Three smiling older men posing together

Rebuilding Your Social Life Later in Life

Friendships are important and have a positive impact on well-being. But some older adults face the challenge of maintaining a social life when friends move away, work relationships fizzle, and divorce leads to loneliness. We offer tips for rebuilding a social circle later in life.

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Computer desktop with garbage can and vacuum

Give Your Computer a Fall Cleaning

This fall, you’ll likely wash windows, vacuum cobwebs, organize closets, and clean out the garage in preparation for winter. But do you give your trusted computer the same attention? National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day on October 21st is a great time to organize your desktop!

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Sad senior citizen looking out window

Bullying Is Not Just Kid Stuff

With October being National Bullying Prevention Month, it’s important to realize that bullying doesn’t only happen among children but occurs with seniors as well. We give insight into what bullying looks like and tips on how to address any bullying issues at senior centers.

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Computer pop-up with spam email warning

Avoid Becoming a Victim of Fraud

We’ve all heard of someone who was a victim of financial fraud. Americans over 65 years are especially at risk, losing more than $2.9 billion per year. We outline the top 6 scams to watch for and offer tips to keep in mind so you and your loved ones can avoid becoming victims.

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Stack of multigrain pancakes with blueberries

Let’s Hear It for Whole Grains!

Older adults who eat whole grains as part of a healthy diet reduce their risk of chronic diseases. When it comes to good-for-you foods, it’s hard to beat the benefits! In celebration of September’s National Whole Grains Month, whip up a batch of healthy, tasty Multigrain Pancakes.

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Gold wedding bands on top of divorce paperwork

The Rise of Divorce in Older Adults

Adults over the age of 50 are getting divorced at twice the rate they were just twenty years ago. It’s a surprising trend that has led to more seniors being divorced than widowed for the first time in history. What is behind this trend that researchers have dubbed “gray divorce”?

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Man shoveling heavy snowfall

5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Whether you love the beauty of winter or simply tolerate it until spring returns once more, the change of weather means it’s time to prepare your home — or the home of a senior loved one — for the cold days ahead. Read on for 5 ways to get your home winterizing tasks underway.

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Senior woman waving on a video chat

Using Technology to Connect and Combat Loneliness

With letter writing and landlines being nearly nonexistent, how can older adults stay in contact with family and friends and avoid social isolation? Technology like smartphones, video chats, online communities, and blogging make it easy to stay connected and combat loneliness.

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Older adult with handful of pills

Addiction Among Older Adults

The opiate crisis has captured most of the spotlight relating to addiction. But a rising demographic struggling with addiction is older adults. The difference is, seniors are more likely to misuse drugs than abuse them. So what should families and caregivers be looking for?

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Group of seniors volunteering by collecting donations

Observe National Senior Citizens Day!

National Senior Citizen Day is observed every August 21st as a way to honor and show appreciation to older adults, and to recognize their achievements and contributions to society. Make plans to celebrate yourself by learning something new, volunteering, or just having fun!

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Man chopping cucumbers and other vegetables

The Link between Your Lifestyle & Cancer

Over two-thirds of all new cancer diagnosis occur in adults 60 years of age and older. While there is a genetic link to some forms of cancer, lifestyle also plays an important role. Learn about some healthy lifestyle changes older adults can make in order to lower their risk.

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Senior Center employee checking on seniors eating

What Your Center Can Learn from Good Customer Service

What if there were little ways your center could make members feel listened to and valued? What if there was something you could learn from good customer service? We’ve put together four simple lessons for you and your staff.

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