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“Have students highlight or note any unfamiliar words and phrases as they read. Collection 2 - Write an Argument They’re amphibians. 26. Teachers are told to “Consider using the Interactive Whiteboard Lesson, ‘How to Conduct an Effect Web Search.’ Schedule at least one day where students have access to the Web for a search for information about their topic. Materials contain a coherently sequenced set of text-dependent and text-specific questions and tasks that require students to build knowledge and integrate ideas across both individual and multiple texts. The HMH Collections reviewed for Grade 9 meets the criteria that anchor texts and series of texts connected to them are accompanied by a text complexity analysis and rationale for purpose and placement in the grade level.

Collection 2 has the students choosing a book. This includes vocabulary found in the reading. Examples of the complexity levels falling inside the grade band with sufficient scaffolding and appropriate tasks that support students in accessing grade-level texts independently at the end of the year include, but are not limited to: Examples of the complexity levels falling outside the grade band with sufficient scaffolding and appropriate tasks that support students in accessing grade-level texts independently at the end of the year include, but are not limited to: Throughout the school year, students are given access to texts at a variety of complexity levels. The Collections include texts that are organized around general common themes; however, the organization of the texts within the collections and across the textbook do not clearly guide students in building knowledge. Collection 1: noun clauses, prepositional phrases, parallel structure, Collection 2: repetition and parallelism, noun phrases, rhetorical questions, colons, and semicolons, Collection 3: adverbial clauses, colons, verb phrases, adjective and adverb phrases, Collection 4: synonyms, puns, and context clues, Collection 5: tone, indefinite pronouns, colons, semicolons, and relative clauses, Collection 6: absolute phrases, sentence length, transitions. All publishers are invited to provide an orientation to the educator-led team that will be reviewing their materials.

The HMH Collections reviewed for Grade 9 meets the criteria for materials including a mix of on-demand and process writing (e.g. The disease was first detected in the U.S. in March 1918, and it surged three separate times. In the Teacher’s Edition, there are sections labeled, “To Challenge Students . Students are to research and write an analytical essay, which “smoothly integrates source information that avoids plagiarism, and correctly cites sources." Zoom In On - teachers define analogy for the students and then have students “reread the author’s conclusion and analyze the ideas it contains”. This will make it difficult for students to complete the tasks and show proficiency. Collection 5 contains an excerpt from the memoir, “Why This Text?” is provided for each anchor text. The only instruction regarding speaking and listening to the students tells them to “use your notes to respond to this question” (348). Have students write notes before discussions. In Collection 3 there is the short story, “When Mr. Pirzada Came to Town,” by Jhumpa Lahiri, and a science writing piece, “Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Connect,” by Frans de Waal. Have pairs compare their results with the rest of the class” (68).

Have students report back to the class their findings” (36a). The secon, Nothing! Anchor/core texts are of publishable quality and worthy of especially careful reading.
The materials do contain some sets of text-dependent questions and tasks that require students to analyze the integration of knowledge and ideas across both individual and multiple texts; however, the materials do not provide consistent clear guidance for teachers in supporting students’ skills. Belly buttons are simply remnants of the umbilical cords. What might this mean?” (150). This quiz is incomplete! The HMH Collections for Grade 9 meets the criteria that most questions, tasks, and assignments are text dependent/specific, requiring students to engage with the text directly, and are followed by culminating tasks. Over the course of the year, students present a speech, create a group multimedia presentation, participate in a panel discussion, and write three analytical essays, two arguments, and a fictional narrative throughout the six collections. This is the only instruction given to the students to help them compare and contrast multiple mediums. Who is trapped up to her neck in the mud pit? This is the only instruction students receive in supporting their thinking about the texts within the collection and how they relate to their presentation. "��%��\��_�\��w#����ѯ`^��}�gBR;�G؟2�y�1�#��0��z�3_⸞��G���g�ד,ؗ�#_.5��{�B�z�H"dI`[�K2 GK�Pbs� j.�cK �{�����/"d���"H"�� �q�YI��.��KUf"�Y This is toward the end of collection 5 and on the higher end of the grade band. “In the margin, note what questions Kennedy poses” (72d). Who is telling the story?

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