Older adult with handful of pills

Addiction Among Older Adults

The opiate crisis has captured most of the spotlight relating to addiction. But a rising demographic struggling with addiction is older adults. The difference is, seniors are more likely to misuse drugs than abuse them. So what should families and caregivers be looking for?

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Group of seniors volunteering by collecting donations

Observe National Senior Citizens Day!

National Senior Citizen Day is observed every August 21st as a way to honor and show appreciation to older adults, and to recognize their achievements and contributions to society. Make plans to celebrate yourself by learning something new, volunteering, or just having fun!

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Man chopping cucumbers and other vegetables

The Link between Your Lifestyle & Cancer

Over two-thirds of all new cancer diagnosis occur in adults 60 years of age and older. While there is a genetic link to some forms of cancer, lifestyle also plays an important role. Learn about some healthy lifestyle changes older adults can make in order to lower their risk.

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Senior Center employee checking on seniors eating

What Your Center Can Learn from Good Customer Service

What if there were little ways your center could make members feel listened to and valued? What if there was something you could learn from good customer service? We’ve put together four simple lessons for you and your staff.

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Group of seniors toasting with juice

Get Ready for Senior Center Month!

September is National Senior Center Month, a time to recognize and support senior centers for the work they do to create a bright future for older Americans. From program topics to tips for promoting positive aging, we offer ideas that center around this year’s theme of “The Key to Aging.”

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Homemade blueberry muffin

Enjoy National Blueberry Month with Muffins!

National Blueberry Month is celebrated every July, the peak harvest time for the little blue beauties that are packed nutrition, making them a top superfood. So make a trip to a local u-pick blueberry farm or to your favorite grocery store, then make some tasty blueberry muffins!

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Active seniors drinking water outdoors

6 Steps for Avoiding Dehydration

Older adults can face unique challenges when it comes to staying healthy and safe during hot weather. Dehydration is an especially big concern. We provide 6 tips that seniors (and family caregivers) can follow to ensure proper hydration during the dog days of July and August.

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Grandparents on picnic with grandaughter

Enjoy a Staycation with the Grandkids

Busy schedules and long distances can make it hard for grandparents to build strong bonds with grandkids during the school year. So summer is the perfect time to reconnect. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Instead, consider a fun, low cost intergenerational staycation.

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American Flag Etiquette

Many Americans honor Independence Day by flying the American flag at their home or place of business. Before you put your flag out, take time to learn more about the etiquette that applies to displaying and caring for the American flag.

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Senior Games

Celebrating the Senior Games

Their hair may be graying, their skin wrinkling, and they are unlikely to defy the law of gravity for more than a moment at a time. But when an 80-year-old woman can toss a horseshoe, men can swim the butterfly at 90, and those over 100 can run the 100 meters, they are proving that age is only a number!

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Using Photos in Your Newsletter

Incorporating photography into your newsletter increases the engagement of your members as well as the community. If the newsletter is the primary tool to increase engagement, then you want to show signs of a vibrant and engaging senior center.

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Protecting Seniors from Elder Abuse

World Elder Abuse Prevention Day will be recognized on June 15th to raise awareness of this health problem that is a largely unreported and often neglected issue in the United States. Financial scams and neglect are a few ways elders are abused. Many times the abuse goes unreported. Learn more about elder abuse and how you can help prevent it.

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