Grandparents opening gifts with grandchild

Reduce Stress During the Holidays

When it comes to the holidays, society’s message is that the bigger, brighter, flashier, and more expensive the merriment, the better. Yet, the pressure to meet these expectations can steal the joy. We offer tips to help you reduce holiday stress and sadness for a more enjoyable time.

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Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

The holidays are a time for celebrating with family and friends. It’s also a time when people struggle to keep off the extra pounds that come with endless food options and irregular eating habits. We offer 10 steps you can take to make healthy eating choices and avoid weight gain.

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Online Safety for Holiday Shopping

The benefits of online shopping provide consumers with the opportunity to shop in their pajamas, avoiding traffic and saving time (and frustration) battling the crowds. But with convenience comes an increase in the risk for fraud. We offer tips to keep you safe and secure this holiday.

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Older man holding lit cigarette

You’re Never Too Old to Stop Smoking

Older adults who have been lifelong smokers often feel there is no point in trying. Seniors may believe they are too old to reap any health rewards or that the damage has already been done. Not so say experts. You can improve your health from giving up smoking at any age.

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Bowl of cranberry sauce and fresh cranberries

Crazy for Cranberries

With the holidays fast approaching, cranberries will be popping up in numerous recipes, including cranberry sauce. But store-bought varieties can be laden with sugar. So we offer a slimmed-down version that gives you all the health benefits of cranberries but without the guilt.

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Person assisting their father in a walker

November Is Caregiver Appreciation Month

Caregivers are the unsung heroes of today and support our loved ones — but even the most loving and patient caregivers will become tired and suffer burnout because of stress and overwork. November’s Caregiver Appreciation Month aims to raise awareness and ease caregiver’s burdens.

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Elderly woman gifting flowers

Gratitude Is About Attitude

The loss of loved ones, diminished health, and too much time on their hands can take a toll on a senior’s feeling of self-worth and well-being. But practicing gratitude on a daily basis can do wonders for mental health and make it more bearable to get through the tough times.

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Senior woman blowing nose

Shoo the Flu: Avoiding the Flu Bug

Many people think of the flu as just an annoyance instead of a serious health risk. But for older adults, the flu can be dangerous. In addition to the vaccine, there are other preventative measures seniors and their family members should take to avoid being bitten by the bug.

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Three smiling older men posing together

Rebuilding Your Social Life Later in Life

Friendships are important and have a positive impact on well-being. But some older adults face the challenge of maintaining a social life when friends move away, work relationships fizzle, and divorce leads to loneliness. We offer tips for rebuilding a social circle later in life.

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Computer desktop with garbage can and vacuum

Give Your Computer a Fall Cleaning

This fall, you’ll likely wash windows, vacuum cobwebs, organize closets, and clean out the garage in preparation for winter. But do you give your trusted computer the same attention? National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day on October 21st is a great time to organize your desktop!

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Sad senior citizen looking out window

Bullying Is Not Just Kid Stuff

With October being National Bullying Prevention Month, it’s important to realize that bullying doesn’t only happen among children but occurs with seniors as well. We give insight into what bullying looks like and tips on how to address any bullying issues at senior centers.

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Computer pop-up with spam email warning

Avoid Becoming a Victim of Fraud

We’ve all heard of someone who was a victim of financial fraud. Americans over 65 years are especially at risk, losing more than $2.9 billion per year. We outline the top 6 scams to watch for and offer tips to keep in mind so you and your loved ones can avoid becoming victims.

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