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But they are easy to get.

Ham bands overview    

Abbreviate it if too long. Just take a few notes. * is a dit and – is a dah. Write a “cheat sheet”, which has the SOTA summit reference, summit name, and any other relevant info such as National park name, WWFF reference etc, to avoid the mental blank or help answer a non SOTA station who calls expecting a chat. Forgot your password, or don't have one yet? From past experience asking a nervous CW station to send their call or report again usually ends in silence. Usually sent as R R, BK – Break or in this context back to you. . You’ll also find the exchange goes a lot further afield than just name-QTH-RST-rig-WX.

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Callsigns     Voice modes    

For a basic bare bones SOTA QSO it isn’t necessary because you won’t start until the other station has gone into receiving mode.

One of the major features about … © 2020 | Eastern & Mountain District Radio Club - Inc.

Although there is less of a format to this style of CW QSO, the procedures in terms of giving callsigns and the use of the procedural characters is maintained so that the other station knows exactly what is happening and transmission is passed over in an orderly fashion. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment. This is the Morse Code Table Cheat Sheet.

For everything from distribution to test equipment, components and more, our directory covers it. Morse code table / chart     Technically, if a VK3 operator is portable in VK2 they should sign as /2. Old friends may choose to use Morse as their preferred mode of operation. . Focus on Test from Rohde & Schwarz offers a huge number of informative PDFs, white-papers, webinars videos and general information on many test topics. Victoria 3132 Very broadly speaking many CW QSOs can be categorised into some broad group: One of the major features about Morse contacts is the widespread use of abbreviations. Example SOTA CW QSO Template *fake callings and summit!! Morse code keys & keyers     I needed an alternative method to generate better morse from the main shack computer.

If the chaser sends TU 73 etc the activator may send a final final, pause and then call briefly in anticipation of a pile up. I adapted it with my callsign, name etc.

If people want to make CW contacts during an activation and if time and timing permits why not do CW before UTC midnight and voice after. Learn more.

Practice tuning into CW transmissions.

Our site uses cookies so that we can remember you and understand how you and other visitors use our site, to improve your browsing experience and help us improve our site. The underlining signifies no letter spacing between characters. The minimum you must send is a “K’ that is -*-, More experienced CW ops will often send “BK” which can be thought of a “Back to you” The handbooks recommend sending AR K, *-*-* -*-. Codes & abbreviations    

Digital data modes     Some sources are: VK CW nets 40 metres on Sunday morning are good. Knowing the call sign of a station is worth 3 to 6db. Know your name in CW. Send at 10 wpm and he will send at 10 wpm. If people want to make CW contacts during an activation and if time and timing permits why not do CW before UTC midnight and voice after.

A CW QSO can be scary the first few times.

Setting up a shack & buying equipment    

NOTE: each operator will have a slightly different approach but this is a good way to start. This is actually the beginning of learning CW by whole words (by sound) rather than each individual character.

That way the CW chasers are rewarded for their efforts.


Contests are good. When you buy a rig or just check there sites.. Or where you buy your radio will enclose one if you ask. FB  – Fine Business – often used as a bit of padding whilst preparing something further to send. When it comes to using something like Morse Code (CW), some of us enjoy it, but from an emergency communications perspective, it’s an extremely efficient way to pass information without a lot of power or gear. Ordinary pile-up contacts would omit these contest exchanges.

Eastern & Mountain District Radio Club Inc. Write a “cheat sheet”, which has the SOTA summit reference, summit name, and any other relevant info such as National park name, WWFF reference etc, to avoid the mental blank or help answer a non SOTA station who calls expecting a chat.

Although strictly speaking the summit should be sent as VK3 DN VC BT 123 it will usually be sent as VK3 BT VC 123.

Operating via differnet propagation modes     More often than not, the same report will be used by both stations in the qso. Listening to these chats can also provide some good CW practice and help get speeds up.

