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Seniors and the Struggle with Suicide

Experts predict elderly suicide will be more of a public health concern as baby boomers continue to age. The generation born after World War II has typically had higher suicide rates throughout their lifetime, and all members of the generation will be 65 and older by 2030.

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What Seniors Should Know About Arthritis

The symptoms for the most common types of arthritis are very similar. You may notice that after periods of sitting or upon waking, you feel pain and stiffness in your joints. Your hands, knees or shoulders may become sore or difficult to move and may become swollen. You could be suffering from arthritis.

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Understanding the Role Nurse Practitioners Play in Health Care

If you’ve visited a doctor’s office or been a patient in a hospital recently, you’ve likely been treated by a nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners play an essential role in the delivery of health care. Learn more about these important medical professionals.

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Selective Listening, or Hearing Loss?

When it comes to age-related hearing loss, the process is so gradual it can continue for years before you or someone else notices it. Hearing loss not only involves the ear, but the brain as well, where the sound is transmitted into meaningful language. Unchecked it can lead to depression and isolation.

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Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

Whether you live in a part of the country where you were able to enjoy the outdoors all winter long — or reside in an area where the weather kept you inside away from the elements — all older adults need a refresher on ways to protect themselves and stay healthy this coming summer.

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7 Kinds of Exercise for Seniors

Regular exercise for older adults has many proven benefits, not only for physical health but for mental and emotional well-being as well. Working out also helps promote better balance, which results in fewer falls for seniors. We offer seven types of fitness activities to consider.

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What is a Medicare Wellness Visit?

Because of the expense, older adults on a tight budget would often skip their annual physical exams. But now, Medicare Wellness Visits are covered by the Affordable Care Act, so they can — and should — be an important part of a senior’s health plan. Learn more about what is covered here.

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Avoid D Deficiency This Winter

Because vitamin D doesn’t occur naturally in many foods, it is common for people to be deficient. Plus, a lack of sun exposure in winter can compound the problem. Vitamin D deficiencies are common during winter months, especially for seniors. Learn how to protect yourself here.

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Winter Skin Care for Seniors

While most people think of skin safety as only something to be concerned about during the sunny summer months, winter elements can wreak havoc, too. This is especially true for older adults who often have thinner, more sensitive skin. Use these tips to prevent dry, cracked skin.

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Live a Healthier Life in 2020

A new year is the perfect time to reflect on how satisfied you are with your life and what goals you can set to live your best life in 2020. We have a few ideas for personal goals that will set you up for success so you can eat well, stay active, and live a purpose-driven life.

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Reduce Stress During the Holidays

When it comes to the holidays, society’s message is that the bigger, brighter, flashier, and more expensive the merriment, the better. Yet, the pressure to meet these expectations can steal the joy. We offer tips to help you reduce holiday stress and sadness for a more enjoyable time.

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You’re Never Too Old to Stop Smoking

Older adults who have been lifelong smokers often feel there is no point in trying. Seniors may believe they are too old to reap any health rewards or that the damage has already been done. Not so say experts. You can improve your health from giving up smoking at any age.

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