Little Ways to Brand Your Center

June 8, 2020  •   LPi

Graphic of the word Brand on office wall

When it comes to branding your senior center, you have the usual suspects — a logo, a sign, and letterhead. Maybe you have social media platforms with complementary images and a newsletter header that matches the letterhead. But aside from that, there are still many, many ways you can brand your center for a total cohesive look both inside and out. We offer easy-to-incorporate ideas for any budget.

Inside Branding

Programmable Devices
Does your center have a state-of-the-art temperature gauge for heat and air conditioning? More likely, each one comes with a sleek interface that allows you to add an image. Think of adding your logo or tagline. Little touches like this throughout the building help remind everyone — members, visitor, staff, or volunteer — of your mission.

Email Font and Signature
Does your center have multiple email accounts for staff? Make sure everyone is using the same font in the body copy and the same type of signature on the bottom. There shouldn’t be any extra taglines or phrases or unapproved colors, and the contact information for the center should be in the same format. The easiest way to implement this is to create a file in Microsoft Word, or similar writing program, using the exact wording, font, and color. Then have each person copy it directly into his or her email signature.

Programs, Flyers & Posters
All of your marketing materials, from even flyers to posters, should have a common theme to tie center branding together by using the same font, colors, and logo.

Outside Branding

Feather Flags & A-Frame Signs
Aside from a permanent sign outdoors, there are other ways to let people know that your doors are open! Feather flags are a relatively easy investment and can be used in multiple instances. Keep design as minimal as possible with the official color, logo, and font. For anything that the public would be invited to, set out the flags and signs and prepare to greet them with a smile!

“Walking” Branding

Senior Swag
And then, of course, there’s the senior center “swag,” those fun items that are meant to be used in everyday life to get as much exposure as possible. Water bottles, drink cozies, T-shirts, and drawstring bags are all great ways to bring your center out into the community. If that’s not feasible on your budget, try car stickers, notepads, pens, or other small items. Buying in bulk will help keep the cost low.

Does your senior center need a branding strategy? We can help!

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