Wildcat, manufactured by the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, is designated an ASME Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark. Hinge link no. �!e���r�@Zt�����f�Υ�%�$}�n?_P�b�����x����^���+P�E����#5���3�YE�c}D�:�h4���{H�$In�J�-�(�Rݬ]�F-l&�gE�4]�F��A���S{�i���%V Ҝ��Ђ� �b��~��3��f=v}}�ja� Φ�0�Iu`-�B�6^�1H�a���u�N���:�9�O�bNV'��ڬ���|��k�� &�9�!��y����5;4�^��K5�R�LL �TI���ȩ8z�J|7��y��d�5�� 1 (12). Improvements to the hinge of a folding aircraft wing including a load bearing hinge mechanism with multiple locking mechanisms. :xݔ ��V��v�(��I����AP�ja�Ι�\� No. 1.

2 (6), specifically the end of (6) containing upper hinge pin no. Actuator (33) is non-back drivable, and will resist this motion. No. Thansgiving Day, 27 November 1952, Korea. The panel fairing technique presented here is an improvement for roadable applications over the elastomeric fairing proposed by Gruensfelder (U.S. Pat. 6,086,014), among others. �P9�7���5۱߃�b�\�F�u�,�AT�rˢ��� lS��y��F�8L�6@��� �p�����6�l#��@?06��g�|6�e���.S��}l���R�6��'���`� $��#��|C��(Glч��y�����+���"�꓍����:�.S���eh3��D?�˟��zm��4��q�}�԰�Tai{S�|-���U'=wg��Ѥ ;4�l��9�+_��>��&�6��8C�'ś(�����9=iY=��!! The opposite end of hinge link no. For example: the span of the wing can be longer for a given stowed wing size, and the folding mechanism can be made easily protected from the elements. 3 (7). FIG.
Sales Policy 2 (6) is allowed to rotate with respect to hinge link no 1 (5) using upper hinge pin no. Once inner wing (50) is extended, hinge link no. Once hinge link no. 6,129,306) in which a pin is inserted for flight and a bungee cord is required to secure the wings when stowed. First functional wing-folding mechanism, enabling aircraft to take up less space on ships The Wildcat's innovative "Sto-Wing" mechanism developed on the XF4F-4 prototype by Leroy (Roy) Grumman (1895-1982), a founder of Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, was crucial to the U. S. Navy's success during World War II. This results in a more compact design which requires less volume to actuate and that offers superior protection to the hinge in the root of the wing as it is not exposed to the ground. Authorized Resellers and Electronic Version Licensees, ISO Committees & Technical Advisory Groups. 0000005982 00000 n 0000002544 00000 n 2 (6). 0000000767 00000 n

H�\�OO�0���>�j��ߤ�l �0@lp�Rw���U�����$8�z��I�g���j�ڑ���-�Դ��. All rights reserved. The complicated nature of this combined style necessitates either manual operation or a heavier and more complicated actuation system than is put forth in this invention.

The mechanism of claim 5, wherein the second linkage comprises a mechanical stop adapted to contact the lock. When the US Navy desperately needed its aircraft to take up less space on ships, Grumman's engineers designed a safe and reliable wing-folding mechanism. The wing locks described in this invention are an improvement over prior art in that they are both safer and more convenient than previous roadable aircraft locking mechanisms while being simpler and lighter weight than military wing locking devices. Terms of Use

4. 0000005844 00000 n n�ot8Qz���*����h�EIV���>|J��:~J���X@��������uEaԲ����� �?�`������8�0���ɛUuխgکꋚ�}Y{�vI֠Aν�OD��܆*17�e�Jw��-��&�O���.���L�6�U���5\9:C!��~�Z2�>C�~��DRڔ'�Vw�,8����I���ܱ Ҵ �S��F]�ֱ���uv�A/�?�^Z�p����ש�%�b YX?� ��=��x��wY����'�.����"a�оA�v(�D5@�Iӡ���"�������֩Q��jgQ�����4�slT;;[21�g"A�+����^K~� This is an improvement on other mechanisms because the vehicle is left with clean lines and a sealed hinge mechanism in both the retracted and deployed positions. A folding wing is a wing configuration design feature of aircraft to save space, and is typical of carrier-based aircraft that operate from the limited deck space of aircraft carriers. 3 (13) pulls hinge link no. 5. 4 (8) to rotate counterclockwise about lower hinge pin (11) which rotates the wing counterclockwise into the retracted position. 6,082,665) for an example of each.
Privacy and Security Statement Osborne patented a high-wing monoplane with folding wings, but never produced this design. trailer << /Size 88 /Info 63 0 R /Root 68 0 R /Prev 474811 /ID[<649b636570b1bb6e1dba9b226e175788><649b636570b1bb6e1dba9b226e175788>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 68 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 62 0 R /FICL:Enfocus 64 0 R >> endobj 86 0 obj << /S 255 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 87 0 R >> stream 2 (6), and actuator pivot (32) has a pivoting connection to actuator (33).

4 (8) and lower hinge wing side (10). The mechanism of claim 7 further comprising means to displace the lock from the mechanical stop. �__��ɤ1�+D�8͝

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