corporal punishment in marriage

November 3, 2020  •  

Yes, once you are so secure in your power that you can award helicopter rides to progressives of your choosing, you no longer need to target Jews as Jews.

If one lacks a disgust reflex. My opinion is that it is a natural tendency for people with strong ethnic loyalties to assume their enemies have strong ethnic loyalties too. On top of that they had considerably more onerous family chores to attend to. Also re: children. I’d never thought about this consciously, embarrassingly enough, and since this fish can’t smell its own water very well, I’m reaching out to other people’s perspectives on this, because dangit man this is fascinating and important. How would you get women to go along or get the system to disenfranchise women and push sissified men to wanting traditional arrangements ? When I marry, if corporal punishment becomes part of it, I would certainly do it that way.

Can’t take away Jew’s stuff because envy and covetousness, at the same time Jew’s stuff is so powerful it allows him to play Whitey like a fiddle. Not exactly a patriarchal involution. Freedom works. . We know skipper, we know. Punishment is a great way for a Female to teach the man to be more obedient and under Her control. If my women gets out of line, then spanking puts her back in her place, and threat of further spanking keeps her there. Talentless idiots getting famous for being Jews is just another aspect of Jewish power. Being that you are man of the castle, responsible for the direction of your family, and head to all you must lead by example. …which is why, historically, women could leave, but they couldn’t take anything with them, and were still officially married. The disparity in upper body strength between a man and a woman is so great that it is almost always possible for any normal man to throw any normal woman over his lap, pin her there with one hand, and beat her backside with the other. By the way, that’s the reason they didn’t bomb the Soviet Union in the late 40s.”.

They’ll replace everyone else given not that much time (by historical standards) if not suppressed. So women help to win wars. Rural people breed more and stupid people also they always have. @jim, your answer is more polite. It may be true, but pretty much all Jews are going to go along with favoring Jews over Whites. This may or may not have to do with the decrease in fertility, but it’s solid enough to be said. “the winning side of the last big war was feminist, the world is feminist today, so, even if they didn’t deserve it, women can vote today because the pro-women side won the last big war, thanks partly to its pro-women policies.”. To that end, abortion will always be a legitimate if rarely used tool, just as zebras infanticide babies of women who give birth too soon after joining their harems. “But the fact is that the husband kills his wife because he has a patriarchal-terrorist mindset and he thinks wives deserve it unless they behave like slaves.”. I have seen this before. That’s why I am against women not being able to marry each other and get pregnant. People don’t decide to have babies because they can afford them. As we all know, the killing rate among Blacks is much higher than for Whites; in fact, being killed by your boyfriend/husband is the leading cause of death among young Black women. The population collapse is nothing to do with automation etc, since emancipated women in poverty stricken third world countries reproduce even less. One wonders if there’s any way to get Cathedralites to respect a marriage as much as they’d respect a BDSM contract.

Not intending to be cruel here, but sincerely hope you aren’t seriously putting your best foot forward in that post. The problem is the self destructive status signaling insider, the cuckold, complicit in his own annihilation, seeking the destruction of his own people. We first see corporal discipline of one’s wife (spanking) portrayed in the media as normal, legal, proper, and socially acceptable in 1945, and fertility abruptly rises, and this depiction continues to 1963. whereupon it abruptly, suddenly, and totally stops – and fertility starts falling. Patriarchy is about ensuring patrilineal descent by controlling female sexuality. Quite appropriately, this too is a largely ethnically centered phenomena, being a largely europoid conceit. I don’t think women have agency in sexual matters, since between menarche and menopause their sexual actions are driven by volcanic forces of which they are scarcely aware. If you have genuinely non Cathedral Muslim or Catholic education system, you get high fertility in those attending that one, terrible fertility in those that attend to the government (Cathedral) system to the age of puberty. However as these people are not terribly complex, a new system will have to compete with material prosperity. You can also drop atom bombs on Africa if you feel “mischievous” but there could be repercussions and the environment should not, generally, be so dramatically infringed upon.

I bet pornography emotionally registers somewhere on the hookers/polyamory/cuckholdry spectrum also. If they intrude in your life, kick them out before they can cause bigger problems.

Patriarchy requires enforcement. Recall how Obama could not get a key part of Obamacare, the website, up. (A tribe of 100 people that is 100% male can hastily vanquish a tribe of 100 people that is 50% male, thus males more valuable absolutely). What I want is for people to be free and alive. But none of what I have read on this topic of male/female relations offends me. You forcibly restrain women from getting sex without the approval of parent or guardian, using dungeons, whips, and chains if necessary. Perhaps it does work in a very poor country, don’t know. Second, there is no scenario in which quickly moving two million “refugees” into Germany promotes multiculturalism. “That means you love her!” Women are better than men at persuading domestic animals to be domestic. In a poor society taking a girl to dinner and drinks is a significant cost for a poor man, and a significant benefit for the girl, which gives the relatively affluent male a ridiculously high total fertility rate, hence highly eugenic fertility. Orlando killer’s wife), then she is perfectly justified to void the shared accounts and flee for her life. This discussion is archived and locked for posting. There is absolutely no way these people are sane. But I think it’s better to put some context into these stats, and that’s why I said that good stats are lacking. When the natural hierarchy is perverted sex and relationships are destroyed. Harvard, and the judges it controlled, held that spanking one’s wife is illegal, Hollywood, controlled by Jews, held that spanking one’s wife is normal and respectable. Some are irreligious. What you should want is to stop terrorism.

Nearly six million were doing farm work, as Germany’s agricultural economy was dominated by small family farms. Couldn’t find a number just for whites. Easier to fix mindset. I remember being in a waiting room somewhere in the 1980’s and the television was tuned to a “Donahue/Maury/Oprah” type program and a young woman was introducing herself, and when she said “I’m a single mom…” the audience interrupted her with thunderous applause. When I looked at Iowa specifically, there were 60 murders in total in 2014 (17 in 1960 BTW), but I couldn’t find a breakdown of those.

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