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Email Marketing for Your Center

“Marketing” may sound more corporate than you’re used to. But it’s simply getting the word out about the programs and services your center offers. We offer compelling reasons why email marketing is a great way to effectively communicate with your members and the community.

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What is a Medicare Wellness Visit?

Because of the expense, older adults on a tight budget would often skip their annual physical exams. But now, Medicare Wellness Visits are covered by the Affordable Care Act, so they can — and should — be an important part of a senior’s health plan. Learn more about what is covered here.

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Prevent Identity Theft During Tax Season

Tax season is a time when identity theft typically peaks, and older adults are at higher risk than younger ones. In 2016, 13% of seniors were victims of identity theft. For 29% of them, their personal identity was used to commit tax fraud. We offer tips to protect yourself year-round.

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The Power of a Welcome Packet

Among the reasons why people join your senior center is that they want to belong. Like a family welcoming a new member, it’s important for you to be inclusive and hospitable to all who enter your doors. A great way to do this is with a well-thought-out new member welcome packet.

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Are Vegan Diets Safe for Seniors?

Plant-based diets are trendy with people of all ages. Everyone from teens to seniors has adopted this lifestyle for a variety of reasons. In honor of National Nutrition Awareness Month, celebrated this March, we share some insight on the benefits of a plant-based diet for older adults.

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Senior man riding bus with coffee

Transportation Options for Seniors

Driving represents freedom and independence, not only for teenagers but for older adults as well. So when it’s determined that an elderly loved one is no longer a safe driver, having a list of transportation options available can make it easier to hang up the car keys for good.

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Good Nutrition Tips for Seniors

Although older adults may not need the same number of calories as they did when they were younger, good nutrition is still important, especially later in life. We offer good nutrition tips for incorporating proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water into their diets.

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Tips for Successful Senior Center Fundraising

Like many senior centers, yours probably has been hurt by cuts in government funding and by reduced donations from supporters. So how can you improve fundraising efforts to bring in more money for the additional services you want to offer? Read on for five tips to get you started.

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Avoid D Deficiency This Winter

Because vitamin D doesn’t occur naturally in many foods, it is common for people to be deficient. Plus, a lack of sun exposure in winter can compound the problem. Vitamin D deficiencies are common during winter months, especially for seniors. Learn how to protect yourself here.

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Array of lotions

Winter Skin Care for Seniors

While most people think of skin safety as only something to be concerned about during the sunny summer months, winter elements can wreak havoc, too. This is especially true for older adults who often have thinner, more sensitive skin. Use these tips to prevent dry, cracked skin.

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Older woman going through old photos

Digitize and Archive Your Photos

Most older adults have shoeboxes, frames, and dusty photo albums bursting with a lifetime or more of precious memories. Like memories, each of those photos fade with age. By digitizing them, those historical photos can be saved and shared with family and friends for years to come.

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Shirt with sticker 'Hello I am Onboarding"

Effective Volunteer Onboarding

While it’s essential to your senior center’s success that members offer their time and talent as volunteers, it’s equally important that they do so in the correct way. We offer five tips for creating a simple, yet effective, volunteer onboarding process at your senior center.

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