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If threatened, they are surprisingly fast, and can move across dry land efficiently. Once you know you are in the clear, decide if you wish to live trap or lethally trap the nutria. Nutria Diet: They have five toes on each paw, and the front feet are well designed for burrowing. The mark of a dragging tail is sometimes apparent. Daily travel distances for most nutria are less than 600 feet, although some individuals may travel much farther. Drowning sets and body gripping traps are placed in areas of deeper water where the nutria must swim to get into runs and channels. Property owners are not allowed to poison nutria, though licensed professional are given that option if they feel the situation warrants it. Nutria is a very lean, protein-rich meat, low in fat and cholesterol with the taste, texture, and appearance of rabbit or dark turkey meat. The bait of fresh fruits or vegetables can be used. 21 Upstate NY animals that can kill, bite, claw or just make you sick. Improving drainage is always an option as long as the body of water being affected isn't a vital part of a large ecosystem. If you have a choice of where to locate your garden, consider nutria damage. Males are slightly larger than females; males weigh 12-20 pounds and females weigh 10-18 pounds. Stone should be at least 6 inches thick. Scientists also believe that nutria can infect humans with a host of diseases, but the research is not complete as of yet on some of them. Because they can get so big, you definitely want to be careful around them! Due to its classification as a Prohibited Aquatic Animal Species (see “Legal Status”), all live-trapped nutria should be euthanized and not returned to the wild. If a roof is pierced, immediately fill in the cavity with soil, rocks, or a mudpack (see below). In parts of southern Washington, nutria may be are out-competing muskrats for food and places to live. Nutria numbers may increase to the point where an area is denuded of aquatic vegetation. Unfortunately there are also rules and laws that you have to know before you attempt to capture or move nutria; luckily most of them are favorable to you. Water-level manipulation can also be used to force nutria to other suitable habitat. Constructed of coarse emergent vegetation, these platforms are also used for loafing, grooming, and birthing and are often misidentified as muskrat houses. When moving on land, a nutria may drag its chest and appear to hunch its back. Nutria, rabbits, hares, voles, muskrats, and beavers are some of the species that can be infected with the bacterial disease tularemia. Nutria are back in California Nutria, an introduced rodent once thought eliminated from California, is the latest of a string of dangerous invasive species wreaking havoc in California’s critically-important Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Slides are the narrow trails nutria make where they enter and leave the water. As far as the bait goes, you will need to place some inside the trap and some on the way leading to it. Another popular term, “beaver fever,” may be a misnomer. In addition of wiping out species of aquatic grasses, the nutrias also destroyed eggs and nests of endangered birds. You can do the work yourself or hire a company to do all or part of the work (see “Hiring a Wildlife Damage Control Company.”) In cases where these methods are not practical, contact your local County Extension Agent or Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services for further information. How To Get Rid Of Nutria In Your River Banks Burrow systems can range up to fifty feet in length and will usually house a family group of coypu rodents. The nutria, like many other destructive non-native species (large-mouth and striped bass, Asian clam, Chinese Mitten crab, Quagga mussels and Nerodia water snakes, among others) not only threaten the critical infrastructure that provides water, protects our communities, and creates jobs, but they also carry disease, and disrupt natural ecosystems that  threatened and endangered native species rely on. This is nematode which causes “nutria rash” in people who handle the rodent. That would be a nutria, one of the most common rodents in western Oregon. The methods described and referenced in “Preventing Conflicts” are the best long-term solution. Burrows can weaken roadbeds, stream banks, dams, and dikes, which may collapse when the soil is saturated by rain or high water. The reason for that fear is that the livestock will in some cases drink from the same water which is the habitat of the nutria. Nutrias are easily identified by a white patch of hair around their mouths as well as by their bright orange teeth. The tail itself is 12-16 inches long, round, and nearly hairless. Managing vegetation by hand can be difficult in large areas, but routine mowing or cutting with a weed whacker can be effective. Like other semi-aquatic animals, nutrias are often brown, and their fur was once highly sought after. Often, when an animal is sizeable enough to warrant either type of trap, the number of creatures ultimately decides which method will be most effective. Nutria are found in lakes, wetlands, sloughs, drainage ditches, and irrigation canals along the Columbia River and north to Skagit County. However, a special trapping permit is required for the use of all traps other than live traps (RCW 77.15.192, 77.15.194; WAC 220-417-040). Similar to the coat of an otter, nutrias have a fine layer of fur guarded by a coarse layer on top providing insulation. