1967 nova ss

November 3, 2020  •  

Looked up company on Facebook and messaged through there where they told me to call another number.

It has been given a quality restoration to be almost a tribute to the stealthy/speedy L79 Nova. favorite this post Oct 19 1966 SS Chevy ll Nova Dealer reached out the first day.

"Autotrader" is a registered trademark of TPI Holdings, Inc. used under exclusive license. As they had been for most of their lifetime, the Nova 400 models represented the best-sellers of the Nova/Chevy II, with around 47,600 built. Responded once and never heard back from anyone. A pain in tye butt to try and get ahold of them and it wasnt worth it.

Responded quickly, provided good information. To the point.

CC-1177055 .

2016, 2017 and 2018. The SS grille emblem was also updated for 1967, and the band on the trunk lid was outlined in black. Manage my saved vehicles, {"global":{"iu":"18353239\/atx\/vehicle\/srp","ptnr":"","lng":"EN","grp":"CARS","scat":"nl","cid":"nl","azne":"ATLANTA_SE","dma":"ATLANTA","reg":"Atlanta - Southeast","st":"GA","zip":"30319","mke":"CHEV","series":"nl","mdl":"NOVA","styr":"nl","eyr":"nl","fprc":"nl","tprc":"nl","prcrn":"5klo,5klo","styp":"nl","cat":"nl","bstyl":"nl","type":"nl","subtype":"nl","ownid":"nl"},"slots":[{"div_id":"Box-a","AdUnit_DivId":"18353239\/atx\/vehicle\/srp_Box-a","position":"a","size_name":"Box","width":300,"height":250,"sizes_responsive":[],"targeting":{"sz":"300x250","pos":"a"}},{"div_id":"Box-b","AdUnit_DivId":"18353239\/atx\/vehicle\/srp_Box-b","position":"b","size_name":"Box","width":300,"height":250,"sizes_responsive":[],"targeting":{"sz":"300x250","pos":"b"}},{"div_id":"Box-c","AdUnit_DivId":"18353239\/atx\/vehicle\/srp_Box-c","position":"c","size_name":"Box","width":300,"height":250,"sizes_responsive":[],"targeting":{"sz":"300x250","pos":"c","ownid":"576943"}},{"div_id":"Wide-d","AdUnit_DivId":"18353239\/atx\/vehicle\/srp_Wide-d","position":"d","size_name":"Wide","width":728,"height":90,"sizes_responsive":[{"viewportSize.Width":768,"viewportSize.Height":576,"slotSize.Width":728,"slotSize.Height":90},{"viewportSize.Width":640,"viewportSize.Height":480,"slotSize.Width":468,"slotSize.Height":60},{"viewportSize.Width":0,"viewportSize.Height":0,"slotSize.Width":320,"slotSize.Height":50}],"targeting":{"sz":"728x90","pos":"d"}},{"div_id":"Wide-e","AdUnit_DivId":"18353239\/atx\/vehicle\/srp_Wide-e","position":"e","size_name":"Wide","width":728,"height":90,"sizes_responsive":[{"viewportSize.Width":768,"viewportSize.Height":576,"slotSize.Width":728,"slotSize.Height":90},{"viewportSize.Width":640,"viewportSize.Height":480,"slotSize.Width":468,"slotSize.Height":60},{"viewportSize.Width":0,"viewportSize.Height":0,"slotSize.Width":320,"slotSize.Height":50}],"targeting":{"sz":"728x90","pos":"e"}},{"div_id":"Wide-f","AdUnit_DivId":"18353239\/atx\/vehicle\/srp_Wide-f","position":"f","size_name":"Wide","width":728,"height":90,"sizes_responsive":[{"viewportSize.Width":768,"viewportSize.Height":576,"slotSize.Width":728,"slotSize.Height":90},{"viewportSize.Width":640,"viewportSize.Height":480,"slotSize.Width":468,"slotSize.Height":60},{"viewportSize.Width":0,"viewportSize.Height":0,"slotSize.Width":320,"slotSize.Height":50}],"targeting":{"sz":"728x90","pos":"f"}},{"div_id":"StickyFoot-g","AdUnit_DivId":"18353239\/atx\/vehicle\/srp_StickyFoot-g","position":"g","size_name":"StickyFoot","width":728,"height":90,"sizes_responsive":[{"viewportSize.Width":768,"viewportSize.Height":576,"slotSize.Width":728,"slotSize.Height":90},{"viewportSize.Width":640,"viewportSize.Height":480,"slotSize.Width":468,"slotSize.Height":60},{"viewportSize.Width":0,"viewportSize.Height":0,"slotSize.Width":320,"slotSize.Height":50}],"targeting":{"sz":"728x90","pos":"g"}}],"a9":{"publisher_id":"3726"},"adomik_randomizer_is_enabled":1,"openwrap":{"script_url":"https:\/\/ads.pubmatic.com\/AdServer\/js\/pwt\/157461\/1410\/pwt.js","script_timeout":2000}}.

Located in Orlando, Florida, this 1955 Thunderbird is now offered with a clean Florida title in the seller's name. © 2020 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Weird & Wacky, Copyright © 2020 HowStuffWorks, a division of InfoSpace Holdings, LLC, a System1 Company. Was a little upset that I have to replace the cam after the 1st day in the car.

With the introduction of the Turbo-Fire engine in 1966, the Nova SS had snuck its way into a muscle car label, despite its small stature.

Description:  Used 1966 Chevrolet Nova for sale - $49,900 - 8,035 miles, Had some nice cars, But the 1 I was interested in, Sold, Description:  Used 1967 Chevrolet Nova for sale - $49,988 -.

This Carrera is now offered with a clean CARFAX report and a clean Virginia title in the selling dealer's name. Description:  Used 1967 Chevrolet Nova for sale - $16,995 - 31,072 miles, Transmission:  2-Speed Automatic, Color:  Nantucket Blue.

Alert me by text if a price drops or a special offer is available.

In 1967, Chevy II was still the name of the vehicle, but the Nova SS option package replaced all Chevy II badging with Nova SS badging.

It reall, Gateway Classic Cars of Atlanta presents this Resto-Mod 1967 Chevrolet Nova. Runs smooth, brakes are ... 1967 NOVA | | This is one of the nicest LS powered street builds I have ever seen on a 67! 11,223 mi. The Nova Super Sport (SS) had always been positioned as the sporty version of the Nova line, but with this engine it officially became a muscle car, even if it was one of the smallest muscle cars produced.

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