QRU = QSL VIA BURO = 73 ES HPE CUAGN SN AR G3QAB DE G3YWX KN, G3YWX DE G3QAB R R QRU ALSO = QSL FB VIA BURO = SO TNX FER QSO 73 ES BCNU AR G3YWX DE G3QAB VA, G3QAB DE G3YWX FM 73 ES BCNU AR G3QAB DE G3YWX VA, Note: '=' sign used as a full stop or break. A Chaser will probably have information on the Activator prior to the QSO.

Typically the QSO consists of confirming he callsign has been correctly copied, and then a signal report and in the case of a contest, there is normally a contact serial number or other contest information exchanged. If they are good copy but not solid send 559.

With a prior knowledge and using some of the formats below, a even newcomer can sound like an old hand with a small amount of practice.

Less tiring & lighter, better formed dots and dashes.

Use your radios memories (if available) to store pre-recorded messages such as CQ. Only use other figures if things are really difficult. Sending signal reports: Ever wondered why practically all DX-Peditions and contest stations give 599 reports?

Use a paddle rather than a straight key. What to do? CW QSO.

As long as the letters and numbers are sent and received that’s what matters. Look for signals on DX clusters then try tuning them.

QRP operating     ARRL Communications Procedures. Morse Code includes: Check out our . Certain combinations of letters often follow each other. CQ SOTA CQ SOTA DE VK3XAS/P VK3XAS/P on VK3/VC 123 VK3/VC 123 BK. Repeaters     ▶︎ Rohde &Schwarz Focus on Test Zone. CQ CQ CQ, DE G3YWX G3YWX G3YWX CQ CQ CQ, DE G3YWX G3YWX G3YWX CQ CQ CQ, DE G3YWX G3YWX G3YWX AR K, G3QAB DE G3YWX GM OM ES TNX FER CALL UR RST 599 599 = NAME IS IAN IAN ES QTH STAINES STAINES = SO HW CPI?

Don't have a account? Most radio operators use this form of communication, and is also vital in times of war. The shorter versions will be applicable as UTC roll-over approaches or if there is a pile-up. The Cheat sheets we all use them even if you are active daily there is a lot to remember if you use many different transmitting modes.. Contest style CW QSOs are obviously made during contests, or when rare DX stations are contacted.

CUAGN – See You Again.

When practicing, try to take in the CW sent without writing it all down. Great to have by your side as a reminder in those early Morserino or on air QSO…

The figures 452, and 002 are example serial numbers for a contest - different contest have different exchanges, these ones are contact serial numbers, but other contests use different exchanges. If you send at 25 wpm the other guy is likely to send to you at 25 wpm.

Not really a problem with VK SOTA CW at this time.

–  . Ham Radio Store. It was created by Ron VK3AFW thats for the useful article.
What is ham radio     On a similar note if a station sends an R of less than 5 then definitely send the report and call sign more than once.

The accepted practice if you want to send a start signal is to send CT, that is -*-*-. In these contacts the bare minimum of information is passed over to save time and enable the maximum number of stations to be contacted. The exception to this maybe when first coming up on air; some operators start by looking for S2S contacts, any mode and usually this is on 40 metres. How to learn Morse code     Abbreviations more common with an actual QSO and not a “contest” exchange. Get as much listening practice as possible. Full stop AAA *-*-*-, Note that often a question mark **- -** is also used instead of a QRZ (Who is calling or who is there?). What is Morse code     AR G3YWX DE G3QAB KN, G3QAB DE G3YWX FB MIKE ES TNX FER RPRT = TX RNG 30 WATTS ES ANT VERT = WX FB SUNNY ES ABT 23 C = SO HW CPI? R – Roger, Romeo, OK, received. , EMDRC Inc. PO Box 87 You probably don't have a password set up yet. . Use of abbreviations in CW QSO.

Listen to the band as a whole to understand the prevailing propagation conditions. How to use & set-up straight Morse key     As an activator, qualify the summit first on CW.

There are a limited number of active SOTA CW operators. Contact formats    

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