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to the diseases that nutrias carry comes from those with livestock. NUTRIA BIOLOGY AND INFORMATION: Nutria are not yard pests, so many of the deterrents on the market are not applicable to this animal. Nutria are so acclimated now that they have become a nuisance animal on an extremely large scale in Accessibility is a big component to successful nutria removal. For safety considerations, shooting is generally limited to rural situations and is considered too hazardous in more populated areas, even if legal. A human who contracts tularemia commonly has a high temperature, headache, body ache, nausea, and sweats. Nutria are among the few animals that regularly defecate in water, and their droppings (like those of humans and other mammals) may cause a flu-like infection when contaminated water is ingested. No fumigants are currently registered for nutria control. Families are mostly female with one adult male. Native to South America, where they're called coypu, nutria came to Oregon in the 1930s and '40s when fur farms flourished. AAAnimal Control is a professional wildlife control company operating in over 500 USA locations. To prevent nutria from tunneling higher in an embankment, keep fluctuations in water levels to a minimum. Make sure to check with local laws as many areas want these pest animals removed. Anyone handling a dead or live nutria should wear rubber gloves, and wash his or her hands well when finished. Infrastructure damage – Nutria excavate burrows in California’s aging levee system, degrading the integrity of the levees and putting farms, communities, and cities in danger. Few pathogens are associated with the meat, but proper heating when cooking should kill them. One of the reasons that animal control professionals recommend that you do not touch nutria is because they can carry diseases which can in some cases be transmitted to humans. First you need to know what the incentive they have to come to the yard is and then remove it. The fence must be taller if snow or other materials are likely to build up near it. Water Quality Degradation – In addition to excavating burrows, and eating plant stems and roots, nutria often disturb the ground cover that protects waterways from silt and debris during the winter. The hind legs are longer than the front and boast webbed digits for better mobilization in the water. Various associations, magazine and newspaper articles, and demonstrations at county fairs promoted the sale of nutria in Washington. Tularemia may be transmitted to humans if they drink contaminated water, eat undercooked, infected meat, or allow an open cut to contact an infected animal. Some states protect these animals because of their status as furbearing. What Diseases Do Nutria Carry? The success of this type of control depends on persistence from the harasser and thus is often short-lived. When you look for traps it is important that you get the right size and bait. To extend the life of galvanized hardware cloth, spray it with automobile undercoat paint or other rustproof paint before installation. The first thing to know is that you should not try to handle nutria with your bare hands. The nutria reproduces year-round, and reach maturity quickly. Nutria, rabbits, hares, voles, muskrats, and beavers are some of the species that can be infected with the bacterial disease tularemia. In such cases this can weaken the bank, or livestock and other large animals can pierce holes in the bank, starting the erosion process. The first thing to remember is that nutrias are rodents and therefore they can get diseases which most rodents are exposed to. The first disease to be discussed is the nutria-itch or swimmer's itch, which is transmitted through blood flukes and parasites. They eradicated the grasses needed to delay erosion in areas of the Louisiana coast, destroying over one hundred thousand acres of wetlands. Acting quickly can help prevent these invasive pests from gaining a foothold. To get rid of nutria you'll have to venture into its territory. Contouring your banks to prevent burrows is also an option, but again, this will require the use of heavy machinery which may not be able to reach the problem habitats. The rodent could bite and an infection can set which can become dangerous. Depending on the nutria’s ancestry and current habitat, its fur will vary from light yellowish brown to dark reddish brown, and black. There are no decoys, chemical deterrents, or predator-based methods to eliminate this rodent. Giardia has been found in many animal species, including pets, wildlife, and livestock. Nutria construct burrows in the banks of rivers, sloughs, and ponds, sometimes causing considerable erosion. However, when fluctuating water levels flood their initial den, nutria burrow farther into the bank or dig new, higher den chambers close to the surface. Nutria Habitat and Behavior: Nutria in your basement can be one big scary surprise. Prior to trapping nutria, make sure you contact your local fish and game commission to see what permits and licenses are required. It is unlawful to transport nutria, and all other wildlife, anywhere within the state without a permit to do so (RCW 77.15.250; WAC 220-450-010). Hand digging will be required to dig to the recommended depth—3 feet below the high-water level. How To Get Nutria From Your Basement These bait foods are also vital for use with zinc phosphide, the only approved nutria toxicant available. Need nutria removal in your hometown? Raising the water level in the winter to a near-flood level, and keeping it there, will force the animals out of their dens.

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