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The spoon is generally attached to a Dipsy Diver, jet diver, or downrigger. These lures dive quickly to 27 feet with their round lip and slender build, that quick dive creates a ruckus that predators, like Walleye, can’t ignore.

Captain Cody has worked on charter fishing boats in the Florida Keys, Virgin Islands, and Alaska. Even when casting the lure it can dive about 10 feet deep. The depth of the lure is controlled mainly by how much line is let out and a small amount by the trolling speed. Lure Weight: 5/8 oz. Bandit Deep Diver Walleye Trolling Lure, Cotton Cordell Perch, Chrome, and Chartreuse Diver Lures, 7. Walleye can die when they are released after being caught at depths over 50 feet. and all its content is copyright protected. I just contacted Smithwick directly.

At PTD we go underwater to literally get a “fish’s view” of popular trolling products. These are walleye catching machines on Lake Erie! Neon blue is a popular lure when fishing for pacific salmon and neon green is a great color for walleye.
The 2-1/2 inch lure dives up to 11 feet deep and the 3-1/8 inch dive up to 18 feet deep. It can also be cast in shallow water when walleye come nearshore and to shallow shoals to feed in late fall, winter, or early spring. Walleye do have good eyesight and can see particularly well in low light conditions.

New in this release is Dark mode on the trolling screen. If you dont hollar back on here and I will try and copy and paste the link, its saved on my phone where I can pull it up while on the lake. These spoons can be fished using a downrigger, dipsey diver, jet diver, or trolled straight out the back when in less than 25 feet of water. Sign up to receive regular email news, tips, products info, Pro picks and tips, promotions, special offers and more from Rapala and our Respected Brands covering freshwater, saltwater and ice fishing, including Rapala, VMC, Sufix, Storm, Luhr-Jensen, Trigger X, Terminator, Blue Fox, Williamson, StrikeMaster, Marcum and ICE FORCE.

The Bandit 300 lure dives to almost 12 feet and weighs 3/8 oz and is 2" long. To sign up for Beta testing just go to the play store, go to Precision Trolling page, scroll down, and click the link to join beta. The Bandit deep diver is 4-3/4 inches in length. © Copyright 2020 Frank's Great Outdoors. These lures are great for Walleye, Zander, and other predator fish that explore deeper waters.

Walleye can contain mercury depending on which lake it was caught in which should be considered when frequently consuming fish. Model: BDTWBS; Depth: 12 ft. Found out lake trout like them too on the TVA mountain resivoirs i fish. Features include a diving lip, two treble hooks, realistic color patterns, and each lure is hand-tuned and tank-tested. Mepps has specific kits with lures that are known to be productive for bass, northern pike, trout, salmon, and walleye. These come in a large variety of color patterns including silver alewife, NBK, dirty white boy, and mixed veggies. Color options include silver shiner, fluorescent green crawdad, green flash, silver flash, gold flash, chrome, and blue flash.

The swim bladder expands significantly at depths greater than 40 feet. The larges size is 14 which is 5-1/2 inches long and dives 10-20 feet deep.
How far to the left or right they will go can be adjusted by rotating the base-plate of the Dipsy. Their eyes cannot see blue and yellow but can see red and green. Summit Lake, Wisconsin 54424 This unique device dives like a crankbait taking your spinners to depth, then when a fish is hooked they automatically convert to an in-line weight so all you feel is the head shake of the fish hooked! Color options are natural or chartreuse. A fix for Bandit lure crashes. The Berkley Power Minnow is great for catching bass, hybrid striped bass, crappie, trout, and walleye. Tommy's faith in God and his courage in the face of cancer inspired me and everyone he came in contact with. In terms of dive depths.... Do the tru-trip divers dive to the stats on the dive charts when pulled slowly such as 1.0-1.5 mph? So a red and green lure or lure with flash and contrast can help attract walleye. Walleye are attracted to the vibrations of the spinner on the harness and the scented bait helps encourage walleye to strike. For worm harnesses troll speeds are typically between 1.5-2.0 miles per hour. This Berkley Indiana worm harness is a basic rig with triple hooks. Model: BDTWBS Depth: 12 ft.Weight: 5/8 oz. One great thing about spoons is that they all have awesome names like NBK! Rapala & Respected Brands Emails.

This is a classic lure with balsa wood constriction. These are a good way to get spoons, stick baits, and worm harnesses to deeper depths! It is 3-inches in length and weighs 1/8 ounce. Often time these spoons are bit heavier and are trolled at higher speeds. It weighs 5/16 ounce and is rated to dive up to 11 feet.

Blade options are hammered gold or hammered silver. The Rapala Jigging Rap is a jig that works well to catch many types of fish. Color options include gold, green silver, and chartreuse silver.

Tommy loved to cook wild game, so I figured a batch of duck gumbo would be a good way to honor Tommy and all his contributions to the world of sport fishing. Scented tube jigs also make a great bait. This lure is meant to be jigged, short upward motions create good flutter motions. Outdoors Engine is an OutdoorsFIRST Media Inc. company. The Rapala Shad Rap 07 is a 2-3/4 inch deep diving lure. The data collected by Precision Trolling Data, LLC is sold as a mobile device app available for both iPhone and Android users. Dipsy divers perform two functions. Spoons are known to be great walleye lures as are worm harnesses. This smaller lure can dive to depths of 15 feet deep. Quality lure and sharp hooks! The Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow is an extra-deep floating crankbait. It comes in sizes of 3-1/2 inch that can dive up to 12 feet, 4-3/8 inch that can dive up to 16 feet, and 5-1/4 inch that can dive up to 20 feet. Its rounded lip and sleek, true-to-life minnow body give it a rolling wobble that appeals to any walleye, zander, or other toothy predator in the area. This does not mean that only red and green lures work because walleye can still see reflections and shading variations from other colors. Golden shiner colored. Most lures, divers or floaters usually have a max. Color options include chartreuse perch, chrome blue, chrome black, fire tiger, Fluorescent red, gold perch, perch, white red-head, and gold black. The lures length is 2 inches and it weighs 5/16 ounce. Not keeping the older larger fish is also helpful for keeping the walleye population in large numbers. They are known to be low light feeders and feed well at night but they also feed and bite during the day! This is a classic lure that has been catching fish since the 1950s. Color options of the blade include fire tiger, black gold, black silver, blue silver, chartreuse, copper, flashback, hammered silver, and yellow perch. A bottom bouncer allows the worm harness to be kept right near the bottom. Pricing listed as in-app purchases on the device. Now I’m not ignorant to think that this will be the way all of the time, because it won’t. Click on Store tab to download the new info! Berkley mice tails are three inches in length. Spinners are also available that attach to the bottom bounces which make vibrations and help attract fish. In the picture, my brother Mark is holding a walleye that was caught trolling in the Great Lakes, Lake Erie. 27 Best Walleye Fishing Lures and Baits, Plus Tips on How to Catch Walleye, Here are the Best Walleye Lures and Baits in 2020, 1. For murky water, a short 20-inch leader can be used. The first of three hooks is connected with a titanium line which protects the rig from being cut by walleyes teeth.

Thanks Capt Eric.I have a notebook with several pages of dive curves for lures and divers I use.You are on this website a lot.Noted a custom Bandit color used often in the spring in threads I read and wanted to add to my collection.Color is "Huff Daddy" would bays edge have this custom color.Could you provide a picture if possible.Thanks.

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