can snow derail a train

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That would give it a lot lot more momentum to plow through the heavy drifts. It was counter-intuitive, of course, but made sense when studied. It may be caused by a technical issue, such as a faulty rail, cracks or gaps in the rails, or even human error. See more. As a child, I remember there being a lot of talk about the magical powers of the train and its tracks. That starts with the engineer being 'called on the carpet' shortly thereafter to explain to the Trainmaster or Superintendent how that extraordinary event happened. The result will never change, but your life certainly can! A light dusting will do it, given enough weight on the drawbar and a grade. Wheel slip would have been an much more of an issue with the older geep-7's then with dash 2's and modern power. Someplace a year or two ago I saw or read an explanation by a motive power person as to why it's easier to get stuck with a plow being pushed by - say, 3 locomotives - as opposed to just 1. Speeds are restricted, when running them backwards as well.
I suspect this may be an 'urban legend' sort of thing.

What Would Happen If You Shot A Bullet On A Train? Here's three engines and a wedge plow getting stuck from about 40MPH -, Another popular adage, however, was that a penny placed on the tracks of a train could actually derail the train, which would cause massive destruction! At times derailment has been caused on purpose to prevent more serious issues. The opposite type is a hardpacked drift in a shallow cutting. One can argue all one wants, but, CNR kept a pair of GM A units for years just for plow service, and used them in freight service the rest of the time. (title of 1943 book by Robert Selph Henry of the AAR). Took a total of 6 units to get unstuck. Trains aren't invincible though.

What Is The Fibonacci Sequence? The latter has been known to to derail a train, which then stops really quickly. . Bioelectricity: Could Bacteria Solve Our Energy Crisis? The CPR sure didn't like to throw anything away! For your own safety and the safety of the train, never place anything on the tracks. » Science ABC Are Giant Insects Larger Than Humans Possible? Maybe the boiler will melt back some of what's holding him? prevented him from realizing what had gone wrong and what had happened instead, etc. The only time we ran a single unit was on the old CGW in Hampton. In short, the penny will have no effect at all. Where trains travel in areas of heavy snow such … When running the wedge or Ditcher,  you need a way to bring the plow back home. In fact, the coin-crushing person would be lucky if they were able to detach the penny from the tracks, as the penny will often be flattened and stick to the track. Objects with low momentum (light objects going slow) cannot do much to heavier objects because they have little momentum to give to the other object. Aren’t All Experiments Controlled? Category: Physics      Published: December 8, 2012. The Sectionman to right moving replacer was one of three brothers killed in spring mudslide about 6 weeks later at Michel, B.C. 10th, on Northern Pacific, near Grey Cliff, Mont., passenger train derailed in a snow drift, the entire train running free from the track upon the prairie, leaving the road unobstructed.

Speaking of that train getting stuck at 40 mph, I've noticed a lot of time with plow trains it's just a plow with 3 engines. How Big Is It and Does It Bite? The basic principle at work is the conservation of momentum. The CPR was formed in 1881, so either they bought it used or it was built in very early days to need rebuilding by 1920. . The vast majority of derailments are caused by railroad equipment failure.

Of course, the engineer explained about the 'ground blizzard' and how the zero visibility, etc. Why Does Bread Turn So Crispy and Tasty When Toasted? ? Cab Units were preferred on plows as less snow 'dust' would get into electricals to cause Ground Relays. What happens is that the locomotive moves off the rails on which it is moving, leading to an accident – and sometimes a catastrophe. It will depend on the initial momentum of the train (speed and/or weight) and what type of snow. Also, the train (the heavier of the two objects) is moving at a high velocity, while the penny is stationary. A search of newspapers reveals several cases of pennies failing to derail trains but succeeding in getting the penny placers killed in the process. Essentially, there is a belief that an average penny, with a weight of no more than a few grams, can derail an entire train, which is more or less in the range of 200 tons (now, count the number of zeroes after converting 200 tons to grams). Why Is It So Special? This train isn't sneaking up on anybody.

