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Billy Milano's M.O.D. “The masses of people in the world have never earned anything. I want it to end on a high note. Sites:, Wikipedia. Billy Milano is a Bronx-born heavy metal musician now based in Austin, Texas. Order at: CHECK YOUR HEAD Also available: We're working hard to be accurate. “I’ve been told I’m a fantastic cook. Is Texas a better place for a musician than New York? TERMS OF SERVICE / CONTACT, All-Star KEITH EMERSON Tribute Concert To Be Released On Blu-Ray, Ex-SLIPKNOT Percussionist CHRIS FEHN Appears To Have Settled His Lawsuit Over Band Profits, Man Who Burned Churches In Effort To Raise His Profile As 'Black Metal' Musician Sentenced To 25 Years, AXL ROSE Urges His Followers To Vote For 'Democracy' And 'Future Of Our Country', BLAZE BAYLEY Says Pandemic Concert Industry Shutdown Has Given Him More Time To Work On New Studio Album. User comments or postings do not reflect the viewpoint of

and I have black friends and Mexican friends, and I know people who are gay, and I couldn’t care less. album, “Speak English or Die,” is sure to once again raise eyebrows with new song titles including “Balls on Bread,” “The Big It” and “Jose Can You See.”, “I have always been and always will be a proud American,” Milano says.

BLABBERMOUTH.NET and a tribute to the best fans in the world. M.O.D.

music FREE!! I wanted to put together a 20-year anniversary DVD for the fans which will have some much stuff in it that it is the final finale to S.O.D. My Interview with Eddie Van Halen, Interview: Rob Halford Phones to Deliver the Goods (Again! And why did Scott have to give you his permission? Try another? Billy Milano Turns 28 For The 23rd Time!!! Billy Milano is a Bronx-born heavy metal musician now based in Austin, Texas. The music scene suffered tremendously and there was no production work for me. “Simply put, I’m speaking truth to power,” says the transplanted New Yorker who now resides in Austin. 0 items / $ 0.00.

I honestly had enough of the bad attitude in NYC and to top it off, these Arab fuckers think they can talk shit about America and no one is going to say or do anything. Read Billy Milano's entire interview with the S.O.D. BLABBERMOUTH.NET Nice article. (STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH) classics. I remember listening to Slayer, Hell Awaits in his van (“Only The Intro”) before loading their gear on stage, great guys all in all, but when you meet a person like Billy, that person stands out in your mind and has a lasting impression, weather you agree, disagree or have no invstment at all in the views, or the subject matter of the moment, you have to admit Billy is a lot of fun, and he’s as personably attentive as he is at attracting attention, he remembere me by name after one introduction, and an acternoon/evening of work, loading them out and exchanging “See You’s Later!” farewells, I said to my oldest and still dearest friends, those guys were great people, especially Bilky Milano, I feel like we’ve been friends since kindergarten (To my friend whom I coincidentally met in KG) replied, “Tom, he wouldn’t have let you in his van if he knew you that well!” and we laughed and exchanged sarcastic digs all the way home. A short while ago there was a message at your message board and at Blabbermouth that Scott Ian allowed you to release another S.O.D.


But these are unusual times, so please check that events are still happening. …

Scott had to give a sign off because it has video footage he shot and owned.".

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