That story might surely qualify for the "URBAN LEGEND" Thread! " I can't replicate the rationale - maybe with some luck I'll be able to find it and link it here - unless someone else can explain it here first ? Been there.... Larry Resident Microferroequinologist (at least at my house) Everyone goes home; Safety begins with you My Opinion. ''Something's got to give'' - sometimes it's the snowpack, sometimes it's the snowplow train . One of the big problems is with snow getting packed on top of hot traction motors and dripping into the motor. What Is A Controlled Experiment? The only answers I can think of are reliability and safety - if 1 quits and shuts down,the crew can take refuge in another one and maybe use it to get back home - and to provide more weight = momentum for ramming drifts before they slow down enough that tractive force / slipping governs what they can do. Topics: What Is The Science Behind Detecting Art Forgery? Which means you'd be able to push through a deeper drift - to a point. Can a Coin Placed on the Tracks Derail a Train? My old boss on the farm had the same theory about 4WD pick up trucks "they'll just get you stuck further away from the house".

Even before you can see this train, you can spot the giant cloud of snow it creates. I still can't figure out how to copy links with Firefox, or I could show you a picture of #4053 on a more pleasant day. When that point is reached, and you get stuck, you're in way deeper snow in the first place than you'd be with just 1 loco. The engineer didn't realize that he was no longer on the rails until a signal failed to appear. How Do Bug Sprays (Like Raid and Baygon) Kill Cockroaches? 8 Weird Science Experiments That Will Make You Bite Your Nails! To participate you must either login or register for an account. This group of causes includes snow, ice, and coal. Powder, like skiers love, will basically blow away. With multiple units under those conditions, one of them is bound to unload due to wheelslip. Why Do We See Fake Water (Mirages) On Roads On Hot Sunny Days? How much snow to stop a train? to run off the rails of a track. There's one thing about humility - the moment you think you've got it, you've lost it... OK, I just stumbled over it while looking for something else -, When is One Greater Than Three?By: Dick HoveyApril 17, 2007, at -, The 'star' of this story and photos from 1979 was UP 168, a borrowed GP9 with a large pilot plow on its front/ short end, with a pair of N&W GP38-2's. I can say that 3ft snow has not stopped me not from a start or at 45mph. No simple answer. But that plow #400640, is something else again. Scenario:  Grande passenger train, 4-8-4 power, running eastbound (downgrade) from Tennessee Pass at night in a ground blizzard, temperature 'way below zero. What Is The Huntsman Spider? You can stop a snow plow with 2 or 3 locomotives pushing from behind rather quickly...stopping a 100 + car freight train takes a good long time.. You can stop, back up and hit a heavy drift repeatedly with the small plow/locomotive combo, you can't back a train up easily or quickly. Still, people believe in trying things out, but we would argue that you sit this particular experiment out. What is Quantum Entanglement: Explained in Simple Words. Which raises the question of why send more than 1 loco out with a plow anyway. There have been many unfortunate incidents when people tried to place a penny on the tracks and were injured or even killed. In other cases, the penny is nowhere to be seen; it gets stuck to the wheels and simply gets taken away. Why Don't They Have Parachutes For Passengers In Commercial Planes? Engineer and fireman killed. "A Train is a Place Going Somewhere"  CP Rail Public Timetable. Why Are Atoms With 8 Valence Electrons So Stable. The rest of the story is pretty good, and not too long - I recommend it. No Expiration Date, I'd really like to see what an engineer or Road Foreman with experience in this has to say about that. He spends a lot of time watching movies, and an awful lot more time discussing them. “Well boys”, the RFE said, “You’ve got too many engines. Methusaleh: The oldest tree in the world | What's the mystery of trees' immortality? Obstructions lying on the railway tracks can also cause derailing. I dunno....I think he's still got a chance. Derailment can happen for various reasons such as collision with another object, an operational error, the mechanical failure of tracks, and the mechanical failure of the wheels. I think it was more like the 'weak link' principle - that sooner or later, one or two of them were going to start to slip, and at that point they became worse than useless - they were also added dead weight that had to be dragged along, and so would cause the more reliable loco/ stronger link to slip, too, so the whole shebang would come to a halt. Flattening pennies using trains is still dangerous though; to the people placing the pennies.

Back a few years ago, we took 3 B23-7's out with the ditcher on the branch.

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